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Beyond Terrible
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Rating: 1/51

Expedia will put on hold while they cancel your trip with a tour provider and attempt to obtain a refund. They will not let you be part of the conversation. Getting to the point of having an Expedia customer service agent call the tour provider to cancel our vacation has taken three days, half a dozen phone calls, and hours of wait time on hold. We were also challenged on the legitimacy of the cancellation reason (zika virus and pregnancy). Use at your own risk. Caveat emptor.

Horrible Experience and Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN PEDRO, CALIFORNIA -- If zero stars was an option that's what I would have chose instead. I booked a trip 6 months in advance to Puerto Vallarta with my fiance… airfare, hotel and activities for ~$5000 USD. They were supposed to have a penthouse with private Jacuzzi, snorkeling trip on secluded beach with reef and a zip line tour.

First problem with them is they never allowed us to choose our seats on the plane, and sat us very far apart. The airline said to take it up with Expedia they just did what they were told (annoyed not ruined yet). Second problem, they gave us a Jacuzzi suite instead of penthouse and when I looked online again at the hotel from Expedia's website they changed all the names and categories of the rooms and the hotel blamed it on Expedia (a little more annoyed, not yet ruined).

Third problem, I followed all directions on Expedia's site and paperwork to take boat to secluded beach. We were already checked in and arrived 30 min early just like we were informed to and the boat was already a couple hundred yards down the channel and was not going to come back (aggravated).

Fourth Problem, showed up for our Zipline adventure and found out they didn't run that tour that day even though it was already booked for that day and I was already checked in according to Expedia (very aggravated, trip almost completely ruined).

Fifth Problem was the hotels, our Jacuzzi overflowed and flooded our room and the hotel didn't do anything to remedy the situation, even knowing that my fiance slipped on the water above mirror finish granite floors. (MAD! Ruined!)

Sixth problem again on the flight home Expedia put us on two different areas of the plane despite booking months in advance (ANGRY, that despite our best efforts to continually make the best of this trip all our plans were ruined by a company that could care less… they got their money!!!). After we got back I spent about twelve hours on the phone with them talking to supervisors managers and their corporate office, all I got for all my wasted efforts was a $200 credit for use at a hotel (still mad, but at least I got $200 back lol).

I booked a trip using this credit, then found out my father passed away and had to cancel this trip to go to the funeral out of state during the same time period, and was told I would get the $200 credit refunded to my account. While booking the funeral arrangements I realized I never got the credit refunded back to my account.

When I called to complete the booking using the missing credit, I was very rudely told that they do not refund credits and since I cancelled the reservation with it that it's gone now. I asked to speak to another supervisor and after being on hold for an hour and twenty minutes I was hung up on. I HAVE HAD IT WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I will never use again and will avidly go out of my way to tarnish their name and reputation because in my eyes they have neither.

Dreadful Experience With Booked Hotels
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Rating: 2/51

We have used Expedia a half dozen times over the past 3 years and will never use them again. The reasons fall into three categories:

  1. Additional charges levied after reservation by the service provider that were not disclosed by Expedia. a. Hotel in San Francisco charged an addition room costs per night plus fees over the Expedia payment we made. b. Airline charges for carry on and checked baggage associated with Expedia fares.

  2. Difficulty in making changes to bookings once they have been made. a. Manage booking feature doesn't always show current bookings nor enable cancellations directly. You have to talk with a service agent. It took 30 minutes on the phone with an agent to make a change to a hotel reservation.

  3. Being treated as a lower importance guest at hotels. a. We were provided with substandard rooms at two different hotels and told by the staff that was what they gave to people who booked through Expedia. b. Breakfast included? Not with Expedia bookings.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

GEORGIA -- Buyer beware. I booked a flight to Nassau Bahamas for the second week in September. Due to Hurricane Irma and Jose I called Expedia to change my travel plans. I waited over 90 minutes for a representative (John). Who basically told me that my travel insurance did not cover the free cancellation for any reason that is advertised. He placed me on a brief hold of an hour to come back and tell me that he needed to ask a supervisor about the price of the flights that he was just telling me about. Long story short I have been on the hold with Expedia for 4 hours and have not had a resolution.

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Rating: 1/51

ARIZONA -- I had to cancel a hotel and flight reservation made on Expedia and found out the dark side of booking online. After two tries to contact customer service and long wait times, I was informed in hard to decipher English that they would be kind enough to return the hotel money over 2 credit card cycles??? And I could have sworn the website said you reserve and pay when you get there. TAKE A SCREENSHOT of the website rules.

Also I bought the flight insurance because my dad is 90 and I didn't know if I could leave when the time came. When the time came, my dad was having a bad week where he couldn't remember my name so I decided I better not go. After more really long waits I found out that the insurance is by a third party with more long waits and finally a super extensive claim form which I was supposed to bother my dad's VA doctor with.

