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Bad Customer Service First Data
By -

ARKANSAS -- When the representative for First Data called me on the phone I could tell he was reading from a script and it seemed as if he was taking his job as a joke (now I understand why; because it is a joke). After about 10 into his speech about how great they were he finally started giving me the breakdown of what their fees. At the end I thanked him and declined his service to which he would persist on asking me why not. I told him he was a lot more expensive then all the other merchants whom I have talked to and that is when he started being RUDE!

I finally said goodbye and hung up and he has been calling me ever since nonstop. I have answered a few times and he said "I didn't get to finish my speech." I told him "there was nothing more to discuss and goodbye" and he keeps calling me back.

It doesn't really bother me as I didn't give him my business number nor my cell number so he is calling the house phone which we never use and are rarely home but still I was shocked at the customer service. I can't imagine what would happen if I went with them and I had a problem, they would not care one bit. So I googled the company and found a lot of negative reviews and now I understand why. Do yourself a favor and find a better company. Read customer reviews before considering a company.

First Data Is Ripping Their Customers Off. Deceptive Billing Practices
By -

First Data is currently my credit card processing company and I am writing to report some of their latest scams and deceptive tactics that are misleading the public. While reviewing the September statement we discovered a charge for $119.75 under annual compliance service, this charge was not authorized by me and offers no value added to my business. When I called the company they informed me that the charge was automatic and was not refundable. They also stated that they have the right to bill me anything they want as far as they note it on the statement the month before.

I do not think that this is fair and that it is taking advantage of the general public and small businesses. They are hoping that nobody would notice and dispute the charge and their service agreement hides these deceptive technics in their fine print. This is unethical and deserves an investigation as there may be millions of dollars of these illegal fees at stack, why should small businesses and consumers pay Visa and Master Card system maintenance fees? They get paid commission and service fee on every transaction! This is another scam that is making Credit card company rich of the hardworking public.

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