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How FirstBank Treats Long Time Customers
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- Beware of FirstBank of Colorado. I have had an account with FirstBank of Colorado for 42 years. My husband and children also had accounts with FirstBank for many years. I am a professional who recommended many clients use FirstBank. Unfortunately I gave them bad advice. While I was hospitalized for surgery for cancer, my small personal checking account became minimally overdrawn (a few dollars), without my knowledge. The bank then continued to assess fees, again without my knowledge and without telephone or written contact.

After adding fees of several hundred dollars (which constituted most of the overdraft), while I was in the hospital, without contacting me, FirstBank closed my account even though I had another business account with them with a balance of thousands of dollars (more than 10K). After I was discharged and learned that the account had been closed, I contacted the bank to rectify the problem. I can't get statements to determine the cause of the alleged insufficiency, because I had online statements, and when they closed the account, they blocked online access.

Despite the fact I had 42 years history with them, without any loss to them, and despite the fact that I had another account containing more than 20 times the amount of the alleged deficiency, FirstBank refused to reopen the account. Their representatives were totally unhelpful and uncaring (and appeared to be scared to take a stand for a customer in fear of losing their jobs - or lacking authority or willingness to do so.) All of this happened in the three weeks I was hospitalized.

Today, to add injury, I received a letter stating that FirstBank is closing the business account which they agree contains significant funds and has no problems- based solely upon the closing of the other account. I have cancer, have endured major surgery, daily chemotherapy, and daily radiation, and this is how I am treated after depositing several million dollars into their account over the past 42 years. I have the money to pay their trumped up fees, and I explained the circumstances. I regret that I ever recommended them to anyone.

Don't buy their advertising as a local bank - they are far worse than Wells Fargo and U.S. Bank and other national banks with whom I have had accounts and who themselves have a reputation for impersonal treatment of customers. First Bank, in my opinion, is first only as an example of the worst in customer respect, treatment, and consideration. Go where you get the best deal. First Bank is not to be trusted. It truly pains me to say this, but it is the truth. My advice - run away from First Bank - they are no better than any large national bank, and in fact may be worse.

Customer Service - How little do they care?
By -

LONGMONT, COLORADO -- We've been customers of FirstBank for a little over 4 years. At first, they were the answer to the horrible customer service Wells Fargo provided. Over the years, things change. In a time where banks are popping up faster than Starbucks, you would expect them to actually try to retain their customers. Yes, I know. It costs 5 to 9 times MORE to attract a new client than it does to keep an existing one.

Last night was the last straw. We went to a branch located in a grocery store. My wife hands me her card (I closed my account 2 years ago) and I put it in the ATM. It takes her card (wrong pin) and I let the staff know that it took her card, call her over and go back to watching my son ride the penny horse. She calls me over and tell me that she needs to deposit money to get her card back as she's in overdraft. LOL. "How could she be in overdraft," I ask. Well, the debit card has an annual fee and that's what caused her to go negative. BUT, the teller tells me that they can refund the fee, destroy the debit card and she can use her checks.

We both laugh, go back to the penny horse, gather up her checkbook and savings account information (which was closed for lack of activity in 3 months), go see the teller, tell him just to close the account and I expect some sort of feeble attempt to save the account. Know what he said? "Doesn't she want her money back?" LMAO...nUmmmm, no. Mail her the bank check.

Anyway, that's My3Cents worth. I even wrote a letter to the branch with no response. I'll make sure to post my dislike for their customer service on my websites. In the last 4 years, they've spent thousands of dollars on advertising. No wonder. With this type of customer service, who wants to stay with them? Wells Fargo, Compass and FirstBank are all the same.

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