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Nightmare Experience After an Accident.
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LAKE ZURICH, ILLINOIS -- I was in an accident about two months ago, where the other driver rear-ended me. The police determined it was his fault and he got the ticket. My car was determined to be undrivable and was towed away. After I got home, I called the first Farmers agent I found in the area to report the claim so that I could get the process started. The receptionist was incredibly rude and said she didn't recognize the name of the person who hit me. She transferred me to the actual agent and it was the same thing. He was rude. It wasn't one of his clients and "In Illinois, he has 24 hours to file a claim after an accident."

After I said AGAIN that I was without a car he begrudgingly looked up the actual agent and gave me the number to call. I called the second agent and he told me to call the claims number. I called that number and they took my information and told me they needed to contact their insured to verify that they were liable.

A week goes by and they say they have accepted liability and they wouldn't be able to have a claims adjuster look at my car until the next week. The claims adjuster goes out to look at my car and tells me they are totaling it out and that he paid for the costs of towing as well as the storage fee until that day. I was told I had to release my car to them so that they would not incur any further storage costs, and that I would be contacted by their total loss department within 24 hours with a settlement offer.

Two days went by without being contacted by their total loss department and I get a call from the adjuster again because I didn't release my car. He became indignant after I told him I wasn't going to because they had yet to give me any kind of offer for my car. After I ended the conversation, two hours later I received a call from their total loss department. During those three days my own insurance company moved significantly faster.

After I told Farmers I was using my own insurance from this point forward, I asked them if they would be reimbursing me for my deductible because I was forced to use my own insurance to be paid for my totaled car. They said yes - all I needed to do was sent a copy of my declaration. I sent it to them, and I have yet to receive my deductible back... It's been almost two months since the accident. Meanwhile, Farmers dropped my claim because I chose to use my own insurance company and they have left me to pay the difference on what my insurance has covered on the rental car and the actual cost of the rental car.

Sudden Rate Increases
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LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- I've had car insurance with Farmers for over 25 years, and I have a great agent. Premiums have been stable with small or no increases. The prior 6-month payment increased by $27. Today, I received a bill for the next 6 months, and it jumped by $114. That's nearly $150 in one year after 25 years of stability. I've been very happy with this company, but I won't pay the higher rates.

Nothing has changed on my end -- no accidents, tickets, no claims filed in 25 years. I would be interested to know if other Farmers' auto insurance customers are seeing the same price jumps? Before I change companies, I will discuss it with my agent.

Farmers Insurance Are Dishonest Crooks
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NOVI, MICHIGAN -- I had Farmers Insurance for years, insuring 2 homes & 3 automobiles. Suddenly, the homeowner's insurance doubled. When I contacted the agent, she said she'd get back with me regarding why. She never did. Later, I got divorced and the cars & homes were split up. She continued to bill me for my ex-husband's car and home a year after the divorce was final.

I had canceled all my insurance with her, yet six months later she was billing my mortgage company. I paid double on homeowner's and auto-insurance for months after canceling. (They just wouldn't cancel it!) Eventually, I got them to finally refund me the money they owed me for not canceling my policies. I thought it was all over.

A few months later, I get a collections agency harassing me about $24.11 that I owed to them. This was ridiculous. It turned out that my ex owed them $24 for one of his cars. I still don't know if it's over yet. I will never buy insurance with them again! I did switch to State Farm & am happy with them so far.

Lower rates
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CALIFORNIA -- Farmers beat my recently increase AAA Insurance home-auto-life policy by over $300 a year. I haven't experienced their service yet, but the price is right.

Farmers Insurance rates going through the roof
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OHIO -- I've had Farmers Insurance for years. They had great rates when I signed on and the rates were reasonably stable at first. However in the last three years my auto policy has gone up nearly 35% and my homeowners has gone up 25+%. All this with being a "premium" customer - i.e. good credit, no claims, clean driving record, etc. I also have all of the usual cost reducers in place - high deductibles, low liability coverage, and so on. Farmers - if you can't appreciate your money-making customers, then I am moving on!

Extending policy without approval then demanding payment
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NOGALES, ARIZONA -- We chose to go with another insurance company. After 6 months the policy with company was raised again for a total of $100.00 in a year. There were no accidents or tickets on this car or driver (my husband only at the time) - a perfectly clean record. My husband was refused time with the agent to discuss this matter back in October. Clearly, our agent was doing quite well and didn't need our business. We did not send payments or any indication at all we wished any extension on the policy. In fact, we even got a notice saying if we wanted our policy reactivated, we had to pay more money to have it "reactivated," indicated that the coverage had ended.

Yesterday, December 20th, we received a notice stating that we were going to be sent to collections if we did not pay for policy extension from the end of the six months (October 18) to November 13, not even 1 month. This extension was not authorized in any way nor, according to their own letters, were we covered. We had other insurance anyway. We had to provide them "proof" of coverage to have this charge dropped.

My husband went to the branch today and requested they provide proof to him that he authorized this extended coverage. He was told they couldn't help him and that he had to come in with proof of coverage before anything could be done. Our coverage with another company isn't their business!

I do realize that printing off cards of proof is easy enough but we are subject to more runaround from this company if they are willing to go this far. There is also the principle of charging people for services not rendered as well. If we are incorrect on our observations, please let us know as neither one of us had this situation happen to us before. (I have switched insurance companies before and nothing like this has occurred.) We'd also take any advice.

By -

MURRAY, UTAH -- Farmers Claims places themselves above the law by bribing a doctor, ** M.D., in my case. ** refused to recommend treatment for possible brain injury which has now been identified. Farmers refuses to pay for the testing or the rehabilitation of learning to walk, control my body in space, learning to cut with scissors and all the other skills lost through my lost memories. The money is available but Farmers refuses to pay for these costs. Mere laymen have placed themselves above the law and are picking and choosing what they will pay for leaving me with thousands of rehab bills to pay.

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