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Slow Acceleration, Engine Revving, Turned Off Car and Engine Jerked
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MARION, OHIO -- Slow acceleration, engine revving, turned off car and engine jerked. Thought car was going to explode. I explained this when I called them to get car in and when I had it towed. Have faithfully had car serviced (papers to prove it). Towed car to dealership, they fixed (speed sensor) at a charge and replaced torque converter (no charge) was on recall.

Got it back and 300 miles later car back in shop for acceleration problems again and another charge to replace two clips on the intake manifold. Got car back and 75 miles later car back at dealership. Car is still at dealership after numerous tests drives to see if it is fixed. They have informed me that car needs a new transmission, there is too much wrong with it. Evidently synthetic oil is not what it says it is, or did the torque converter (recall) have something to do with the condition of my transmission. My car has run perfect for 7 years and now this.

2005 Ford Freestar SES - Transmission
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I guess I am "luckier than most" with this vehicle. My transmission made it to almost 89,000 miles before it went kaput. No warning signs nothing - I was driving and the engine revved since I was on the accelerator. I thought I knocked into Neutral. I drifted off the road onto the shoulder and brought it to a stop. I put in Park and then attempted to put it in Drive - stepped on the gas - nothing, just an engine revving. I should have known better.

My 2000 Altima GXE with a 155,000 miles still has the same ROTORS. Wake up American car manufacturers. The new transmission ran me, including labor $3,200, and this was a Ford Tranny off a salvage vehicle. Of course, I was outside my warranty 5 year / 60,000.

Blending Valve on Freestar
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Ford built the Freestar using substandard parts for the blend door actuator: $30.00 part, $1000.00 fix. David Mondragon is Ford Canada President and their customer service says too bad.

Transmission Failure
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FLORENCE, KENTUCKY -- I have a 2005 ford Freestar and just had to replace the transmission at 44,000 miles. I was driving through the city and stopped at a stop sign and it wouldn't go. There wasn't any warning or noise. I had to be towed to the dealer and the transmission replaced. The cost was $3,100 and 7 days in the shop. There are many of the same complaints online. I still owe $22,000 on this vehicle so not fixing wasn't an option. Ford paid for the tow but not the repairs! I will be writing Ford to seek reimbursement.

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