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Ford Cannot Service What They Sell
By -

WAUKESHA (MILWAUKEE), WISCONSIN -- Buyer Beware - Please do yourself a huge favor and DO NOT BUY A FORD! My experience with Ford Motor Company and my vehicle, a 2005 F-150 King Ranch, exceeds reality and certainly explains why the company is in serious trouble. I purchased the vehicle new, from a local Ford Dealership. I've stayed away from Fords since 1976 due to poor quality and service then. Stupid me for thinking they have gotten better. I would be embarrassed to work at Ford.

I have so many problems with the vehicle that to trust it as reliable is foolish. Ford simply cannot service what they sell and after several discussions with the company, I realize they don't stand behind what they sell either. I wanted to "Buy American" and made a huge mistake with Ford. I now carry a battery charger, jumper cables and cell phone with me at all times when driving the vehicle. THE VEHICLE APPEARS TO BE AN ELECTRICAL NIGHTMARE. For $50,000 DOLLARS HERE'S WHAT FORD QUALITY CAN OFFER TO YOU!

My vehicles Short List of "Cannot Duplicate" or cannot fix problems from Ford Authorized Services (Dealership). By the way, these ALL began during the first year of ownership (under 12,000 miles). You can expect Ford "quality" to rear its ugly head early in your unfortunate relationship. The vehicle goes into "Creep mode" which is a feature to protect the engine when there is "something" wrong. You'll be glad to hear that each time mine has done this the Ford experts cannot figure it out. This is a comforting situation FORD provides to many vehicle owners that I've spoken with.

Vehicle battery drains "at will" - at which time the vehicles driving lights will come on and cannot be turned off! Also the 6 disc CD player will index continuously assisting to drain the battery - this always requires a cable jump to start the vehicle - the battery drains too rapidly during normal battery charging and never reaches the point of being able to turn over the engine. Expect a hardy "Cannot Duplicate" on this one from the experts at Ford.

The engine when started will occasionally shake the vehicle continuously with notable performance problems (seems as if its not firing on all cylinders). The solution is to stop the vehicle, wait 1 minute and restart. Continue this procedure until the engine runs properly. Here's another "cannot duplicate" by the experts at Ford.

Similar to above, if while driving the engine suddenly runs erratic, pull off to the side of the road, wait 1 minute and restart. Known to Ford is the problems with this vehicles fuel injectors. I received THE MASS MAILING BY FORD ABOUT THE FUEL INJECTORS AND TOOK THE VEHICLE IN THE FOLLOWING MORNING. They were so nice to replace ONLY 1 OF THE 8 injectors so that I could still enjoy the same problem - guess that's Ford - Quality IS NOT job one. They tell me there's nothing wrong... live with it. Truth is there's something really wrong at Ford and it goes much deeper than poor vehicle quality. I wish this was an employee vehicle!

Gas mileage has fallen from 18 hwy to 13 although I keep proper maintenance. Service department is really concerned and delivers the "oh well..." on this one. Hey - could this possibly relate to fuel injector problems... da! The four wheel switch (used as recommended) often produces a "clanking" engagement noise, shaking the vehicle. The last event caused the vehicles rear to jump airborne, slide on the ice and exit the roads shoulder. Fortunately it was not a big ditch! The kids don't want me to use the switch when they're in the truck. They've been frightened by it too many times.

The heat or AC will turn itself off on occasion. This is especially appreciated during the winter or when the windows are fogged - leaving it alone for a few minutes seems to be working so far. By the way - another "Cannot duplicate" from the experts. The "door ajar" indicator will come on at random and "dings" while driving. Turning off vehicle for 5 minutes eliminate the false indication. The driver side window mirror rattles so badly that items are unidentifiable. The added cab makes these side mirrors important but Ford can't fix it.

The rear backup sensors are faulty and unreliable more often than not - I actually backed into an upright post while delivering meals to the elderly. The indent to the bumper is right there at the sensor location. Ford installed an override button which needs to be used frequently to avoid the annoying beeper. The sensors are ABSOLUTELY USELESS. The interior center console does not appear to be firmly attached to the vehicle and lighting of the dash and console are so dim that often, during the early evening hours, they can't be read. A serious engineering mistake made by Ford

The dome light has never worked properly - we now smack it a few times at night when we absolutely need it - sometimes that works. The CD player is good for 3-4 hours then without exception will fail to read/play properly - turning it off for 30 minutes gives another couple of hours of use prior to failure again. The vehicles painted bumpers are rusting well beyond what should be expected - suspect these were not prepped or finished properly. The plastic steps along the doors for the vehicle were poorly designed and crack with normal use.

