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Awful Hotel
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Rating: 1/51

DULUTH, GEORGIA -- Suburban Extended Stay Duluth GA used to be good, but they have fallen off of the cliff. They overcharged my credit card, then when I told them about it (they didn't tell me) they charged me again! It has been a huge hassle dealing with them.

Car burglarized, no security, and no cares
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GRESHAM, OREGON -- I was awakened on the 3rd day of my stay by the front desk calling to tell me my car had been broken into. Evidently the security guard/laundry man (their words, not mine - he does laundry and rounds of the property) had "noticed movement" by my vehicle at 4:45 am and disregarded it when he just found an empty garbage bag. In subsequent conversation with the employee he claims he looked at the car and no damage was apparent. Ironically, however, there WERE several empty garbage bags in the back of my car and everything had been emptied. So I suspect he never really looked at my car and it had already been burglarized.

Another guest at the hotel reported that the window of my car was broken out after noticing a shoe beside the car at 5:10 am. The hotel refused to put me in contact with the guest who was generous enough to report the vandalism. The ONLY thing the hotel was willing, and eager, to do was clean up the broken glass around my car so no other guests knew a theft had occurred. When I submitted a police report they were eager to get a copy as "if this happens enough and it's documented we can get insurance to cover the parking lot".

Stay at your own risk, and do not expect any help when it is your property that is damaged. For the record all the thieves got was boxes full of records - the damage to the car was worth more than the street value of anything taken. This hotel is not worth the risk, as they all seemed to consider it a normal occurrence and it was just my turn.

Do Not Stay Here!
By -

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Last night my husband and I chose to stay at Extended StayAmerica St. Louis - Westport which is very near our places of employment. It was in the middle of an ice storm, and the next time there is an ice storm I would rather stay OUTSIDE than at one of these hotels. FILTHY! In a nutshell, the room was absolutely filthy. I knew, when I was in the lobby waiting to be checked in, that something was amiss when another guest (who had obviously just checked in) stated he needed a refund for both rooms that he'd just rented... stating that they smelled like "old refrigerators."

At this point all I did was cross my fingers and hope ours would be better. After all, it was in the middle of an ice-storm and our options were limited. The 'kitchenette' was dirty, complete with dirty microwave that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in months. The final straw was when I went to pull back the covers and notice that the blankets and sheets had hair on them.... as well as what appeared to be dried bodily fluids as well as some other unidentified stains.

I immediately got up and called the front desk asking for new sheets, knowing it was too late to get another room at another nearby hotel. The clerk, who was nice, advised me that he would be up in 10 minutes with new bedding. This never happened. Thirty minutes later I went down to the desk and, still being very nice and extremely busy, he clearly had forgotten about me and went into the back and got me some sheets. He then put his coat on advising me he would have to go 'look' for a blanket. In complete amazement I watched him walk out the door to go 'look' for the rest of our bedding. There were two customers behind me waiting to be helped.

Roughly 10 minutes later he reappeared empty-handed. At this point I was not surprise and actually had to laugh. He advised me that he would be ‘right up' with a blanket for me. At this point I basically gave up and didn't expect anything further. While the clerk was nice, he was simply understaffed and even told me he had nobody to help him. Given the size of this hotel, that is quite a scary thought.

About 30 minutes later he appeared at our door with a cover (no comforter, only a blanket.) I thanked him and told him I had to basically clean the room myself throughout the few hours we'd been there (counters and night stand sticky), and advised him I was assuming he was going to ‘comp' us. To his credit, he said he would and did. My husband & I travel quite extensively, and this is by far the worst hotel that I have ever stayed in. It is also the only time I've ever asked (or even considered) asking for a refund. We then changed the sheets ourselves. I was only too happy to do so as at least I knew at that point our bedding was clean.

I will NEVER stay at Extended StayAmerica – anywhere. When I arrived at work this morning I shared my story with several coworkers – two whom immediately shared their horror stories involving Extended StayAmerica (at two different locations!) From mold to roaches, this place clearly should not be in business and needs to be shut down. Stay ANYWHERE but Extended StayAmerica.

Can't Get My Deposit Back
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I paid in cash, so I had to leave a deposit, and I was supposed to have it back by mail in 7 business days. It's been more than 20 business days, and I haven't received anything. I can't get even a reply of my emails that I send, asking about the money.

By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- On May 14, 2008 my husband and myself along with several other parties involved with a wedding we were attending, in Memphis, TN checked in to the Extended Stay Hotel to stay for 4 nights. It was quite a disappointment. From the exterior view the place was well kept. However, from the moment of entering the room it was a different story. The recliner in the room was so filthy I took the comforter off the bed to cover it. When I did so it was obvious the blanket had not been changed and had several "nasty and crusty" spots on it. I called the front desk... I went to the front desk and was given another blanket to use.

When I went into the bathroom several roaches met me at the door. The pipe of the sink was crusted over in dirt. The tub didn't drain properly and the sink didn't have a stopper. The carpet and walls were extremely dirty. We wouldn't touch the walls and I asked my husband not to walk on the carpet without shoes.

Because we were obligated to a function that evening we stayed in the room. The next morning I opened my cooler and the roaches were there. I will say the refrigerator was clean. Our room, and the rooms of the other parties, was so dirty the wedding party decided to check out the next day. The clerk at the front desk was kind and did not charge was for any of the time spent the second day. In a city we were not familiar with a second hotel had to be located immediately. We contacted others who were to check into the hotel and they cancelled the reservations. Most all of the wedding party already at the hotel checked out also.

I have never been in a hotel as filthy as this and on a rating of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, this was a 0. I am writing this so others visiting the Memphis, TN area will not use this hotel.

Stolen Property
By -

CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA -- On 8/20/08 I stayed at the ExtendedStayHotel in Coral Gables Florida for 4 days. On the 23rd I returned to find all of my personal items stolen from my room. Every one was perplexed how this would happen [including me] but what was obvious to all but me was that it had to somehow be my fault and how did they know I really had all those things. That was also the opinion of their insurance company and my claim was denied. I had to fly home wearing shorts and a tee shirt that I wore to a 4 year old's birthday party. Please beware if you chose to stay there.

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