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Unprofessional. Lack of Technical Capacity to Be a Public Server
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- On 12/05/, in a heavy traffic, I pulled out to right shoulder on Palmetto EW, to call work and tell I will be late. After a while, other vehicle move to the RH shoulder for unknown to me reasons, w/o looking to mirrors and hit my car with his car's front bumper, right corner and scratch my left aft door and left back fender. His car's front bumper corner was scratched and down from its position.

Highway patrol was called (incident took place in Palmetto's Highway). The young man explain to the officer (A. A.) that incident happen when I was "returning to Highway RH side from right shoulder, without spotting him and that I hitted his car. The officer, menaced me only, to "download video from the highway's cameras to show if I was telling the true." She at least realized that one of us was lying. But decided that the latino who speak almost no English should be natural offender.

At the end, no guilty's ticket was issued, because she was unable to find who was at fault. After accident, I went to 2es body shops and showing a photo of the bumper and looking at my car damages, they both tell me exactly was happen. So, my officer lacks simple technical knowledge to asset an accident and I loose dependability on at least Highway Patrol.

In my opinion, next time I will not move an inch from accident zone, just in case, another HW Officer will be unable also to do her job! Disregard alerts displayed on electronic displays about HW Patrol Officers been able to know who to blame! Question: If MD police better trained? Are they really professionals? Who will you call should you may choose?

Rudeness of Officer Totally Uncalled For.
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- I was pulled over for making a right turn at a red light. He obviously did not like the fact that it was him I turned in front of. My problem is not the fact that I was pulled over, it was his rudeness. There was no reason to speak to me in the manner he spoke. I work for the courts in the Traffic Division and I of all people know the protocol. This officer has such a power trip! Highway Patrol ** working on Bird Road and the area of 107th avenue develop some courtesy skills. You give a bad name to your badge.

Rude and Unprofessional Behavior
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- The officer in question pulled me over on 01/29/2013 at approximately 10:45 am (Traffic Citation # **). I pulled over on the sidewalk to avoid blocking the flow of traffic and lowered all 4 windows so that he could have a clear view of the interior of my vehicle. I waited for the officer to come to my car. He asked me for driver's license and insurance. While removing my Florida state driver's license from my wallet, he happened to see my New York state driver's license and asked to see that also. He took a brief look at all three documents and said to me that he should have me arrested for a felony in having two driver licenses.

Also, he stated that he had an appointment to go to and if he can get someone to cover for him he will arrest me. He then went back to his vehicle spent about six minutes and came back with my both licenses and then stated "'my name', get rid of it. Don't carry it on you. Keep it at home… Keep it at home in a safe place. You got two licenses; this says expired, but when you run it, and I was wrong about 19, it expires 14… but, it's a valid license ok…" Then that conversation went on to the other citation that I received. But my problem is with that officer is that he said, without knowing the facts that he is going to arrest me.

Does he think that I'm some illegal immigrant or did his mother just not bring him up properly? He as an officer had no right to talk to me in such a manner. I knew he was wrong but, with his attitude at first, I wasn't willing to tell him otherwise fearing he might have pulled me out the car and did a cavity search or something uncalled for. His attitude was not pleasant at all. I can understand that they are in a highly strung and tense situation, not knowing what to expect from the driver or, in some cases, the occupants of the vehicle. However, the act of common courtesy goes a very long way.

I know for a fact that if that officer didn't tell me that he'd arrest me, I would have never wasted thirty minutes of my life to write this letter and possibly tarnish the FHP name plate, but I felt offended by his contemptuous manner towards me. He should be looked down upon as a Trooper for approaching a non-threatening motorist in that manner. And what makes it worse is that he, as a law enforcement officer, failed to gather the appropriate information before making an erroneous statement that would mortify anyone who's not a threat nor has ever been one.

Also, I must say at his current age I think you all should reevaluate his abilities to be a Trooper. Apparently, Corporal ** is very colorblind stating in the citation that my lights were showing the color “RED AND BLUE” which was clearly not the case. They were purple and white, the colors of my HID kit. So again, at his geriatric age I think you all should have him see an optometrist and keep him off the road until he can correctly distinguish between the colors “RED AND BLUE” and purple and white. In my opinion that's an epic fail on his part.

Additionally, I'm pretty sure this letter won't get anywhere nor, will Corporal ** see any type of psychiatric treatment for his rude and unprofessional behavior. I personally believe that a human being who approaches another with such barbaric behavior should not even be in possession of a firearm. These are the types of people that shoot up schools, movie theaters, etc., and make owning a firearm more difficult for all the righteous citizens and gun owners all across America.

In any event, I am fortunate to freely be able to at least express my concern and I hope that someone reads this and hopefully a copy of this would get sent to Corporal **'s email inbox, as well as a pair of eyeglasses delivered to his mailing address.

911; Sorry...wrong number?
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The weather has been rainy in the South Florida area recently. Many drivers fail to be extra cautious, and thus, roadside fender-benders and guard-rail collisions have become as common as mile markers on some of our freeways. Yesterday, while traveling the freeway, I witnessed a car heading northbound on the Florida Turnpike swerve across three lanes of traffic and slam into a guardrail. It seemed to be a serious collision, although I wasn't entirely sure since I was heading southbound. Nevertheless, I decided to phone emergency services to report what I witnessed.

I dialed 911. The operator came on the line fairly quickly, stating "Miami-Dade County 911; do you need police, fire or medical?" I explained that I just witnessed an accident on the Florida Turnpike. The response: "Stay on the line, let me transfer you to Florida Highway Patrol." A couple seconds later, a gentleman's voice states "Florida Highway Patrol." As soon as I stated the location I was calling about, he states, "Stay on the line, let me transfer you to that sector."

A couple seconds later, another operator states "Florida Highway Patrol; do you have an emergency?" I explained that I just witnessed an accident on the Florida Turnpike northbound, just north of 88th street. She then asks the relevant information, such as the vehicle description, if there are any injuries to my knowledge, etc. Shortly after hanging up the phone with the last dispatcher, fortunately I did witness a few FHP troopers racing northbound with lights/sirens activated, presumably to the scene of the accident.

There really needs to be a better emergency response system in place. I understand that there are different public safety agencies, each having their own jurisdiction, and dialing 911 from a cell phone can often misroute the call. However, measures need to be taken to reduce this from happening, perhaps through consolidation. Being transferred from agency to agency until you finally reach the right dispatcher for your area should not be tolerable during emergency circumstances, when precious seconds are being lost that could mean the difference between life and death.

I hope that driver turned out okay. Fair warning to all; slow down during inclement weather.. not just for the sake of your own life, but the lives of others as well.

Hit And Run Complaint
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- Neighbor hit auto in driveway and when asked denied although had my paint on her bumper and her paint on mine. Her daughter made statement that "I was in the car with her and she didn't run into you- she backed into you". Then neighbor made comment that she didn't hit fender, she hit the door. The officer refused to give a report, but said we had one to fill out on our own and handed me a form which will not stand up in any court. She hit our car then left the scene. When asked about it, she denied. Then when caught in her tangled web of lies, agreed to pay for damages. Is this not, hit and run? What is wrong with this customer service officer?

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