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30 Days and Still No Shoes
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Rating: 1/51

INDIANNAPOLIS, IOWA -- Do not order online from Finish Line. They are either the most disorganized company I've ever dealt with, or they are running a scam. I initially ordered basketball shoes and I was sent some random pair of women's shoes with the wrong order slip. I understand that mixups happen, but this is the second time in a row I ordered from Finish Line and they mixed up my order.

I strongly believe that store employees from where the shoes ship do this on purpose and steal the shoes if you order something they like. In my case, it was a pair of LeBron basketball shoes. I returned the women's shoes using a label they sent and saw through UPS that the shoes were delivered. Finish Line then voided out the return to make it look like I never sent it. They want me to call UPS and find out why. They should be the ones straightening it out. Not me. I've had to call Finish Line at least 7 times and they still haven't mailed my shoes out and it's been 30 days now. I will never order from them again. Total scam.

I Was Lured in by Cheap Prices...What a Mistake...No Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

If you're going to try and buy from this online store, please be advised that everything is shipped UPS ground. If you pay extra in order to receive your shipment early, it will still go UPS ground. Don't pay extra because you do not get your order faster. I actually never did get my order because someone at Finish Line canceled the order. The customer service people are trained to say, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." But they cannot actually help you, so please do not expect any real service. It's interesting that for some reason they are quick to cancel orders. I won't buy from them again.

Unreliable Web Order Fullfillment
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Rating: 2/51

FL gives themselves a week to fill your order and cancels your order seven days later if they sell it to someone else. In the meantime, FL then gives themselves three business days to ask your credit company to reverse the charges, holding onto your dollars paid for unreliable service for half a month.

Very poor customer service
By -

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA -- My complaint w/ Finish Line is that store employees at both stores located in the two large malls (Savannah, GA) are not familiar with OR choose not to recognize Finish Line's return policy. I tried to return what I view as a manufacturer's defect on Timberland Furious Fusion boots. The mesh material started to fray at the seam line. While I did wear these boots a couple of times briefly, the return policy clearly states that "Normal wear and tear is not warrantied on any merchandise. Exchanges on worn merchandise will only be made when the damage is caused by a manufacturer's defect.

Items cut or sliced by sharp objects cannot be exchanged. After 45 days, items may not be returned for any reason." The frayed seam was on both boots in similar locations and was not a result of being cut or sliced by a sharp object, but an obvious defect with manufacturing/materials. You'd think anyone with an ounce of common sense would have realized this, but the "manager" at the Oglethorpe Mall store in Savannah, GA had to go ask her manager and they determined within about 5 seconds that the frayed material was caused by something snagging on the boots. (In the same place at the seam line on both boots?)

I have now contacted Timberland to try to resolve this, no thanks to Finish Line for not honoring their return policy on defects. By the way, the Finish Line corporate customer service provided no help either. I will no longer be providing Finish Line with any of my business.

Update : 02-05-11- I sent the boots back to Timberland with a prepaid return label provided to me by the company, and received a new pair within approx. 2 weeks. Unfortunately the new ones are coming apart in the same way. I will continue to buy Timberland products, just not anything with similar constrution and materials to the original boots.

Awful Return Policy and rude employees
By -

CUYAHOGA FALLS, OHIO -- I bought a pair of Puma brand tennis shoes from my local Finish Line for $79.99, I tried them on in the store and they fit so I purchased them. Well I wore them around my house (inside) to break them in. Well to my surprise they didn't break in and in fact rubbed again my heel. NOT worth the money I paid for them. So only wearing them twice I went back 2 weeks later to return them as I was not satisfied with my purchase. The employee took one look at my shoes and tells me, "You cannot return these, they have a crease in them" (well duh, that happens when you even try them on and lace them).

So I begun to argue with the employee stating that is not Puma quality and I want my money back. He tells me"we have to damage these out and actually lose money this way, so we cannot give you your money back, but you can exchange them" So I decided to exchange them, but this policy makes no sense, not only are they out of the money for the puma's but also I got a pair of new Nike's, I am going to try to return these since I had no choice but to exchange my shoes.

Does anyone know if this is possible, to return an exchange for cash? I will never purchase from any Finish line again, I was treated rudely and poorly. And they did not even want to give me my original receipt back, which had other purchases, on it and made a fuss. Poor work on Puma and Finish Line's part.

Do no order online from
By -

I am furious with Finishline's online order process. I have looked for a specific pair of running shoes at all the store locations within 50 miles of my house and unable to find my size. So I went online to place my order, completed the process and confirmed my order. Then got notice that they did not have my size in stock, so I figured OK I will just go back and order the next size up. When my card was declined... they took the money from my card before checking their inventory. I called the customer service line and she told me I was going to have to wait three business days before I could get my money back.

So now I was unable to even attempt to try to get the next size up. What if I had more money on my card and kept making attempts at different shoes, hard telling how much money they would have had of mine. Needless to say I WILL NEVER order from again. This is a awful way to do business and definitely lost a sale for them as well.

Sorry Return Policy
By -

My husband purchased my daughter some shoes for school. He called me and I gave him the wrong shoe size so when he came home with them they were way too big. Well being the busy busy person I am I didn't get a chance to return the shoes to the store within the "allotted" time frame.... Which I didn't realize until I got to the store. Well their return policy goes something like this: within 60 (or 90) days with a receipt, refund or exchange. Without a receipt, exchange only. OK. Well neither I nor the csr paid attention to the date on the receipt but the computer did and it would not let me exchange the shoes for a smaller size.

So I said well what would happen if I didn't have a receipt. She said, you could exchange them then. But since I already showed her the receipt and she put my info into the computer already, I can't do it without a receipt. So the honest customer with a receipt can't even do an even exchange but any person off the streets who walks in the door with a box of shoes can do the exchange. So truly pissed off, my mother and I drove across town to another Finishline and she exchanged them for me without a receipt and without a problem.

They will never again get my business. I did not ask for my money back or different merchandise. I simply wanted the same thing in a smaller size and I don't see what the problem is. Now if they had a policy of no return or exchange without a receipt then I wouldn't have been as upset. But why make it more difficult then it had to be?

Replies - Nonsense Security Measures, Rude, Useless Customer Service
By -

I was traveling abroad and wanted to order a pair of running shoes to receive them just as I get back. Found what I wanted at, went trough the whole ordering process, but at the final step was told that there is a problem with my credit card and I need to double-check the billing info. Done that, still the same error message. I tried again. And again. Then called my credit card company - no problem, my credit card is fine, and they showed 4 attempted charges by Called FinishLine customer service, and was hung up upon twice.

Eventually got through to a rep who told me that my credit card was locked out of the purchasing process because I tried it more than once. It was initially locked out because I was trying to order from abroad, despite the fact that it was with an American credit card, and the same U.S. billing and shipping address. The website showed absolutely no warnings, just a message that there is a problem with my card - which there was none!

They suggested that I either wait 15 days or try a different card. Neither worked, so I called the customer service again. They said that I need to wait another month to be able to order from them, or I can order over the phone or in store, but no online discounts would apply. I emailed and called them several more times, but to no avail. The customer service simply refused to help, and overall were just rude, pushy, or simply hung up on me. I definitely going with the competitors in the future, even if it will cost me a little more.

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