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Ford 2006 F250 Diesel
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Ford trucks are a piece of garbage along with all their vehicles in my opinion. I purchased mine brand new and are scared to drive it. The most recent problem with the truck was I was driving down the interstate doing about 70 miles per hour and the truck shut down on me. Just completely shut off and because of this I lost control of my power steering and you can only imagine what happened from there.

I regret so much selling my Dodge diesel that was a 1998 and only had one problem with it. I now only have under 90,000 miles on my truck and the Ford company refuses to fix it. I am writing this so listen carefully. Never buy a ford vehicle new or old or you are a fool like I was. I paid 57 thousand dollars for my vehicle new and what do I have from it? A vehicle that has made my back worse a vehicle that has no resale value even though I always took care of it and the Ford company does nothing for you period.

My truck now is sitting in my yard in a deed restricted neighborhood and Ford even though they know this truck is a lemon will not do anything for me but when they were selling me my truck they made sure to tell me it was the best truck and best diesel engine on the market period. Be smarter than I was never buy a Ford vehicle period and you will doing yourself a favor. Do not believe what they tell you.

The new diesel I'm sure in my opinion is no better than the older ones and the guys at Ford in my opinion would sell their mother to make a dollar. Nothing but problems since day one I purchased the vehicle and they didn't even document any of my complaints. Hmm I wonder why?

By -

Where to start... ok first we had a recall on this POS. Took it in, Ford tech updated the computer and then the fun began. Left dealership only to get about 200ft down road when truck just about died, spit and sputtered. Went back and they said "oh must be it did not update all the way" so they redid it. Ok... then it was somewhat fine until the erg valve went. That was $600 out of pocket. Then as my husband was in Texas delivering a 5th wheel the radiator broke. Gee there was a recall but some idiot forgot to tell us about it.

After close to $1400.00 to get this fixed and 4 months later we were refunded, not to mention after radiator was fixed those mechanics in Texas cut the transmission line to the radiator which we had to pay for $200.00. Mind you this is a new truck. Then what seems like week after week it was in the shop due to no power near dying of engine. They could never find what was wrong with it. So time after time taking it in to be looked at and losing money not being able to drive what were paying for, and paying for some idiot to fix it when it never got fixed must have spent at $2000.00 in repairs that were never repaired.

Only to have the high pressure fuel pump replaced at 140,000 miles that was 3200.00 in which the mechanic stated the reason it went out was because the wires were bare, no insulation on them so it shorted out pump! Who should pay for that? Ummm Ford??? Nope we had to, on top of paying $3200.00 to get it fixed the dealer scratched the crap out of our truck, broke the back seat, and lost a fuse cover panel. $3200.00 in repairs to have $5000.00 in damage.

Then back to the Texas radiator deal the idiot mechanics not only cut the transmission line but they sliced some of the electrical wires that were shoved up against the radiator. We had to pay for that $300.00 so as you see whoever wrote ford is built ford tough has not drove our truck... so back to the high pressure fuel pump after less than 40,000 miles and 5 months guess what? The pump is going out again. But ford only gives you 12 months / 12000 mile warranty.

Hello this is a work truck flippin idiot. They're full of pooh when they say built ford tough, more like toyota... keep the jobs here and there would not be so many screw ups on auto cars.

2004 F-250 Diesel,
By -

BAD smell from engine. Went to three dealers before I found one that even had a diesel tech!!! Dealer said head gasket went out, smell is diesel in coolant, $3,385.15 fix. Picked up truck, headed home, smoking (white and then black when picking up speed). Called dealer, was told it would burn out. Got back home (2200 miles... was out of state when gasket went). Took to local dealer, (said repairs at 1st dealer not covered under warranty and was worried about his 1026 account). This one said "pin holes" in cylinder/s. Need new short block. Approx $8500.

Ford paid 1/2 of bill from 1st dealer and $4000 for second repair. Truck had 72,000 +/- miles. Dealer took for test drive. New engine locked up, need another short block, some rods, pistons etc... Picked up truck, noticed "new" short block was from 2003 truck. This OS the 3rd short block in a month. Still not running right, smell has returned, (tech said did not flush out heater core and could not really get radiator clean), plus and now it also surges from time to time, and a strange vibration at idle felt on the steering wheel and foot pedals.

