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Bad Customer Service
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44410, OHIO -- I would like to give my3cents on the bad customer service I received from First Place Bank. I have my checking account and my mortgage with this bank and have for the past three years. This is a small local bank and you would think they would have better customer service than I received. I had an overdraft with them which was only one day old and wanted to work out some type of arrangement with them. I was willing to pay for my mistake but considering the amount was $200 that was owed to them I wanted to get half of that amount and get my account up to date with them.

When I called the local manager I was treated like a second class citizen and was told that due to I had other such past overdrafts there was nothing she could do for me. So then I ask her "was I charged for those?" Her answer was "yes." Then I asked "did I pay for them?" Her answer was "yes" so then I asked "why am I now also being penalized for them again?" Her answer to me was "if you didn't write checks when you didn't have the money to pay for them you would not have this problem."

Now what she does not know is I'm permanently disabled and I have problems in my ability to stay organized which is one of the problems I deal with with my disability. Also when purchase that are made on my debit card that sometimes do not get posted for 3-4 days might also have something to do with it! That aside I then asked why then does her company charge people who clearly do not have the funds in their account a fee of $35 for each transaction from people who clearly do not have the funds in the first place. Her answer "It is a service to our customers." WHAT!! That is bull!! It would be cheaper if they did send them back.

I hate banks--they have us all by the you know what!! I plan on calling her district manager but I know he will take her side but they will hear from me! If it was a customer service they would not charge for it at all. Banks are making big money off this game and the thing is the people who get hit the hardest are the people who have the least in the first place. I would like to see this manager go through a week dealing with what I have to deal with!

Don't get me wrong. It was my mistake that I don't deny I take my lumps but for as long as I have been a customer there I would think they could show a little more understanding. But considering all the complaints I see from other banks on this site it looks like this is something others are seeing with their banks also. I see now why people put their money in the mattress!!

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