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Junk Home Depot Sold Colored CFL Bulbs
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Compact fluorescent bulbs have been popular long enough now that anyone manufacturing them should be able to make a decent one, but these colored versions sold at The Home Depot are just junk. I thought they would be a great addition to our holiday display, allowing me to replace many of our house's existing outdoor soffit lights with these colored ones for the season.

Bought 7 red/green mix and installed 4 first, which started running after Thanksgiving. Within a week, one of the reds failed and I had to exchange it. Now three weeks later, another died with a third coming and going intermittently. That's 3 of eight with problems. Home Depot lists them as usable outdoors, and mine are even covered from the elements. Says they last seven years on the packages and I'm just hoping to get 7 days more out of them.

I use white CFLs in these cans year round and never have issues. These things are extremely poorly made and a waste of $5. Look for another brand like I will next year or suck it up and buy incandescent. Far better to have a reliable bulb for a couple of cents more in electricity.

Resolution Update 04/10/2012:

I'll give them this. I called up to complain and they just asked for the numbers on the bulb and sent me two replacements without an argument. Hopefully I got a bad batch or bad luck. We'll see what next season brings with the new ones installed. I do thank them for good and accommodating service on this resolution.

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