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Facebook punished me for making too many friends
By -

A few weeks ago Facebook blocked me for several days for adding too many friends too quickly, saying that I was abusing the system. I didn't understand how friend requesting people who were free to turn me down at the click of a mouse would be a crime, so I e-mailed Facebook and received the following response:

You received a warning because Facebook's security system detected that your friend requests were being ignored at a high rate and volume. Unwanted contact with strangers is not allowed on Facebook because it makes other people feel unsafe. Facebook is a place to interact with people you know in the real world.

Along with this warning, you may have received a block from sending friend requests. If you are unable to send friend requests, please note that these blocks can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. For security reasons, we are unable to provide additional information about this system.

Going forward, do not send friend requests or messages to people you don't know. Doing so may result in your account being permanently banned from Facebook. We apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your cooperation going forward. Thanks for your understanding.

I'm sorry but I call BS on all of that… Firstly Facebook is a networking site, meaning that it is absolutely acceptable to make friends with strangers who share similar interests to you. According the Merriam Webster dictionary, the term ‘networking' means ‘the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions; specifically: the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business'.

I am not trying to sell anything, but like most people I have my passions and interests, so I have joined groups that reflect those interests. I have a Facebook page and I have a blog, both of which deal with mental health issues. The many people who accept my friend requests have their own pages and blogs too, and guess what? We help one another by joining each other's groups, liking each others pages, reading and commenting on each other posts and even clicking on each other's links. No one gets hurt and networking is an activity that benefits all involved.

Secondly, those who do not wish to be friended by a stranger are free to ignore our requests, end the friendship and even block us if they so choose. Thirdly, the part about being ignored at a high rate is simply a bare faced lie, because I checked and most of the twenty people I friend requested that night, just moments prior to being banned, actually accepted my friend request.

So here's my theory as to why Facebook doesn't like us to make too many friends too quickly: The greedy company want us to pay for their advertising, rather than doing our own networking ourselves. It's pure and simple good, old-fashioned GREED!! After several days my ban was lifted, but with a warning that if caught transgressing again I may have my account blocked indefinitely. Well, I have put a lot of work into my profile and fan page, and if they disable my account I will be destroyed.

Facebook is already successful, it is not fair that they are trying to keep everyone else down. Facebook is successful because of people like you and me, and they need to show us the respect that we deserve. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to effectively convince Facebook to amend their greedy and improper practices, then please, we all need to hear from you!!! **

When Friends ''Requests" Status Is Removed Without Specific Info As To Why.
By -

Being fairly new to Facebook, at first I didn't want to waste my time on it. My wife and kids started a page for me, so I tried it. Found many friends and past and present friends found me. Sometimes things would pop up, you and 12 other people have this person in common. I would send out a request, and have had great luck having them come back as friends.

Before Facebook, if you wanted to meet someone, you just asked. Sometimes they put out their ban and sometimes not. That was the end of it and no matter what, life was still the same and did go on. Facebook gave me a 2 day suspension from seeking and adding friends. There was no, "this is what you did to bring on this action", just a list of things that might have brought this on. It's a little like your guilty of something, and there is no such thing as innocent, or do we even care less.

When you get a friendship request, there are options to take such as not accepting the request. Or perhaps blocking the sender from accessing your page anymore. I don't know how this whole thing works into "freedom of speech" or "freedom of opinion". But even though I have not drank in a few years, I still remember that you could ask a girl's phone number in a bar, it either worked out or it didn't, no harm, just move on.

The only way to know if you're going to make a friend is to ask. Many of my friends were made by this thing called introduction, something that was quite common before computers. There is known reason to be punishing people without even allowing the god given, constitutional right to know what "exact" infraction they have committed. Even if you sign an agreement to something, it must not overstep any boundaries which may considered questionable or may violate all or part of constitutional boundaries.

If a person cannot ask the simple, harmless question, would you like to be friends. Without fear of some 50 year old high school prom queen, bitter in life, or just still very stuck up, wanting to make someone else's life equally sad. The "the do not except", "do not allow", and "block this person from my page", are all great tools. I do wonder how many people have fallen victim to "your guilty and this social network couldn't care less if you like it or not", mentality.

In my spare time I will be researching the basis of my own questions and concerns. Meanwhile you may want to look into a better way of informing people what their "exact" violation was before you instill any kind of retribution. We are not little children, if we make a mistake simply explain it to us what it was, and we'll fix it. If somehow you could get the letter into the proper hands at facebook, I would greatly appreciate it. In my opinion, they have done a pretty good job of insulating themselves from any negative feedback. Shame on them.

