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10-15 business days?
By -

I ordered an NHL jersey on December 14th with the hope that I would get it by Christmas, although it wasn't imperative. When I ordered it, the website said it would take 7-10 business days to ship the jersey because it was custom. I was a little miffed because I did no customization, I merely searched for the player, and clicked purchase.

As a side note, I spent two weeks prior to this purchase waiting for the NHL to get this jersey back in stock, but they never did, so I had to go a third party. Fansedge charged my credit card the moment I placed the order, and then I proceeded to wait. After hearing nothing other than the confirmation email from them for almost two calendar weeks, I decided to open my calendar and see exactly how long 10 business days would be.

I figured I would wait patiently for the 10 business days, and even give them a little leeway on what exactly they considered to be a business day. The number I came up with was December 30th. If the jersey hadn't shipped by then, I would email them.

I requested a cancellation of the order on December 30th, because they had not held up to their end of the purchase agreement. The request was through their website, and this is the response: "Thank you for contacting FansEdge in regards to your issue. Our goal is to provide quality customer service to each and every one of our valued customers.

In regards to your request, unfortunately we are unable to cancel a customized jersey. As the website states customized items cannot be returned or exchanged, once the order has been placed no cancellations are allowed. The Nicklas Lidstrom premier jersey: Detroit Red Wings No. 5 ships in 10-15 business days, the handling time is needed for the customized jersey. We greatly appreciate your business and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our Customer Care Center located at Here you will find convenient electronic forms to request a change to your order, change the ship to address, request a cancellation, return or exchange. You can track your order by clicking on the "Check the status of your order" and follow the links. You can also email us with any other questions you may have by responding to this email. If you prefer, you may contact our customer service staff by telephone by calling our toll-free number of 877-965-3955 9AM to 11PM EST, Monday through Friday."

After reading this, I was extremely upset since the website said 7-10 days originally. I went back to the website, and sure enough, they changed it to 10-15 business days AND discontinued the product that I was purchasing. Unfortunately, aside from being an honest guy and having a good memory, I cannot provide any evidence of a change in the website, because my confirmation email does not state that there is a wait for shipment. It has now been 19 calendar days since the order, and it has not shipped yet. If I wait the 15 business days, with leeway, the shipment will go out on January 6th, more than 3 weeks after I ordered it.

Poor Quality Clothing and No Redress
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Rating: 1/51

I ordered a University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Hooded Sweatshirt from FansEdge. About one year after the purchase, when I removed it from the washing machine, I noticed the left sleeve had noticeable holes in two places. Obviously the material is of poor quality. In comparison to many brand name sweat clothes, like Champion, Adidas, etc., which I have had for more than 5 years, I never had a problem after washing the clothes countless times.

When I called the company's Customer Service Department on November 22, 2015, the representative refused to replace it despite that I saved my receipt. The company doesn't stand behind their products. Don't ever do business with this company!

Promise X-mas Delivery & Ship UPS Slow Mail
By -

NORTHBROOK, ILLINOIS -- Ordered an MLB replica jersey for my son as a X-mas gift. Order arrives and find a stain on the front of it. Call on the Monday prior to X-mas and sit on hold for 10 minutes prior to being hung up on. Call back and sit on hold another 10 minutes and then told item will ship out same day UPS ground in time for X-mas delivery. I question if it will make it and I am told "we are still in delivery time frame." I receive a return letter by email and I have it picked up the same day.

Item ships the next day (Tuesday) UPS Basic (this is when UPS drops the package off at the Post Office meaning "Slow Service" at a discounted rate. I get the tracking number which provides info up to when it arrives at the post office. From their no tracking info. I send an email (Monday after X-mas) asking for a call and never receive a call. Package finally arrives a week later (Wednesday).

On Thursday I receive an email crediting $4.95 for my original freight. I call on Thursday and sit on hold another 10 minutes until I speak to a 2nd level representative who offers 10% off. I tell them I'm not impressed and they ask what would work. I suggest 25% off and she says she is not authorized and needs to ask a manager. She asks if I will hold and I tell her to call me as I have already sat on hold for a combined 30 minutes and 54 minutes in total call time.

Needless to say my time is worth a lot more than $7 for an hour off trying to get something I ordered. I suggest she speaks with Kevin Bates (President) and she says she will not speak to him instead her manager. One hour later.... 15% equaling a total of $15 off. WOW!!! I will tell all of my friends how impressed I was with They budged an extra 5%.

Customer service 101 says if you have messed up, fix the problem even if it means you need to spend a little extra on upgraded freight ( ie UPS 3-day Service) instead of further disappointing your customer sending a replacement UPS SLOW. The thing is they are still making money after 25% off.

Online Order for a Christmas Gift
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Rating: 1/51

WASHINGTON -- I really hope that folks check this site's reviews PRIOR to ordering from FansEdge! As most people do, I began shopping for Christmas gifts in November. On November 26th, 2015 I found a great Seahawks Neon Lamp that my godson would LOVE! So I purchased it for his Christmas gift. Upon opening the lamp, his mother noticed the light wouldn't come on, she had to move the lamp around a couple times, then the light came on.

A week after Christmas, the lamp went out altogether. I inquired with FansEdge for a replacement, all I wanted is what I paid for. They said it was past the 30-day policy for returns...REALLY! It was a Christmas gift so it wasn't even opened or given to him until December 25th! That's not even possible! I was offered a small store credit. Absolutely ABSURD resolution! Why would I want to spend even MORE $$$ on a product through a company that won't even take care of its customers!

I will write on as many of these online sites as I can find and tell EVERY person I know NOT to purchase from FansEdge. I have 2 children very active in the community in track, soccer, softball, and basketball. I will let every coach, player and league official know to stay away from FansEdge.

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