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Credit Nightmare
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I took this credit card offer three years ago... I had borderline bad credit and the offer seemed reasonable so, regardless of some over-the-top fees I thought this was an opportunity to upgrade my credit. Now, I've had this card for three years... paid MUCH more than my minimum payment on-time every month and been, more or less perfect.

Since then I've requested a credit increase three times (by credit limit is a whopping $300) and in every case they denied me saying my balance has been over limit twice. Now, I've never once charged over the limit... in fact, it's impossible to do so. Each time it's been them putting their $50 annual fee onto my card, and then whacking me with a $30 over the limit fee that's put me over the limit). Still I've dealt with them.

So, this week I made a mistake and forgot to drop my payment in the mail. As of today it's about 48 hours late. Since then they have called my home 27 times! Called my work 15! For a $30 payment when I've never been late. Are you kidding me? I've cut the card in half and told them to go to hell. Worst credit company ever. Oh yeah, and Bank of Bubba doesn't even have a company website. VERY impressive.

Bad First Savings Mortgage Corp
By -

MCLEAN, VIRGINIA -- On April 24, 2007 a fire destroyed my house at **. The attached property owned by First Savings Mortgage Corp. also burned. The damage to both units was extensive. For the next 4 months I begged, pleaded and cajoled the bank to begin restoration. The bank carried no property insurance for this location. The Lansdowne homeowners association bylaws & covenants require that restoration begins within 90 days. While I began demolition and restoration within 90 days, the bank did not begin until Nov. 2nd...192 days later.

This delay caused further damage due to the extended time of exposure to the elements and my home had to be completely demolished. Also, due to their delay, I had to install their portion of the common firewall so I could proceed with renovations. This cost my an additional $8,700.00 that was paid by me on Dec. 26th. Thus far, as required by the bylaws, First Savings Mortgage has refused to reimburse me. This is not a reputable bank. I m suing them for the initial amount of the replacement wall + 5.5% interest and attorney fees. We will go to court in late June and July and we will prevail.

However, with their behavior in mind, I would surely and seriously rethink doing any business with them. They are not a good corporation. We now hope to be in our house by the end of May, no thanks to them. The rebuild process should have taken 8 months, not 13! Failure To Reimburse - House Fire Damage Failure To Reimburse - House Fire Damage - First Savings Mortgage Corporation

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