Going back AGAIN this week. Was without a truck from Sept 7th to Sept 16th, then again from Sept 22nd to Oct 27th... My work truck!! Been a Ford owner almost all my adult life, I'm 50. Had 85 Bronco XLT, 89 Tempo, 89 F-150, 96 F-250 C/C Diesel, 92 Ranger, 02 F-150, and this one, 04 F-250 Diesel. My parents were/are Ford folks too, as is my sister and her family.

Despite Ford's assistance with the bills, which I am VERY thankful for, I just don't know if I will buy from them again. Can't even understand how a block gets holes - fluids mixing - yet NO warning lights, gauges don't register anything wrong, nothing. Chevy/GMC and Dodge will get a VERY close look by me. Will check to see if they have diesel techs / how many and what level training they have. I am a VERY VERY VERY disappointed customer / owner.

Ford Sucks
By -

GILBERTVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS -- Is it any wonder the American auto makers are struggling? The vehicles they stick us with are junk. After years as a dissatisfied GM customer I vowed that I would never again give General Motors any more of my money. In 2002 I purchased a new Ford Superduty which initially seemed to be a superior vehicle compared to my last Chevy pickup, at least I didn't have a laundry list of complaints within the first few weeks of ownership.

Although the Ford was initially an excellent truck with a reasonable degree of quality control in its manufacture, it should have come with a "WARNING FOR INDOOR USE ONLY" sticker plastered on the window. After 5 short years and only 65k the vehicle has turned into a piece of rusted crap. The frame and suspension are rusting, as well as the oil pan and oil cooler, pinch welds around doors and tailgate are also rusting, and there are large rot holes around the wheel openings. On top of all this the interior plastic is fading, and the truck needs $1000.00 worth of front suspension work every 30k miles.

Out of all this, the only thing I asked Ford to fix was the body rot, a well known problem with these vehicles, many of which are repaired while still under warranty. After working my way up the chain of command, all the way to the office of Bill Ford the message I received is that their vehicles should not be expected to last more than five years.

If this is the best Ford Motor Company can do perhaps it is time for them to go out of business. As for me I am done with new vehicles. I can buy a used piece of crap and fix it for much less than the cost of a new piece of crap that I still have to fix.

A/C Failure
By -

The A/C failed on my 2006 F250 and the repair costs $1,650. This was because an internal desiccant bag that bust and clogged the entire system. The only major component saved was the compressor. It is unacceptable that a 6 year old truck has such a problem. I believe this to be a design problem and safe guards should be made to keep the system from contamination. I would like to know what Ford motor co. is going to do about this design flaw. When I got the quote for repair I thought about trading in my truck and the sticker was 62,000. I stopped and wondered if the new truck would have the same problem!!

Ford Engineers Know Less Than I Do...
By -

I will probably never buy another Ford. We had only 9000 miles on the truck when towing our 5th wheeler: The engine brake would only engage sporadically or worse, engaged on its own. Sporadic shutter when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear from a stop. And we couldn't pull our 9800 lb 5th wheeler faster than 45 MPH up a 6% incline - floored! Ford's Engineers hooked up their computers and the computer told them there is nothing wrong with the truck. They will authorize no repairs. They 'experienced' the problems but claim the computer showed none. Total nonsense. They refuse to move forward with any repairs.

One would think that logic someplace would play a roll. This truck is rated to tow over 18,500 lbs. At that rate, this trucks performance would have it roll backwards going up a hill. Lousy customer service and incompetent, inexperienced engineers - Ford Motor Company's way! They are not standing behind their vehicle or what they claim this vehicle is capable of. It ran fantastic before these problems - so the problem now is to get it fixed and Ford won't do it. Shame on Ford!

2002 F-250 Lariat 4 Door Turbo Diesel 7.3 Truck Bed Rotted
By -

JEROME, MICHIGAN -- I have a 2002 F-250 super duty Lariat and I clean it all the time and it never sees dirt roads. Well both sides of my bed at the wheel wells are rotted. The driver side is worse. This shouldn't be happening. I see it happens more on the 2002's than any other year. Also they put junk shock on these trucks and the front sway bar bushing to, they wear out right away and clunk like an old 65 pickup when you hit a bump. I think Ford should pay to fix the bed. This is not good! I am not very happy. A new bed isn't cheap either and that's what I would like.

