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Company Removes Unauthorized Funds From My Account
By -

I was going from site to site to check on a payday loans. Asking basic question, filling out applications inquiring about a loan. My email became overloaded with offers and applications and a bunch of spam from different payday loan companies. I've never came into contact with this particular company but from out of nowhere this company authorized 49.95 to be withdrawn from my account. This cause my account to be overdrawn. I called the number that was posted on this check which was unreadable, non-working number.

I then go to the website which the check was made out to. The only way that I could contact them was through email. The number on the website was for calling complaints about stolen or lost cards. The message on the website states that it's a 24 hours customer services. No one have yet to contact me. I'm angry because regardless of my financial status they would just think I would inquire about a loan if not needed. Oh by the way in the opening statement of said website they are "not affiliated with any payday loan." The email that I sent them would not let me print a copy for my bank purpose but this one will.

Ever Private Card
By -

WINDOW ROCK, ARIZONA -- Ever Private Credit Service has taken $59.90 from my bank account. Once I found out the company (Ever Private Credit Service) withdrew money from my bank account, I called the 800 number, I was told to contact the website to get your refund back. I went to the website and filled out the form and sent it. I waited for a response and nothing was done. So I went to the website and filled out the form for a refund and received no answer from the company.

The next month, which is June, the company withdrew money from my bank account again. Again, I called the 800's number and filled out the form and sent it. Again, no response from the company. I called the 800's number and I got a non-800 number, this number was busy and I tried later and the number is busy. This month July, I contacted the company again. Again, I went through the same routine, filling out the form and waiting. Called the non-800's number and guess what, someone answered and it was a technical support for the company and the support tech referred me back to the website. Again, I filled out the form and waited.

I finally, got a reply, but the company will not issue a refund back and the company is telling that a credit card is reserve under my name. I replied back, stated I am not interested in this nor do I want to hear about the company. I don't understand why they will not issue my refund back to me. I never authorize this and the company did this without my permission. I simply want my money refunded back to me. That is all I ask, my money refunded back to me.

Ripped Off
By -

Somehow this company took money out of my account. I never even heard of them. They don't answer the phone. It says emails only. It has cost me over $400. They did it 3 times at $54.95. Then it cost me over $300 in overdrafts at my bank. I am on Social Security and live on a small income. Now I cannot pay this month's bills. Why are these people getting away with this???

Theft Of My Banking Account
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Ever Private Card Service has deposited TWO checks into my banking account without my permission. I know it is very easy for someone to obtain your bank account and routing number. I spent Monday 5/28/2007,(All day) Memorial Day trying to clear this up.

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Ever Private Card Service Rating:
4 reviews & complaints.
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Ever Private Card Service
4025 Willow Ridge Rd
Douglasville, GA 30135-2751
866-379-5984 (ph)
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