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Weight Loss Management
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FiberWeigh works for me! I am a stay at home mom in Texas. I tend to have a hard time losing weight b/c of my blood sugar issues. I FEEL HUNGRY ALL THE TIME until FiberWeigh! I've tried getting off sugar, supplementing w/ great vitamins and mineral that help with blood sugars, working out 5-6 days a week for 45 min 1 1/2 hours, lowering sodium intake, drinking lots of water, eating more fruits and veggies, etc! It's a blood sugar problem. There are many people in the U. S. with this issue. Of course I look better than if I was not doing all these things, but w/out FiberWeigh, I would still feel hungry too often throughout each day.

While out running errands one day, I found the product at the local Walmart for under 20.00 and not online like others. I was not expecting too much. Maybe just a little bit of a curb on my appetite, or a hope to feel full longer as the effect of fiber drinks. When I left the store and got into my car, I took 2 capsules at the first sign of hunger, a hunger pang feeling. The bottle suggests taking 2-3 caps about 10-15 minutes before a meal (this is a realistic time for me to wait when I'm hungry). I drank the capsules down with what I had left in my water bottle, about a cup of water. I drove to my next destination.

Ten minutes later, while on the freeway, I was ravenous but I chose to wait another 5 minutes. After a total of 15 minutes, I arrived at my next destination, and noticed that I was not feeling as hungry. This was very unusual for me. Because of this, and because of my hope in this product (to feel full on less food) I chose to have a pre-packaged, 110 calorie protein shake box. It had been sitting in my car for a couple of weeks. I drank it down quickly, and went about my errand. Normally, for me that is, this low-calorie shake would have only kept me full a couple of hours. Instead, I stayed full for about four to five hours.

When I felt another hunger pang, I took 2 Fiber caps and waited the 15 minutes. Same result! On the way home, I purchased a green salad, like the ones I usually make at home for lunch. However, by the time I got home, I found myself staring at the salad b/c my feeling of hunger had not only dissipated, but completely gone away. I decided to eat a little bit of it anyway because #1 I don't believe in starving myself, and #2, I have to be careful with my blood sugar levels, they can drop if I don't eat often enough. But I only need a little to keep me going. To finish, I consumed about 1000 calories less in the day.

My worst time of the day, the evening munchies. I took the FiberWeigh and found that the ravenous evening hunger pangs went away. I took 2 more caps at 7:45 pm, and my last meal was at about 8 pm like it should be (but again, I'm usually so hungry at night). I went to bed at 11 pm. Slept well. By the morning, I had lost a pound to 1 1/2 pounds.

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