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The Shark Steam Mop Is DANGEROUS
By -

NEWTON, MA -- DANGER WARNING! We've used it plenty of times, but this happens frequently enough for me to consider it a product defect and a danger to the public! The Mop will heat up and expel steam, but it gets CLOGGED somehow and will build up enough pressure to literally shoot the head off expelling HOT STEAM & HOT WATER out the end endangering anyone close to the mop. This has happened numerous times!

I contacted 'Euro-Pro Operating LLC' who makes the Shark and they refuse to acknowledge my email. 4-13-2012- Received a comment from Euro-Pro just yesterday, comments from the Manufacturer/Private Labeler. Comment from Euro-Pro Operating LLC 6/16/2011. "We received your product claim concern from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Thank you for bringing your issue to our attention. Rest assured, product and consumer safety is always a top priority for us. Please contact our claims line at 866-694-6406 for additional assistance."

Infinity Vacuum - Not Worth the Money
By -

ATKINSON, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I purchased this unit to replace an Oreck. My intention was to buy the Dyson Animal, however this unit appeared to have the same features for half the price. REMEMBER: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! From the date of purchase I have had NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS with this machine.

It came from the factory with a clog; when I contacted Customer Service for assistance on clearing the clog because the owners manual was useless, the woman barely spoke English and was of no help at all; it was clear that she was following a script and any deviation from the script totally threw her!

After one week of use, the fastener on the dust cup broke; I had to wait an interminable amount of time to get a replacement cup; first they sent the wrong part - and when they did send the correct part it was for the standard upright vacuum, not the pet care system, so the tab on it is a different color than the machine.

The telescoping wand is broken and won't stay in one position - it extends and retracts at will. The unit tips over very easily when you are using the floor attachment and even without pressing the release button on the unit it the handle collapses down. I wish I had spent the extra money and bought the Dyson. I sent an email to the company yesterday. I haven't heard anything back from them.

Their website displays a form when you click on "Contact Us" and when you fill out the form, they respond with "call us - but if you can't reach us, send us an email"?!! I will call them to follow up. I was trying to avoid having to call their Customer Service again, as I am not bilingual!

Update: I just called Customer Service - got the "high call volume" recording that told me I should go to their website and contact them! Finally get "Sheena" (not sure if she was in India or Pakistan) who repeatedly told me she couldn't "hear" me which probably meant that she couldn't understand me; I certainly couldn't understand her!

After many painful moments of conversation she kindly informed me that they would replace the telescoping wand at a charge of $20 plus shipping and handling. I told her that I wasn't paying for a replacement part - the warranty is for 2 years and the unit is still covered by the warranty. She then informed me that replacement parts aren't covered by the warranty and the telescoping wand is a "wear and tear" item. HUH?!?! After some discussion and being placed on hold several times, she agreed because I am a "valuable customer" that they will replace the wand as a one-time courtesy, free of charge.

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