Facebook account disable without reason or warning
By -

Here is the latest message I have sent to Facebook after being disabled with no warning and for no reason since I have not violated any terms or conditions. Facebook doesn't provide its users with a useful means to contact them with any issues and doesn't communicate back with you when you do use their means.

I have researched that there are hundreds and thousands of folks in the same boat as I am and this is poor customer service. I have been left no choice but to use any means to get the word out about this before it happens to many more. Please back up your photos, videos, contacts and everything else important to you because you can be cut off at any time without resolution.

Hello. Over the past week I have send numerous reports about my account being disabled. the help feature and this reporting system have not been helpful. I do not know why I have been disabled so I cannot pinpoint how to take action but contacting Facebook is not working. I received a standard answer on my first complaint about the issue which said that you couldn't help me until I provided the correct email address because the one I provided did not match an account that was disabled. This email address is the only one I have ever used to log into my account which leads me to believe that there is a serious security issue here.

Without warning in the middle of using my page last week it was disabled and the only reason I was alerted to it was when attempting to log in. This came one day after I logged into a computer at Best Buy while deciding on whether to buy one or not and I believe I logged off successfully. I can only imagine that may be my account was broken into. I have never posted any inappropriate content and have only been warned a time or two about adding my friends too quickly. This is hardly a reason to disable me without warning or explanation. I have been cut off from communication with important friends and family.

Almost 800 friends who have been contacting me asking why I deleted my page and worried about me. I have also lost a lot of personal and irreplaceable content to include 80+ photo albums with thousands of photos, videos, poems I've written myself. All very important to me. I am urging Facebook to respond and contact me with resolution to this issue. I would like my account enabled and restored to the position in which it was when my service was interrupted.

An explanation on why this interruption in my life occurred would be appreciated and if I did something wrong a warning would suffice unless I was erroneously accused of something in which case a chance to refute it would be ideal but in either case a resolution instead of cutting me off would be more of a way to handle a customer. I am a Chief in the Navy going on 21 years and work in customer service. While researching this issue it has come to my attention that hundreds of users suffer from the same situation that I am in. There should be away to improve this aspect of your service.

With all the major companies who sponsor and use Facebook and keep it running improvements should always be looked at. No company wants to see that a business they are part of is treating their loyal customers this way. It isn'€™t good for business. A company should always have a way for its customers to contact them, email, phone, a help desk of some sort of which Facebook has none and the help portion of the site yields no results.

I have been patient, sending messages repeatedly to get someone to talk to me with no result. I am not opposed to trying to resolve my issue and at the very least bring light to it through any channels necessary such as spreading the word through my hundreds and thousands of Sailors as well as the army, marines, air force and coast guard or going to the local media to start with but I would like to resolve this issue privately with Facebook since I thoroughly enjoy the service.

I have been loyal and even supported Facebook by spreading the word to family and friends and spending money on certain portions of Facebook. I urge you to please communicate with me and resolve this issue so I can continue to use this service and have access to my personal files and contact with my family and friends.

“The Dark Side of Facebook AKA "Disgracebook," or “Facebooks Complete Lack of Customer Service”
By -

PALO ALTO,, CALIFORNIA -- The unaired dark side of Facebook, or should I call it "Disgracebook." The reason I say the unaired dark side of Facebook is because I have yet to see anything announced on the prime time major news outlets about the disgraceful way Facebook treats its members. The Internet is bursting at its seems with unhappy disabled Facebook members who have posted thousands of complaints everywhere it is possible to post complaints about Facebook's complete lack of customer service and mean spirited disregard for concerns, questions and feedback from members and former members.

On the founder of Facebook Fan Page the founder states "I'm trying to make the world a more open place by helping people connect and share." I am glad he says he is "trying etc." because, in my opinion, he certainly has NOT accomplished his mission. Facebook is one of the most closed undemocratic uncaring unsocial business operations since the formation of the Gestapo. Facebook operates carte blanche without regard of a due process of rights for members Facebook deems unworthy to be members of its social network service and therefore, disables their account.

Facebook justifies its policy and actions under the euphemism of “protecting members” from “repeated actions that could be construed as spam,” and from anything Facebook makes up as a threat to its security. Facebook is an omnipotent uncaring broadly defined automated bureaucratic security service mechanism with unpublished specific rules that are violated without knowing it. If this is not Gestapo like policy, I guess I do not know what it is because it certainly is unAmerican to say the least!

Furthermore, Facebook is not a social network service. When joining Facebook you are, in reality, joining a money making “computer program” complete with automated responders but is set up to look like a social network service operated by real people. Is it any wonder Facebook members are treated with total disregard for being feeling thinking real people?

