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ESOP and Disability
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NEW JERSEY -- Disabled, I was immediately approved for Social Security Disability Benefits after medical exam confirming my doctor's report. I also won the right to NJ Short term disability after a hearing, because company appealed it. I also won the right to company Long-term disability after a 9-month battle. My former employer has denied me ESOP benefits due to disability under the "Provisions of the Plan". This is a costly legal fight if I decide to pursue it.

Here's my question. I have 2 years worth of correspondence regarding my dispute with employer. I see no reason why I can't share my story and correspondence received denying these benefits. It's all fact, and on company letterhead, and in their own words, so no falsification will take place. I'd be willing to share with media, TV, attorneys currently involved in such disputes, ESOP organizations, friends, family, acquaintances or just anyone who asks. I would only black out my social security number. I am not including company name at this time. All releases will be of their own origin, on their own letterhead.

Also, the corporation gets a tax deduction for each employee in the plan. ESOP's are supposedly Federally regulated. Yet, no one monitors the corporation when they don't live up to their responsibilities to pay the employee according to law. Is this how Bernie Madoff got away with it? At this writing, I am only asking for opinions please. Thank you for listening.

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