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Fantastic Sams Groton, CT. Route 12 - TERRIBLE!
By -

GROTON, CONNECTICUT -- I've been to this establishment on Route 12 twice now. The first time I got a young girl who barely listened to me and spent time telling me about her much older boyfriend and the parties she goes to. She did not pay attention to the PICTURE I brought WITH ME that I requested my hairstyle be shaped to. Instead, I got a choppy bob. Nothing at all like the picture I brought. This I did not mind so much because the haircut turned out well. However I was upset at the lack of respect and concern for my feelings.

THE SECOND TIME (today) I've gone to the store, I got a very tall, grey haired male named Mark. Mark did not want to listen to -anything- I had to say as he ushered me to the sink while I was trying to talk to him, "put a dimes worth of shampoo in the FRONT of my hair and rinsed that." After that he rubbed a dimes worth of conditioner and rinsed MOST OF it out. I tried again to explain to him what cut I wanted and even showed him a picture out of THEIR STORE'S BOOK. Instead he instructed me to sit down and put my head down.

He started cutting right away and made idle chatter about restaurants. I'm a good person - I enjoy Mark as a person. But I was there to get THE HAIRCUT I ASKED FOR. I went in with about 5-6 inches of hair in a messy grown-out bob and had asked for a 4 inch shaped bob. I specifically requested not more than an inch off - which I knew he hadn't heard because he was uninterested in anything I had to say and was trying to hurry up and leave for the day (I found out later when I sat outside to make a phone call and watched him have a 15 minute smoke break, WITH THE MANAGER, exactly until 8 pm and then took off in his car).

When all was said and done and I put my glasses back on - I WAS SHOCKED!!!!!!!! My hair was some sort of blended, librarian style TWO INCH LONG CROP!!! I am mortified!! I decided not to make a scene and said thank you, tipped him way too much and went home hoping I would get better results after styling it. As I was leaving I got bombarded by the manager about how I should dye my hair different colors.

Both of these people demanded to know if I was working and what I did for a living. Was that because they wanted to know how much money I was worth? Or how much they could screw up my hair without me caring? My hair is horrible. I am 23 years old and look much, much older. I am going back tomorrow to demand my money back. Be warned good people of Groton - Fantastic Sams DOES NOT want to hear what you have to say, respect you, or treat you like a person. They only see cigarette breaks, punch out times and Dollar signs. Go to the Hair Company across the street.

Fantastic Sams stylist OVERCHARGED!!
By -

BOONTON, NEW JERSEY -- I called the day before to check around on prices for a highlight and cut because I had an exact amount of money to spend, I called a few places and finally called Fantastic Sam's in Boonton, NJ. I specifically told them I had a certain amount of money to spend and they stated that the total cost would be $50 for highlights and $25 for a cut so the total was to be $75.00. I called once again before coming and even stated to them "Hey I have an appointment in a couple hours for a highlight and cut and I need to know the total price so I can bring the exact cash with me." Once again they informed me it will be no more than $75.00 total. I went in and Kelly cut and foil highlighted my hair.

Just so you know I have very short hair. I've had this procedure done a million times in my life and it went as normal and took about the same amount of time and work as any other time I've had a highlight/cut done. Nothing special happened nothing more or less than was supposed to. Upon checking out the receptionist said "Okay that'll be $102.95." I was like um, "I called two times to be ensured that it was $75.00." And the stylist was standing right there and said "well I had to do extra work on your hair and had to use six extra foils and charge $4 for each extra foil."

So the extra work she did came to almost $30 more than promised. I was embarrassed because I did not bring $102 as I was ensured two separate times it was going to be $75. I had to go get my credit card and use that!! This pissed me off totally!! Then she was like "okay how much tip will you be leaving on your card today?" Not like would you like to leave a tip... I even gave a cash tip of $8 and that didn't seem to please anyone. So basically I spent over $110 for something promised to be $75 or less.

Most of the reason I'm mad is because I called TWICE to MAKE SURE of the price and I also am upset because I am 100% sure there was no EXTRA work done or any EXTRA foil used on my already short hair!

Best Hack Hair Cut In Town
By -

I took my 10 year old daughter to Fantastic Sams hair salon today 4/22/2011, with a precise clear picture of a hair style. Her hair was long and beautiful 1 length down to her back, the picture was very clear, and I explained to the hair dresser Bonny before the service that I wanted it shaped to her face, with soft layers, towards her face keeping the length. The hair dresser agreed she could do the service. Moments later she cut off 8 inches off my daughter's hair making her hair 3 inches from her head. I immediately freaked out. She had cut my daughter's hair so short butchering her hair so bad it is unrepairable.

The cut she did is nothing like the picture at all... which was a very simple design. She hacked her hair off, and it is so bad it is all uneven jagged, unbelievably short, looks horrible, uneven mess. I was very upset and said "I did not like it at all that it looked nothing like the picture." And she said "well your daughter likes it, and don't worry it will grow back." She had the boss attitude like I know what I am doing, and refused to listen to me at all... And when I said to her (after she hacked her hair off) "What are you doing?" She said "this is a graduated cut and this is how you do this." And I said "all I wanted was a few layers cut in the front towards her face to give it some style."

She had again the boss attitude, and said "this is the way it looks." I was furiated completely furiated all day still am. Now my poor daughter has to spend Easter weekend, and go back to school on Monday looking horrible when the style was supposed to look beautiful, and she had gorgeous hair. I am beside myself, wanting to do all I can to prevent this from happening to someone else... I cannot fix this problem and it makes me feel helpless... It is something that someone took from her, just like that gone... her self esteem, something that she has worked for for a long time, and will have to wait a long time to get back.

At 10 yrs old kids will make fun of her etc. and I can't do anything to help. I would like this Bonnie fired, and I will have a meeting with the salon owner on Wednesday... It is not just a bad hair cut, it's the self esteem she took... And her bad attitude, and not, providing a service that she sold, misleading me and performing a bad hack job... She is fired in my book...

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