2008 F-250 6.4
By -

I have a 2008 f-250 4x4 4d. I had 2600 miles on it & the motor went out. Now it has 14000 miles & I brought it back to Ford dealership. I think it will need a motor for the 2nd time. I just want what I paid for. Ford sucks.

Engine Troubles
By -

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- Thought I would post some info on my truck that I purchased new the end of March 2007. I now have approx. 17,000 miles on it. It has been in for service for a variety of issues and out of service for 45 days to date. I will list a few of the issues for some of you to review. Do not take me wrong I think this is a beautiful truck "BUT"...

With less than 2,000 miles it ran very rough and needed 2 injectors replaced. Ford advised that I will need to run a fuel additive as the Ultra low sulfur available at this time is not up to standards. I complied and within another 2,000 miles lost another injector. Each time is about 5 days in the shop to complete. I continued to experience rough running when the engine would do its regeneration mode for the environmentally friendly clean air... hahah, Sorry to say it happens at least once per tank full of fuel, it will idle higher and miss.

If in park it will idle up to about 1300 RPM. I have been told this is normal and have accepted that. This is just something I wanted to put out there to prospective new owners as what to expect. By 7500 miles it was leaking oil badly, back in for service and a long wait as they had to remove the cab from the truck to get at the engine (27 days out service). My dealer didn't have the equipment and was tooling up for it. Their fine mechanic was able to rig a system up to get body off without new lift equipment.

While this was apart they replaced a wiring harness defect that was dealer notified problem as it lies in the wrong way and heat can affect it (for those of you who may have electrical problems). I drove as a happy truck driver for 5000 miles and then before a trip a water leak, the radiator tank separated. Within a week I started hearing a whine noise, like a power steering pump low on fluid. I now believe it may be a bearing in the Turbo charger? I made appointment to take it back in and realized I was leaking engine oil again.

I am on hold as at this point I felt it necessary to Lemon Law this vehicle. Good notes the truck has loads of power for towing and bed loads. I have put 3200 lbs in bed with no drivability problems. Mileage 12.8-13.3 in town and I am not easy on the pedal, at 65 mph expect 17.8-19.5 mpg (girlfriend gets the 19mpg+ without cruise control, not me haha). Hope this helps a Ford truck owner or shed some light on possible issues with this new truck I have been Beta testing.

Rusty piece of junk
By -

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- I have a 2002 F-250 XL SD Supercab diesel (7.3L) with 56k miles on it. I bought the truck new and made my last payment on it this month. The truck is used periodically for work about 10-12k per year now and washed regularly.

Would it have killed Ford to used some degree of corrosion protection in the steel. The finish on the rear bumper is peeling off, leaving rusty blotches that look like the truck is 15 years old. The oil pan is rusting through. The underbody (frame, leaf springs, mounts, differentials) look like they've come from the hold of the Titanic and the door pinch seams (on the inside) are showing indications of corrosion as is the gray primered sheet metal under the bed and cab.

For crying out loud, the rear half cab door strikers mounted on the rockers are also rusting away to nothing. They were so cheap and poorly engineered that they couldn't even paint the underside of the floors, rockers or bed in body color and from the looks of it, there is no corrosion protection in the primer as corrosion is forming on the primer. I can't imagine what this truck will look like in 5 years!!! It's a disgrace. This is my last Ford vehicle.

I've been a Ford guy my whole life and except for the mistake of purchasing a piece of crap Dodge Ram 1500 new in 1996 (which needed a tranny at 18k), this is my 5th new Ford vehicle and will be my last. I specifically bought the diesel thinking this would be my last pickup I ever needed if I took care of it and I have so far.

"Built Ford Tough" is nothing more than a marketing tag line. I believe their trucks are junk and they've screwed a whole generation of truck owners. The same people who gave them another chance when their 80s Ford trucks rotted away to nothing, just like the 80s Chevy/GMCs did. If you're paying attention Ford, THIS WILL BE MY LAST FORD VEHICLE!

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