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Never Use Expedia to Book Our Trip!
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Rating: 1/51

I booked a trip through Expedia that included air and hotel for a week. On my written confirmation from Expedia that showed all my details it stated that I would be responsible for paying $20 per night resort fees upon checkout of our hotel. When we checked out at the end of our stay we were billed $30 per night. I contacted Expedia when I returned home and they refused to honor their written $20 per night agreement even though I have a written copy of what I was to pay. It was not an estimate, it was an itemized list of what I would owe and what was included. NEVER TRUST EXPEDIA!

Totally Disgusting!
By -

???????? -- Booked a flight and hotel package to Los Angeles with The hotel on the website (Wilshire Plaza) was rated 3 stars. I had stayed at a 4 star hotel last year when I booked a vacation with The pictures for this hotel on Expedia's website are nothing like the hotel itself and my requests for a fridge/view were not submitted to the hotel by Expedia which I found out when I called the hotel to confirm our reservation 2 weeks before our trip! When the elevator doors opened to our floor I saw that the carpets were FILTHY with huge stains on top of the filth. Carpets in the room were FILTHY and stained too.

I complained to the front desk who advised that they had a room on another floor (probably in the same condition) but they could "upgrade" me to a better room on the 11th floor for only $40 US per night. Of course I declined. Good thing since another hotel guest who stayed on that floor advised her room was disgusting too and I wouldn't have wanted to pay the extra $. My daughter got stuck in the elevator (emergency button didn't work). My room phone was constantly dead although the buttons on it for the front desk, housekeeping, etc. didn't work when I DID have a dial tone. There were no instructions in the room on how to contact the front desk etc.

The housekeeping staff barely spoke English, refused to give me an extra towel for the room. I had to call the front desk (once they told me how) and ask for one. Three people in the room, 2 towels, 1 tiny bottle of shampoo, 2 teeny bars of soap - unless you count the used wet bars that were left in the shower each day, the extra blankets I requested were threadbare and should have been discarded years ago! The staff at the front desk couldn't care less unless of course you were willing to fork over more $. I could go on and on!

I called Expedia when I returned home and they told me I should have called them and they would have got me another hotel. Great, I could have paid cancellation fees to the cesspool I was staying in and depend on Expedia's great customer service to get me an acceptable hotel? BUYER BEWARE when you book through Expedia. They've already got your money so who cares?

The call center staff (when you can get through) are rude and condescending. I was told Expedia's head office was in Toronto, then Montreal, then, oh they don't have a head office in Canada! Why this company is still in business is beyond me! I will NEVER BOOK ANYTHING WITH THIS SCAM ARTIST/RIPOFF COMPANY AGAIN! I truly hope that no one else does either - put them out of business!!!!

Employee Misrepresentation Of Travel Package Upgrades
By -

INTERNET, CALIFORNIA -- My wife and I are currently on a "stress relief" vacation in Maui. I used to book this seven day travel package. Prior to departure, two separate employees assured me that the hotel stay included complimentary buffet breakfast and the seventh night lodging free. On my first morning at the hotel, I learned that Expedia had never confirmed the upgrades with the hotel and that the travel plan that they sold me did not include those upgrades. The desk clerk at this five star hotel then said, "Expedia does this all the time."

After several aggravating phone calls, I was told by an Expedia representative that the hotel was correct to deny the upgrades. They were sorry for the inconvenience and offered a $100.00 credit on my next travel booking with them. My reply is unprintable.

This misrepresentation threw a monkey wrench into my vacation. It's not about the money, rather the feeling of being taken for a ride by an Internet company that doesn't back its promises or honor its commitments. I intend to pursue this through civil class action and consumer protection actions. I'd be glad to hear from others that may have had a similar problems booking travel packages through Expedia.

Expedia Fails to Deliver
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- My wife and I booked a vacation package to Las Vegas on Expedia on 5/5/05 and received a confirmation itinerary by email on 5/6/05. When we arrived at the airport on 7/22/05 we were informed that the airline, United, did not have us in their system. A call to Expedia and a 30 minute hold resulted in being told that, although they had our vacation package in the system it was never completed. We were leaving to attend a wedding on Saturday 7/23/05 and planned to vacation until our return on 7/26/05.

