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FIA Card Services Incompetence/Inefficient/NO Customer Satisfaction
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- It's too bad I can't post the names of the personnel/employees I've encountered with FIA, because I have many names/ID#s of incompetent/curt/defensive/inefficient/ignorant/unaccountable/unreliable/unfriendly, etc., individuals. I really can't say that I've had a cordial experience with anybody I've dealt with there. Back on July 2009's statement we (Spouse & I) noticed unauthorized charges to our account. Contacted FIA via # posted on statements to address the unauthorized charges. Gave verbal statement followed by signed affidavit, as requested per procedure. Claim was submitted to Fraud Dept.

To my disbelief we received word from Fraud Dept. charges were denied as a fraud claim. I couldn't believe my ears and didn't want to accept that answer and kept questioning them as to their justification and asked to speak with a manager who concurred with the decision. However, I still kept drilling them & asked them who I contact above their authority. Then they suggested that I could perhaps file as a dispute claim!!! I was appalled that they didn't suggest that initially, if I hadn't been persistent I would not have known to pursue that avenue.

I know that it is written on the back of the statement's, however, I would've thought that by calling the Cust Serv. # they would have told me about that option as well as filing a fraud claim. After telling me that I can file a dispute claim they transferred me (via telephone) to the Dispute Department. I was actually greeted with an individual (who was very polite, helpful). I explained the situation to him that fraud had denied my claim.

Asked what do I do now. Was told that "you only have 60 days from the transaction date to file a dispute claim", (we were down to 10-12 days) to file a dispute claim, we submitted the form on back statement, only to find out couple days later we need to submit an affidavit to certify the contested amounts. We accomplished the requests with only couple days before the 60 days ran out. Supposedly, dispute dept will investigate, contact merchant & merchant's banks regarding the unauthorized charges, and contact us if additional info is needed and will respond back within 30 days.

Received letter they received our inquiry (as they put it) and will research and respond within 30 days. 30+ days go by and no word, we contact them and now we're told our case has been transferred to the fraud dept!! WHAT/WHY!!! It's already been processed and denied by Fraud, why send it back??? No justification, no reason, no explanation!!! 90+ days now, Fraud Dept and Dispute Dept are 2 separate entities. One can't speak on behalf of the other!! Call Fraud claims denied transfer call to Dispute, call Dispute Dept transfer to Fraud Dept. Either dept can provide us with a status.

Contacted someone from Customer Satisfaction Dept. and are requested to provide an affidavit for each charge unauthorized, make sure Ref # is provided. Did that!!! Received letters of affidavits received from 5 different individuals. Evidently, each unauthorized charge amount is allocated to several individuals. (I guess this is why no one can answer or address our case), keep in mind 2 separate departments as well!! I am amazed this supposedly "Fortune 500" corp. has achieved that status. I don't understand how they've been able to function. Actually, they don't, but they've been able to pull the wool over a lot of eyes!!!

I know this story is long-winded and perhaps no one cares, but I had to vent. Actually, there is so much more to this story, but I will cut it short (ha ha), and tell you that as of now, (150+ days) our claim/case has not been resolved. I don't know who to contact to get a status on our claim. I have made calls to Fraud/Dispute/Customer Satisfaction (yeah right, customer satisfaction, ha ha), but have only received arrogance, run-around, shifted from one dept to another, all of which have proven to me the incompetence, inadequacies, inefficiencies, and disorganized structure of this company.

Is there anyone who knows how I can get in contact with someone in that company who gives a **???

FIA Card Service Ruining Credit And Furthering Economic Crisis
By -

I had 2 cards which I secured from AmTrust Bank. The service company was FIA card service. I also hold some cards from Bank of America. BA sent me a balance transfer offer which I wanted to transfer my balance from the AmTrust cards to, so I proceeded to call FIA services for some info. I spoke to a rate specialist, as he calls himself. I told him my intentions of transferring balances to BA. Without my knowledge he pulled my credit, at least that is what he said, and shut all my credit limits down with BA. Then he proceeded to inform me that BA, is FIA Card Services as well, and American express as well.

