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Banking With Brats... Is My Money and Personal Info Safe in Their Hands?
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NEW CASTLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have switched from a credit union to a bank recently after 12 years because no matter how many times my new husband went down there with me... They still gave him a hard time about taking money out and depositing of all things into our new joint acct. I switched to first merit at the union township branch very reluctantly to go elsewhere after so long at another cu and feeling confident my money and personal information was safe. Since my transition I have ended up also opening a new small business and opening a new account for my business with them as well. So 3 accts total.

There is one girl at this bank that for some reason has a problem with me. She disclosed personal information to an individual through the drive through about me. This person was depositing a check for me. I hurriedly wrote a check in pencil that needed just deposited into my account (the credit union for 12 yrs took my checks written in crayon if that's all I had to write it in, they would have taken it in sweat as long as I wrote it). This girl told this individual that "she's been told before not to write in pencil several times". *NEVER ONCE had I been told by ANYONE at that bank to NOT write in pencil.

I certainly do not make a habit of it as I know the dangers of writing in such a utensil. I complained to the manager that day via telephone about what this teller said to this individual about me. I also let him know that I would be in that week to order checks and if anyone remembers telling me NOT to write in pencil to please offer that memory to me as it was not something I can recollect and I will certainly apologize for not remembering... No one seemed to remember as no one stepped forward when I was there later that week.

Now here it is about perhaps a month maybe two after that incident, we had two bank cards, my husband and I split up and he charged several things on my (only my name is on the acct) account that made my checking go into the red. I called and asked for the manager - he was busy so I asked the asst manager to cancel the other card that my husband was using so I didn't incur anymore costs. She did that and throughout the week myself and my husband had been depositing monies back in to bring the account current. I needed to take money out of the business account to make a purchase for the company.

I pulled into the drive thru and there she was.. My favorite teller, the asst manager and another teller were standing there talking and laughing as this girl had her back turned toward the window so I couldn't see her face. I'm guessing she saw me pull up and turned her back to say something g smart about me because everyone started laughing and looking out the window at me sitting in my vehicle. You may think I'm being paranoid but after she asked me what I wanted to do with the check she cut her speaker off when I told her I wanted to cash it so I couldn't hear her - that never happens when I go through and another teller is working - I am always able to speak to them if I need something g more.

As she turned her speaker off... She continued talking and by the look on her face and the attitude she was giving me, she wasn't being very pleasant. She kept talking and talking and then the two tellers that were sitting inside working the inside customers actually turned around to look at me in my car and smirked towards her like they had a joke about me. A nice laugh at my expense.

She got on. The intercom and very rudely said, "I can't cash this, your other account is in the negative". So I said, then why don't you take the money from the check I'm cashing now and put it in there. She said again, "I cannot cash this"... Then her head turned to the left and she said "cash it?" As if someone higher than her had told her to go ahead and do it. Without another word, she turned off her intercom again and went to work, not one word to me. She through the money in the envelope sent it down the pipe and said nothing.

I took the envelope out and took a fifty dollar bill out thinking she just cashed the check because that's what she was told to do, and she didn't explain to me what she was doing, I sat there probably for the count of 25 before she even looked outside at me... She looked away right away. So I sent the fifty in to her... She said, "you want something else?" And I said "yes, I want that in my personal checking." She worked away did her thing, sent out the tube and I opened the envelope, two receipts in there, one said 8 dollars and some cents and the other said the forty some that was taken out from the check I had just written.

I had a question about the receipts, I was confused... I sat there and sat there and waited for her to look out at me, there were two cars behind me... She NEVER looked out at me. I drove away and looked back and she finally faced the window again to greet the car behind me. I ended up having to go inside to inquire about the receipts. I went in and no one could be found. It was like they saw me coming and all went in the back to talk and laugh more about me. The lady at the counter seemed to have a bit of an attitude with me too. I've noticed that it seems as if the branch is like a close knit family and the customer really does not matter.

I am very displeased and unhappy. Why should someone feel uncomfortable with depositing and withdrawing your own money? You shouldn't. Its like a bunch of little high school brats handling my money. I'm looking for a new bank or credit union. I am open to suggestions if anyone has any. Please though, in the future, if you're not a cool kid, or if you complain about something that you deem wrong with your own money... Do not open an account at the First Merit Bank in union twp new castle pa, you may be ridiculed.

Oh and also, I had an old friend tell me that he HEARD I started a business... I said, "who did you hear that from?"... The name he told me I do not socialize with... He said "so and so told me... You have your account there right?" I said "yes, yes I do". If they are allowed to disclose where my money is, then what's to stop them from telling my business, or my balance or God forbid... My account # or pin? No sense of security at First Merit Bank in union township new castle. Desperately seeking a new bank... Can't leave till I find one. :(

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