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Floam - Don't Order This Product.
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WISCONSIN -- Hello to those of you that have ever ordered this "Floam" product on the internet. It is "Crap"!! I ordered this product in Dec.2005 for a Xmas present for my kids - well it arrived before Xmas but was not as I expected! For one it was a ripoff! Too expensive! I was charged $7.95 shipping per order (I had ordered 4 orders)! I had made a mistake on the order and there was no way to change it... So I emailed the company to revise my order and never heard back - so they of course charged me the full amount. After placing the order - you could not review what you had ordered, so you cannot make any changes, let alone see your total bill!

This item does not work like shown on TV - it doesn't stick, bounce, mold how you would like it to. The product company in Oshkosh Wisconsin have horrible customer service people - the only phone number the gave me from the confirmation website was 1-920-966-6600 - and in the box I received there was no packaging slip, no return policy slip - nothing - just 12 tubs of "no good" FLOAM!

Well when I returned the product for a full refund over a month ago (the day after Xmas) - Floam has apparently not received it. I sent it parcel mail 3-5 day shipping and paid $10 to do it, in the original packaging - it's like a 10x10 box - and I did not think a confirmation was necessary. My mistake! You cannot speak to anyone directly to take care of an "unsatisfied customer." They will take down your name and number (after waiting on hold for 15 minutes) and say someone will call you back or no one is available to help with return orders. One day I got a woman "on call" and said she'd take down the pertinent info and pass it along - yeah.

It's been 2 weeks and nothing! Ironically when I have called the past couple of times it seems like the same girl answers. Is this some scam out of someone's house? 30 day money back guarantee? No - because by the time the company gets around to take care of business, the 30 days will be up! Please note other reviews on this company - I sure wish I had before my kids begged me to order it. I just went directly to the web, before investigating! Has anyone called the Better Business Bureau? I want to call Primetime - and have them do one of their investigations! I am so upset that I have had to experience this.

Usually when I have ordered from the internet - a legit customer service representative and a 1-800 number is available. I could just be part of the select few that has had a horrible experience with this company... But please if you really want to buy some Floam go to Walmart!! It's probably cheaper! With an easier return policy! Thanks for listening!

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The review that follows mine was originally submitted by user spiderman2. His post is 100% correct and only gets worse. You can only get a hold of the company after hours where they give you an email address that is not valid and a mailbox that will not allow you to leave a message. As soon as they "open", you call customer service and the phone picks up and you hear "all circuits are busy"!!!

I guess they want you to believe that is the phone company's message. When you win the lottery and actually get through, you are told to hold and you are sent into the abyss. I put on the speakerphone and nobody picked up after 45 minutes. Their website has no summary page so beware if you add anything to the cart because they will charge your card without warning. They charged me over $200 and no product.

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