This is not disclosed anywhere with BA, or Amex, or with FIA Card Services. There should be a law on full disclosure. I was conducting financial business, and they hijacked my credit limits, which in turn affects my FICO scores, and future planning. If I had not called them to pay off the cards, this would have never happened, and to me this is unscrupulous, fraudulent and unfair financial business practices. They have the power to ruin people's credit, and not disclose what they are doing or whom they have a financial business relationship with.

I am a realtor for 30 years, and I have to disclose and have acknowledgements on any business affiliations whether it be financial or otherwise to my clients. However these institutions that have the power to make or break your credit or fico, or lower limits, have no accountability? Tell me what is wrong with this picture.

However these same people are who is responsible for the economic crisis, due to them approving you for these credit limits, and lulling you into a false sense of security to transfer balances etc... Then shutting it down on their paying clients who have not defaulted, to cover the losses they have already written off and got paid for from the stimulus and from us the tax payers whom are paying the freight on it all.

The law abiding person that makes their financial obligations is who is being punished and we will be paying for all that claim bankruptcy, and walk away. It is time America got angry. Either that or let's all file bankruptcy instead of meeting our obligations, and walk away as most are doing right now. Hey, let the government pay our tab as well. Remember you will be credit worthy in 3 years, and not paying for everyone else that were living the high life.

Fraudulent - Scam Artists Who Know They Can Destroy Your Credit for No Reason
By -

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- This company is participating in a terrible and unjust practice. They follow accounts with high credit limits, but low balances. Therefore little pay off for them. In order to reduce their overall risk they claim to mail your credit card bill. But first they claim they sent you it electronically. Both cases were not true. If you have a renewing old account such as AAA or something of that nature, and you simply forget the bill would be on that card You are in big trouble because now they've caught you in a death trap.

They will tell you they sent it electronically. (Totally not true. Second person said they did not have me set up for electronic payment.) They will tell you they mailed it. (Another Lie). I work from my home and gather my mail as soon as it is delivered. I can see the mail truck just as it gets to the box.

My credit has been spotless for 35 years. With the banking industry as unscrupulous as it is now, they are doing anything to eliminate potential losses. I called to complain I did not receive my and why the negative mark on an otherwise spotless credit history. Their comments were offensive, made me feel like a loser, and quickly reduced a 10-year excellent credit history with them when they were MBNA into a negative history, and reduced my credit limit from a hard earned $47,000 to $10,000 in a blink of an eye.

By the way, the late payment that was overlooked as I NEVER received the bill was for $30.00. So for 3 months they tacked on $39.00 expense fees to a bill I didn't know existed. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST CREDIT COMPANY I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. I had absolutely perfect credit before they decided to destroy it. You know why they didn't mail the bill? Because it gives them the excuse to reduce their credit risk, and nail you to the floor. Do not support any bank bailouts with our taxpayer money for these glorified loan shark thieves.

They Could Not Care Less About You
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Rating: 1/51

EL PASO, TEXAS -- Don't expect help from FIA Fidelity Card Services. You call in and you could speak to anyone in a call center somewhere. If the issue is not resolved, the person will not give you their name or call back number to contact them again. You start all over with the next person when you call back. They claim they make notes on you file but they will not give you a reference number. If you ask them to e-mail the notes they will not do it. They claim they do not have telephones to get call backs.

Had to go through 5 persons who did not help. Had to explain the situation to 5 different people. If the notes in the file were good, I would not have had to do that. They said they had to transfer you to another department. Then when the transfer was "Attempted", they purposely disconnected you. When you ask for their name and number in the event you get disconnected, they will not give it to you. This is the way they get rid of you.

FIA Card Services Unilaterally Reduces Credit When You Open a Schwab Credit Card.
By -

Last week I opened a Charles Schwab Signature Visa Card (to get 2% back on all purchases). Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Schwab's card servicer - FIA Card Services - which also services my local bank's VISA card, unilaterally reduced my local bank's card credit line by the amount of the Schwab Card.

I called both FIA Card Services and Schwab and raised hell, and I think I've got it straightened back out. It did not help that the idiot credit clerk at FIA didn't have a clue how (their) Equifax Credit Reporting system works. FIA Card Services needs to do a better job of training their credit department, and Schwab needs to do a better job of disclosing this questionable practice. BOTH of them almost lost me as a customer today.