The rear sliding power window decides when it wishes to work. This is a hassle during the winter if it has been open to access the cab area. We've decided not to use it at all. Here's the latest development - the vehicles front windshield separated from its seal - evidenced by a sequence of loud popping noises. The FORD dealership told me that the windshield was missing clips and must have been a replacement windshield.

I ended up having to pay for the re-seating of it!!! My confidence in Ford grew on that one... There's a lot more as well but I think you get the picture - DON'T BUY A FORD!!! DON'T BUY A FORD!!! DON'T BUY A FORD!!! DON'T BUY A FORD!!! DON'T BUY A FORD!!! Save yourself a lot of grief and time by buying a vehicle from a company that will stand behind and can ACTUALLY service what they sell. I have been left with no choice rather than to replace this rapidly depreciating vehicle. The old acronym from the 70's still holds true: FORD -"Fix Or Repair Daily". Do not allow yourself or any friends to become victim to this companies problems.

It's clear to me why Ford is asking for a bailout - the real question is "Are they worth it"? You know my answer. As an Engineer, companies like this will be filtered out naturally - a Ford bailout only lengthens the companies inevitable outcome.

Bottom Line - I've been instrumental in keeping dozens of people from making my mistake and tabbing lost sales for Ford. I'm at about 30 vehicles and close to 1 mil in sales (not to mention service resulting from...). What Ford has done for (to) me will forever keep alive my quest to inform car buyers of the pathetic positioning Ford has established in the automotive industry. Only the strong will survive and Ford can't compete.

2010 Ford F150 Lariat
By -

HUDSON IOWA, IOWA -- I live in the midwest and we have had a lot of snow. I have owned 5 ford F150 King Ranch and Lariat over the past 13 years. The truck I own now a F150 2010 Lariat bought last year. I have contacted the dealer I bought the truck from but they did not seemed so concerned. The problem I have had with this truck are the tire rims. At times the rims will become packed with snow - I believe because of the design - and it makes the front end shake violently. This also happens with mud.

My concern is that this week when I was driving to work, it started to do this and the front end was shaking so bad that I hit a patch of plowed snow and it threw me into the passing lane losing control of the steering. I think that this could become a major safety problem, not to mention the wear on the suspension and tires. Just don't want to see a bad accident happen over this and the Ford dealership I bought it from in Iowa don't seem very concerned. I have always bought Ford and never had any problem with my previous vehicles.

Parts Warranty
By -

We have a 1999 Ford F150. The heater core has been replaced twice and now needs another replaced. It was replaced at a Ford dealership the second time, then replaced again on their 12 month, 12,000 mile parts warranty. Less than 10,000 miles later and only 9 months, Ford refuses to honor their warranty for a 2nd time. Must be a faulty part anyway. Searched the net and found thousands of them being replaced numerous times each. Ford says they won't replace it because the vehicle is too old to honor their warranty.

If you plan on keeping a vehicle for several years, choose a different brand. I won't ever buy another Ford vehicle and advise you to do the same.

Windshield Wiper Assembly
By -

GREENBRIER, TENNESSEE -- I recently went to Tracy Langston Ford with the wiper assembly from my truck. It had pulled apart because the wipers had stuck to the windshield over night. I went to the parts counter and asked for the plastic caps that hold the assembly together. After looking up the part on the computer I was told that they did not have the caps available. I would have to order the whole assembly. This was 125 dollars. I got online and looked for Trico wiper parts and found the caps for 4 dollars and 99 cents for 4 caps.

I contacted Trico and complained to them and they sent me 2 of the caps for nothing. I was able to find the missing part still in the area where the assembly attaches and was able to reassemble the wiper control assembly. I just wanted everyone to know that Ford and its dealers are taking their customer to the cleaners on items like this because they don't carry the insignificant parts to repair some assemblies so they can charge a higher price for the whole assembly.

Ford Motor Company Refuses to Honor Warranty on 2008 F150
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Rating: 2/51

DEARBORN, MICHIGAN -- I purchased a 2008 F150 Super. I had Cam Phaser issues. My Ford dealer attempted to fix it twice, under warranty. Their efforts failed. I had to park the non running truck while I deployed to Afghanistan and came back after 16 months. Truck is still under warranty and the mileage had not changed. As soon as I got back I had it towed back to the dealer. Now I am told it will have to have the engine replaced to correct the same issue but Ford won't cover it. They said the engine shows signs of varnishing.

