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2011 Ford Edge Awd
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- My 2011 Ford Edge has their new Sync and Navigation. Sync is just a joke. Try and make a simple phone call and the Sync lady asks so many questions, it is faster to pull over to the side of the road and make the call. The Navigation system is a joke also. It can't even find my house and when I do get it to accept a navigation to another address, it asks me to turn back or go in the opposite direction of the destination. It is so much faster to print the directions on Google Maps. Ford should have gone with Tom Tom. It cost me less than $200 and it much much much more accurate.

Ford Doesn't Care About Customers
By -

I recently (November 2010) leased a 2011 Ford Edge. Even before I left the Ford dealership in Englewood, NJ, there were problems with the car. The manager was unable to sync my phone to my car. I was told I would be able to "figure it out at home".

Since then, not a week has gone by where I haven't had problems with the MyTouch Sync system. After 3 repair attempts, and being informed that the dealer took no responsibility once the car was leased, I contacted Ford under the NJ lemon law and they attempted their 4th and final repair. Within 1 week, the original problem was still occurring.

Finally after over a week and 3 calls, I was able to get someone from the Ford "legal department" on the phone. With no excuse as to why he didn't call me back, he blankly replied that Ford would not be honoring my rights under the NJ lemon law. I have now had to circle back to Ford customer service in hopes of finding someone who cares.

My original concern was a faulty car for which I wanted a replacement. Based on my experience with Ford, I now consider them to all be crooks and want nothing more than to get out of my current lease. If the American auto industry wants to know why its sales are in the toilet, they should look no further than their own customer service!

2008 Ford Edge Warranty
By -

PIKEVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I bought a 2008 Ford Edge from a local dealership in Dec. 2008. I bought a Ford because I always had Fords and I thought Ford stood for good quality and service. On August 6, 2009 the air conditioning quit working. So I took it in to the dealership that I bought the vehicle from to have it service.

The service department call us. They said the air conditioning quit working due to leaves going through a filter on the vehicle and blocking air flow. The filter was not damaged in any way and came from the factory designed that way. I was then told that warranty would not cover this and I would have to pay 765.00.

So I call Ford Motor Consumer complaints and was told then that warranty does not cover outside sources. What I can't believe is I did not put the leaves there and no one can tell me how the leaves got there but it was not their problem. Now the way I see it is there is a design flaw in the filter and if it does not get fixed then I will be out 765.00 every time this happens because Ford does not see this as a problem.

I might be one person but I am a consumer. I was a consumer that once bought Fords vehicles. My family and friends also are consumers. Ford needs to remember that. Ford needs to stand behind their product like they advertise. Instead of having the mentality of I got your money what are you going to do about it?

Disappointing Service from Ford Kinsel Motors (Beaumont)
By -

BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- I purchased a Ford Ranger (2002) Ranger Edge in 2002 and last December had it towed into Kinsel Ford in Beaumont. Although the main reason for having it taken in was that it would not start I asked the Service Manager to checkout the airbag safety light which intermittently flashes on and off and had been doing so for about 3/4 months.

I collected the car the next day and was told that diagnostics had revealed that there was a problem in the wire harness under the passenger seat causing the flashing, which had been corrected. (The truck started up first time when they checked it). I paid $90.00 for this diagnostic.

As soon as I started the truck however the light appeared again. I pointed this out to the Service Manager who, after checking computer records, advised me that this problem was the subject of Service Bulletin #B1883 and even gave me a copy of it explaining that it was a common problem in this model built at this time.

He advised me to call the Ford 1-800 number to see if they would cover the cost of an additional fix as described in the Service Bulletin. (I am not saying that the Service Manager guaranteed it would be paid for!). On contacting the Ford 1-800 number the following day they assured me they would get back to me.

A month went by and they never returned my call so I called again and am now told that I have to pay for another diagnostic check to see what the problem is! I know what the problem is - it's Service Bulletin #B1883!!! I am very disappointed in Ford that they are now asking me to pay again for another diagnostic check and especially as apparently this in a known fault in this vehicle. I would have thought that in the furtherance of good customer relations such "fixes" would be simple and a 'slam dunk' - apparently I was wrong.

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