Best Form of Organized Crime
By -

Don't know I can put into words how crooked FIA Card Services practices are. Unfortunately, I have 3 cards that are serviced by this conglomerate. This is truly organized crime. Don't look to the government for help either. These banks do not deserve any bailout money but guess what - they'll keep getting our tax dollars and still have the audacity to unfairly raise our interest rates; no shame. Doesn't matter if it's a Democrat or Republican in the White House either.

By the way, thanks Joe Biden for taking away my opportunity to give these credit card scammers what they deserve by filing for bankruptcy. Not that I condone that practice, however, I believe it was a way of keeping them in check. Now these credit card companies have the green light to do whatever disgusting, unfair tactics to reap huge profits knowing the consumers have no protection or recourse.

Horrible Service And Rate Abuse
By -

I have been a member of the card since 1976 and they thank me for being a "valued customer. I have auto payment to ensure no penalty. Rate goes to 20% plus late payment of 39 for two months and rate goes to 27%. The deduction obviously does not cover the new rate minimum payment they are impossible to deal with and should be called on their abusive charges. It is impossible to find a way to get their attention. A tragedy and I urge us all to do something. I am paying them off and they are losing a credit worthy veteran and senior person.

Credit Services
By -

Last week I received a letter notify me that FIA services was raising my interest rate from 7 to 14 percent. When I called they told me that my credit ratings were reviewed and found lacking. I checked the credit rating of the three scores, the lowest was 725. Since I had the money to pay off a decent size charge, I did pay it off. Upon that occurring FIA Card services slashed my credit limit to $900 dollars.

This seems to be an act of retaliation for my complaints and large pay off. When I called them I found that the operators are ignorant about anything that credit review section does. This isolates the credit review section from being approached via telephone. When I made several calls I found out that some of operators will tell you they do not have information when other operators actually did have the information requested.

None of them could tell me the actual reason behind my supposed drop in my credit score. In addition, I have not had this problem before and have had the card for over eighteen years. The result is that I am paying off the card and will not use it again. If a large number of people would do this then FIA will not receive their life blood which in the interest and not the principal. There are other credit cards that will gladly help you pay off FIA credit card services and they may do it for less interest than you are presently paying.

No Help for Long Time Customers
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I have been a card member since 1999 with these people. I have never missed a payment. I have only been late on one payment. I just got laid off and asked for my payments to be reduced until I find a job and I got every single reason why it couldn't. These crackheads are getting their money either way. I didn't say I would stop paying my bill. I just didn't want to fall behind. No help. Not for long term, not missed a payment customers!

FIA, you guys are the worst card company I have ever worked with. When I finish paying this card I will close it and never use you guys again. Till this day I will never use this card again and you will know it's me every time you send a statement and see no transactions. Late payment people I know get better service than your loyal customers. You people are horrible and your company is going to fail for not taking care of your good customers. You rejects!!!

Deceptive Practices
By -

NEW JERSEY -- FIA card services just recently raised the interest rates on credit cards by including a note at the bottom of a monthly statement that gave the cardholder an opportunity to opt out of getting the interest rate increased by 14% under the condition that the account will no longer be active. When I called them to address the rise in interest rates they de facto stated that their underwriting guidelines were superseded by a note at the end of a monthly statement.

My question to them was if the basis of credit worthiness is going to change so greatly wouldn't it have been more ethical to inform their customers more than once and possibly send out an additional notice either separate or enclosed in the statement to ensure that they were effectively communicating the change in underwriting policy. They had no answer.

I'm sure that I'm not the only one to whom this has happened. The practice was deceptive and unethical. I consider FIA to be exceedingly unscrupulous. I urge anyone who reads this note to contact their local representative to bring this to their attention. The worst part is that FIA is the arms length servicer for most of the larger banks in the country who just happened to be bailed out by our tax dollars. The collusion is ridiculous. FIA has to be held accountable. If you've seen a drastic increase in your rates call and complain to everyone who will listen.

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