Apparently the criteria is very limited for getting your fare back. Oh and of course, American's change fee is $200 for my $184 ticket. Oh my gawd... So very sick of unethical, cruel, scammy business practices when I do all I possibly can to run my own small business in an ethical manner. Long story short, I'm out the fare, and I am more jaded than ever regarding online interactions. Just wanted to rejuvenate a little from intense elder care and ended up even more stressed out. Will NEVER use Expedia again.

Scam, Beware!!! Expedia Charged My Bank Double the Invoice! Expedia
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Rating: 1/51

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON -- Run!!! I have paid and confirmed the E-ticket. After a week by accident I looked through my bank account and found out that they charged me DOUBLE than the original invoice! Immediately after customer service "assumed" I was the one in fault and not their system. You have to physically save the invoice or take a snapshot of your screen or you will have no way to fight it. The customer service was HORRIBLE. They transferred me for hours to India, transferring me from one "salesman" to another.

Poor English, lack of knowledge, and absolutely no desire to actually really help and solve anything. They will put you on hold just to get rid of you! What an insult to the injury! Do not use their service if you can. But if you do, beware that mistakes or flaws in your booking may not come from you, but from them. Check your bank account and fight the charge through Credit Card company you have.

No Low Price Guarantee
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Rating: 1/51

REDMOND, WASHINGTON -- I am not happy with Expedia. The price changed to a lower price and the company denied the claim stating I have 24 hours to file a claim. Booked on 7/1/16 and found the same trip cheaper, 7/6/16. Spent a long time on the phone filing the claim of $65. Then denied the claim on 7/7/16.

Expedia's best price guarantee means nothing. I promised to take Expedia's denial of claim and post it on the internet so others are not scammed by Expedia's statement that they have a low price guarantee. It's the same as a warranty that you cannot collect on unless you go to court. Senior management needs to be notified of their lack of customer service. If they already know then your whole company is in trouble.

Booked a hotel, but there was NO ROOM AT THE INN
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Rating: 1/51

I booked a hotel room in Manor, TX through Expedia for May 22nd. When we arrived at around 10pm, the hotel first told us they didn't have any rooms with a King bed, then they said there were not vacancies at all. To make it worse, we were then told there was no record of the reservation. We called Expedia and waited on the phone for over 20 minutes (the hold message stated it would be 15 minutes) before getting a representative to help us. She asked us to hold while she called the "hotel."

While we were on hold, the hotel manager/worker told us their phone didn't work (which made sense because I had called earlier as we were having trouble finding it). When she came back on the line, I told her the situation. She asked to speak with the hotel worker, who then refused to speak with her to verify that they did not have a room or record of our reservation. He then called his manager/the owner and began speaking in a foreign tongue as I relayed this information to the Expedia representative

He handed me his cell phone and I told the owner to please tell his employee to talk with the lady from Expedia and let her know that she needed to give us a refund as something was very wrong here. He agreed, I handed the phone back to the worker and the worker verified the information with the Expedia Rep. When I got back on the phone with her, she said she hadn't understood his English (she was not native either, so the entire thing - if I had not been so tired - had become a Monty Python episode).

I told her that I heard him verify that she needed to refund us the money. She then asked for his name, so I turned to ask him and he had disappeared. I asked his wife his name, but she wouldn't answer me. We yelled until he came back in and told us his name, which I then spelled for the representative. She then gave me the really great news, I would receive a refund in "two weeks." I asked her to see if she could book us into another hotel, but she said there were no vacancies.

I really think Expedia should have found something in nearby Austin for us then paid for it even though it would have been more than the "hotel" in Manor was booked at. Seriously? We had to drive another hour to stay with a friend who graciously stayed awake until we finally arrived at a bed at midnight.

The ENTIRE point of getting a hotel was to be closer to town as I had an appointment in the morning at 9am. As it was, I had less than 8 hours of sleep and I'm still waiting for the refund to credit to my account - hasn't been two weeks yet. I have NEVER had this kind of experience with other travel sites. USE EXPEDIA AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Worst Customer Service in History
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Rating: 1/51

AMITYVILLE, NEW YORK -- This will be somewhat long but if anyone reading this is going to use it to base their decision to book with Expedia please be patient. The first thing I want to say is that I'm someone who travels a fair amount of time. I consider that taking at least 3 trips a year through flight to both domestic and international locations. I've been doing this since 2010. I have booked all of my flights through Expedia. The reason for this is because I find their website to be very easy to navigate and great prices.

I have to commend them on having an amazing website with a very easy interface. One would think that with such a great website that their human interaction is just as good. I want to say this without any exaggeration at all, as I know many people exaggerate when writing reviews. Expedia has THE WORST customer service out of any company I have ever dealt with. That of course is a personal opinion but let me give some personal background.