I have yet to know of a computer program that is able to feel and or to reason. When someone calls Facebook you are treated rudely and crassly informed to use their computerized automated services which do not reply when used or quickly transferred to an automated answering service to which there is no reply.

I urge anyone interested to please research what I am informing you of because I assure you the situation I have explained is the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God. Until the media takes notice of and makes public “Disgracebooks” inhuman treatment of people Mark Zuckerberg and his staff and money making computer program will continue to fill up trenches behind Disgracebooks California headquarters with unworthy disabled members.

One final comment. If Disgracebook is treating its foreign members as poorly as it treats its domestic members Disgracebook is not only giving itself a black eye it is giving the United States of America a black eye. Is there anyone out there who cares enough to tell the world about Facebooks dark side?

Unsolicited Changes
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

Facebook has repeatedly shut down my page feed, News Feed and now removed my favorite groups. Seems they are monitor those who do not follow their Liberal leanings. They even removed my son's page feed. If there are others who are experiencing this let's start a worldwide opposition. Publish your ideas how to retaliate against this.
Let's stop the Freedom of speech invasion.

My Geneva Watch Was Supposed To Be A Gift I Won Playing A Game Associated With Facebook
By -

Don't get ripped off like I did. I got taken for 95.00 for a gift I won while playing games on face book. I won a Geneva watch and they needed info to charge me shipping and handling agreed to that sorta on January 23, 2010. Now February 5th I see they took additional money from my account in the amount of 88.99 for the total amount of 95.00. Tried to contact co. No one works there. Imagine that. My name is **. I only agreed because it said I won it. I surely wouldn't have bout a 95.00 watch especially after I received it and saw how cheap and ugly it was. Thank you.

Not My Account
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Rating: 1/51

I am just curious why Facebook (and other large companies) can't figure out how to have an email verification system in place before activating an account. I was enjoying a relaxing evening when somebody opened a Facebook account and used my email address. Within 2 hours I received 153 emails concerning my new Facebook account from all my new "friends" and whatever other activity was going on. I found the first email that came from Facebook stating that if this is not your account / wrong email please let us know. Well that link didn't work that night for some reason.

How complicated could it be to have an email address verification before the account is activated? My resolution. I logged in, said I lost my password, Facebook sent me a way to restore my password and I closed the account. Somebody else is also probably upset because all their work and stuff is gone. Personally I feel that I received 152 SPAM EMAILS from Facebook due to their lack of a proper system to verify email addresses.

Deleted posts containing just the name of networking competitor!
StarStarStarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 3/51

OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- Recently, there has been a lot of posting about a seriously shameful situation in Bulgaria regarding their routine torture and killings of stray animals. The posts have centered around a courageous German Shepherd dog, Borko, that was beaten repeatedly and paralyzed, and the threats to the kind Doctor that has "adopted" Borko and other strays.

Anyway, a recent update asked for continued donations and sharing of the story. So, I posted that I put it on Pinterest to reach more people about the rescue effort, and the post disappeared. Since I was also watching t.v., I assumed that I had forgotten to save the post. I reposted the info, and it immediately disappeared again, while I was watching! This made me angry, so I posted and asked Facebook if they were so insecure that they couldn't even handle the MENTION of another social networking site. And, of course, that disappeared!

After a few more jabs at FB, I gave up and moved on... But, it still burns my, er, makes me angry to think that they are monitoring all our posts, so there is no privacy, and they can delete anything they want. Oh, now that I think of it, they have previously refused to delete offensive posts which had graphic sexual content and cursing! Can anything be done about their abusing the rights of their customers?

Someone on Facebook Violated My Rights
By -

Someone on Facebook went on my Facebook page without my consent, the person change my password on June 26, 2011 at 1:03pm. This person is causing a lot of problems because she reads the message in the chat box and is cursing my friends on Facebook and she is making a public scene on Facebook. I need something to be done about it, she has invaded my privacy.

Right now am trying to get a new password with the help of my auntie and it's not going through and am upset about it. I even call the cops and they say they can't do anything about it. What can you do about this situation? The person who violated my rights name is **. I have to give name because I need to go on Facebook that is part of my daily life. I can't even get into my email address and that where I get most of my contact. How can someone be so evil.

Not Getting What I Paid For, Several Complaints Made
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Rating: 1/51

FALL RIVER, MASSACHUSETTS -- I bought a charm of magic using my credit card. It says I have it yet it does not work. That was a month ago, no one has responded to my 20 plus emails to Facebook support the app complaint center or anyone else. This is a ripoff.

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