The Expedia customer service representative told us it was our fault for not checking the trip status on a regular basis and offered no help or sympathy. The trip included air fare from Chicago ORD, lodging at the Bellagio, and a Hertz rental for approximately $1550. The United representative told us we could purchase tickets at a cost of $785 each but we would have to take care of our own lodging and car rental. Based on the cost of airfare and uncertainty of lodging we returned home.

We checked the Expedia website and found our itinerary but now it had a note saying the trip was changed and we were to call Expedia. We called Expedia customer service again and the response was similar to the one at the airport – "Sorry your problem, your credit card was not billed so you lost nothing - we can't help." When we pressed to talk to a supervisor we were transferred and explained our story. She was unable to explain why our trip was not processed but did say there was a glitch within 5 minutes of processing our credit card on 5/5/05.

When we asked why we received an itinerary with airline flight information, hotel information and car rental information the next day she was at a loss to explain. When asked why we were not informed of any problems since they had our email and phone number, she again was at a loss for words. We offered to fax a copy of our confirmed itinerary showing the detail information but she was not interested. We asked her to fax a copy of any information they may have sent telling us there was a problem and although she agreed we have not received a fax.

Only after using the word “lawyer” did she offer to find us another package. The new package included airfare on America West & lodging at the Renaissance for $1905, a Hertz rental was another $299. When we complained she offered a $200 coupon of the airfare/hotel package.

We had planned this trip for months. The son of my wife's best friend was getting married and attending was important to her. When we booked the trip the package for the Renaissance was $1000, we decided to spend the extra to make this a special vacation. We even booked two shows and paid $346 for non-refundable tickets. Expedia is so big they just don't care. I hope others read this and save themselves the disappointment we have had with Expedia and its employees.

This is the reply we received from Expedia after we emailed this complaint:

"Thank you for contacting regarding your unconfirmed itinerary. Unfortunately, the itinerary requested was not confirmed and hence, the purchase was unsuccessful. Please note that your credit card was not charged for the transaction. Each time a member supplies credit card information, the system validates the credit card number, cardholder's name, and billing address. At the time of purchase, also notifies the card issuer of the purchase.

Unfortunately, we are unable to process your request for a refund of your show ticket and cab fare. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused you and would like to assure you that every reservation is important to us."

Expedia is a FRAUD
By -

I just recently booked a trip for my parents and their cousin (another couple) for Hawaii. They asked me to get them a vacation insurance in case anything happened and they had to cancel. As it turned out the father of one the passengers (my dad's cousin) passed on and the vacation had to be cancelled. Well I called Expedia thinking that I can get fully reimbursed as I was led to believe on the site. However unfortunately I was told otherwise.

In the Expedia webpage they mislead you and make you believe that when you buy the insurance you get your full money back, while in practice they only give you credit (up to one year) for the airline and only refund the hotel portion. My pleas to talk to managers and trying to explain the situation fell on deaf ears. The most I could get is they would reimburse only the money for the ticket of one of the passengers (the one whose father died) providing she could provide a death certificate (never mind that the guy passed on half a world away and the certificate would be in another language).

I am so angry. What does Expedia expect? Do they want the husband of the woman who has just lost her father half a world away to go on the vacation without her while she is grieving for her father or just get credit? What about the other couple? Does Expedia expect them to go on even though they are all related to each other and this is a family situation?? Especially considering they had bought insurance just in case this happened.

Expedia misleads its clients and lies to them. It gets even worse. When you are about to pay for your package Expedia says you can "divide the cost" between two credit cards. Wouldn't that mean that the cost would be split in the middle?? Of course what they never tell you is that the cost of the hotel is charged to one party's credit card and the other is charged for airfare which means one party gets reimbursed while the other party gets credit for 4 airline tickets and no refund. Expedia is a fraud and the public should be educated about its lies.

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