I've work in customer service for several years and as a professional, trained, created, and ran an entire customer service department for a call center on two different fronts. Both internally as well as outsourced. I felt I did that with at an extremely high level so when I deal with other customer service departments for other businesses I give them the benefit of the doubt and try to make their jobs as easy as possible since I know the ins and outs of the business.

The sad thing is with Expedia, I truly believe that 90% of the agents are either incompetent, which I know can be awfully mean to say, or they have 5 minutes of training and then are expected to handle live customers. I've had 3 absolutely awful experiences where on the 3rd I had a friend of mine on 3-way just to witness how bad they are so we could laugh after. The #1 question anyone could ask is "If they're that bad why continue to book through them?" Fair question so here are the answers.

I don't need to rely on their customer service to complete my bookings. If I've taken 20 trips I've probably spoken to their customer service 4 times. As I mentioned before the website and prices are excellent. I'm a huge fan of rewards points and I earned several through my years of booking with them. After this last interaction I'm going to redeem my rewards points and never booking with them again. So let's get to it.

I'm going to Israel for Good Friday to have an amazing religious experience. In doing that, I wanted to book a tour that takes me through Jerusalem and Bethlehem. There are several that Expedia offers and the one in particular I wanted to book says it's going to one of the sites I really want to go to, the Wailing Wall. The thing is, the main description says that's one of the sites you get to go to but in the detailed description it says you only see it from a distance. So my one and only question for Expedia is do I actually get to go to the Wailing Wall or do I see it from a distance.

I call Expedia and it literally takes about 3 minutes to speak to someone. I tell them the tour I want and then my question. The person I speak with tells me that they need to transfer me to customer service. OK fine. I'm then transferred and have to wait 20 minutes to speak to someone. Finally I get someone. She says her name and asks me for my name and how she can help me. I tell her and then out comes the question.

Me: I'm trying to book a tour and had a question about it. It's the Full Day Tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem. It says in the description that I go to the Wailing Wall but it also says I just view it from a distance.
Representative: Is this the Rome tour?
Me: No. I said Jerusalem and Bethlehem. This is a tour in Israel. It's called the Full Day Tour to Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

I hear her typing and then reading very silently. This let's me know she's simply looking at the website. She has the same exact access I have. I could literally help her with her next customer if they had a question the same way she's helping me. I'm on hold for about 3 minutes.

Representative: OK Sir, is this the Full Day Rome tour with entrance to the Coliseum??
Me: ....... Ma'am. Can you please get me someone who can help me. I've been on the phone for 40 minutes. Maybe it's just been 13 with you but it's been a total of 40.

I got off the phone with a slight headache.

Was promised a refund but the LIED
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Rating: 1/51

I had a death in the family and had to book a flight ASAP using Expedia. I booked a round-trip ticket from Miami to Montreal March 17 in the am returning that same evening just enough time to go to the funeral. I made the reservation March 15 at 9 pm, but I never received the immediate confirmation, which I always do, so I went to bed. I woke at 3 am and tried to check in for the flight or choose my seat, I do not recall. When I finally received the confirmation I realized what the problem was. I booked the ticket departing Montreal to Miami, so the opposite considering I was in Miami.

Please keep in mind that this was just 6 hours after I booked my ticket. I called Expedia at 3:30 am because I was sure that they would refund or credit me the ticket. I am a long time customer of Expedia and spend at least $10000 a year with them so I was very confident. Wow was I mistaken.

The initial call didn't take very long as they would only give me a credit on a FUTURE travel because they would not change the routing of the ticket. They said it HAS to be the same ticket so Montreal Miami round-trip. I told her about the death in the family and she said to send the death certificate. I told her there was no way that I would ask my brother in law who just lost his son for a death certificate and that I would just pay the penalty. Very simply no penalty they said I had to buy a ticket all over and that they would credit me the 2100$ for future travel. Being that it was 4 am at that point I dropped it and went to bed.

When I woke up I called my travel agent and told her what happened. She said what they did was completely illegal and that I could use the credit towards any destination. I took her advice and called them. After a one-hour wait time and back and forth with the agent he finally agreed to give me a full refund and said that the email confirmation would be in my inbox shortly. He also said that it would take 3 to 5 business days for the credit to appear to my bank.

One week went by and no email. I checked my credit card statement and sure enough a charge of $2,159.19 CAD was processed. I called Expedia to make an official complaint on March 24th and they told me that the phone conversations had to be reviewed and that they would get back to me in 72 hours. Five days went by with no call back so I called them once again to speak to another supervisor. ** I mean more unethical than that I have never seen. To go as far as to claim that I made up a one hour conversation with one of their reps is just disgusting!! Can you help me?

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