Ford took my service records which showed regular service and made a comment about me being "out of town for 16 months." The only answer I get from Ford is they are not participating in the warranty. I have asked the question "Could sitting unused cause engine varnishing? Or the use of the multifuel?" My answer back was from the dealer "I don't know, I am not an expert." Ford has lost its way on customer service. CSM won't even speak directly to customers. I guess Fords don't run on the high road. If this is their definition of "Ford tough," I certainly wouldn't want them in a foxhole next to me.

Ford F150 King Ranch
By -

I started looking for a replacement for my 1994 Dodge Ram Laramie SLT about 2 years ago. I looked at everything and was on a first name basis with many managers of internet sales departments in many dealerships. Tundras, Tacomas, Rams, Titans, F150s, I drove them all and kept hounding the dealers for the best price. I was getting a reputation for being just a talker about getting a new vehicle with my coworkers. But the bottom line was, I just couldn't find that deal I couldn't walk away from.

I did not want to regret signing for $300+ payments for 6 years. Then, out of the blue, I found it. A 2006 Ford F150 King Ranch, owned by an elderly woman, one owner, only 36k miles, and in very, very good condition. She only wanted $19.5k. KBBG was $25.5k. I bought it, detailed it, tinted the windows, and dropped in a bed liner. It, of course, drives like a dream and I still can't believe that I'm driving such a nice truck. I keep it looking immaculate and my wife and kids like it as much as I. What a deal. And I have not once regretted buying it.

Instrument Cluster
By -

LEBANON, VIRGINIA -- I have a 2008 Ford F-150 that is only about 2000 miles beyond the 36,000 warranty period. There were just a few minor corrections to be made before the warranty expired and Ford took care of these. My problem now is that the speedometer illumination comes and goes and I was told by my local Ford dealer that the entire instrument cluster would need replacing at a cost of $393.46 plus labor!

This information also cost me $75.55 for the diagnostic (they knocked on the panel to make it switch on an off). Is there no way Ford can take care of this since it is barely out of warranty, and I can't believe that a instrument light would burn out this quick with today's technology.

2010 F-150 Despicable Product of My $34,000 and Can't Get No Satisfaction
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- Poor visibility of instrument cluster. Outdoor temp is always wrong. Front end shakes when brakes applied going downgrade. Driver seat wear. Shifting sucks with the 3.55 rear. Had the steering wheel replaced due to premature wear to the first one. See how long 2nd one will last (It probably won't be around for that). The finale is the rusting of both rocker panels rusting (truck has had mud flaps and solid running boards from the beginning) is still under warranty. I took my time to go to dealer and go through the motions and ended with denied from FORD!

Truck Jumped Out of Gear and Crashed Into Garage
By -

TEXAS -- Today my truck ran out of gas in my driveway and I put 5 gal of gas in it while in driveway. Truck is standard, I had the clutch in and car in 1st. I went to start it and the second I turned it on it lunged forward into my garage door and the brakes would not work. Thank GOD the garage was closed to stop it from going through the house. Has anyone else had an occurrence where truck jumped out of gear?

By -

Sit back, grab a coke and listen!!!!!! We purchased a new 2007 F150 truck, only has 469 miles on it and the company has had it more than us. The Ford Motor company does not stand behind their junk. The truck started leaking when it had 400 miles on it. Guess what... It has a leaking head gasket. After I wanted a new truck just like the one that I bought, I was told that they were going to fix it and when I put up a fight, ** said that she would close my file if I didn't like it.

Now they can also make threats to the person that bought their junk. Where does anyone go to get help from these thieves? Not the main company because they will tell you that they don't care. What a company. Everyone say a little pray that these kind of people will get their paybacks. All I can do is tell as many people as I can about the thieves in Michigan. Please don't buy their junk and run them out of the United States.

If anyone that reads this lives in Ohio, a word of advice. Stay far, far away from Dutro Ford in Zanesville. They sold us the junk truck, refuse to fix it, were smart to us. Said that it wasn't their problem. We bought the truck, it's our problem. We had to cancel our vacation and lose money because we didn't have our truck to pull the camper. I guess we got the last laugh, because I had a week to get back at them.

My goal is to tell 1,000,000 people. They also put in a bed liner wrong that we bought from them, now we have to get it done right. What ever happen to quality products made in the USA and good decent people standing behind their products? Oh, one more thing, I guess they don't mean it when Ford says quality is job one, and built Ford tough.... Figure that one out!! Remember one thing, don't buy from Dutro Ford and Ford sucks.

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