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MECHANICSVILLE, VIRGINIA -- First of all never, ever get involved with Ford Motor Credit, they are truly the worst company ever... Back in 2003 I purchased a new Ford Mustang, with the help of now my ex-husband... In 2006 I was behind in my payments on my car due to financial problems. After being harassed relentlessly by Ford Motor Credit, with threats of being arrested and jail, I had no choice but to file bankruptcy. Ford settled for nine thousand dollars, I owed 14,000 dollars. After paying on my bankruptcy for five years I have now been discharged.

Now Ford Motor Credit are going after my ex-husband. They are calling his work, his family, and him constantly with all of the same threats they used on me... jail, Police looking for him, even though they know where he lives, etc... After my bankruptcy I received the title to my car. It clearly states on the title that there are no Liens, that the lien was satisfied on 10/07/2011. It also has both my name and my ex-husband\s on the title...

What Ford Motor Credit is doing should be a crime and against the law. I have sent letters to the President of Ford, but it was given to a woman in the credit department. She supposedly reviewed it, but that got me nowhere. They are still harassing my ex-husband. I've contacted The Consumer Affairs, filed a complaint with The Better Business Bureau and have sent an email to the President of Ford Motor Credit. Does anyone have any other ideas on what to do. They got nine thousand dollars plus out of me. Shouldn't that be enough. Please help... Thanks.

What Is Right Thing to Do?
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SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- Good evening. Here is story. I have Ford Mustang which is under full coverage warranty bumper to bumper. Car start lose all electrical supply during drive - for example suddenly light and a/c stop functioning after certain time - return function. I referred to my garage. They told me the problem is fuse box. After week of waiting when I went over the garage (service consultant wasn't available on the phone) they claim me to pay 3 fuse boxes which they burned out cause of amplifier as they said was installed inappropriately by other company.

So they found it out meantime burned additional two boxes. I asked them if to find that out they will burn 100 of boxes do I have to pay for them either. I went out the company which installed this amplifier - of course they believed it was OK and they placed just sensor cable which doesn't Shout box - it's not my specialty couldn't say if it's right but I asked him to talk with the Ford. They talked and agree to check the module if can be issue as well and consultant told either way I wouldn't be charged - or Ford or this installation company would pay.

Yesterday they finished a job and placed car on hold until receiving payment which now includes few fuse boxes and module. This guy from installation amplifier company went today, check the problem and left without any confirmation to pay. I am waiting for my car which on hold other I will pay which I think I shouldn't cause nobody told me before the service what is the problem and how much it is going to cost me. What you will suggest me to do?
Thank you.

Faulty location of a fuel shut off switch
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My girlfriend's son bought a 2004 Mustang and was happy with their buy until one evening. Her son turn a corner of a sharp turn and his speaker box in his trunk slid and hit the fuel shut off switch to the engine. This stranded him on the roadway not knowing what was wrong. We had the car towed to Ford who after charging us 112 bucks that it was just the fuel switch.

Now this switch is in the trunk by the left rear light unprotected. So anything you have in your trunk that is more than a few pounds could roll or slide and hit this switch and you'll have no gas going to your engine. When we talked to the dealership and Ford customer service center we got the brush off and the suggestion of not putting anything too heavy or moveable in the trunk. So what good is the trunk if you have limitations because ford engineers can't design something that is protected? I have always hated Ford and this situation just confirms how crappy of a business they are.

Nothing But Problems
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I own a 2006 Ford Mustang. My battery died on me as I was driving down the road which OK... then the alternator went (again I can deal with that). Last week as I was making a left hand turn my steering locked up on me. If I kept going straight I would have gone through a guardrail into a lake with Alligators. I manually turned the car as hard as I could and finally the power steering kicked in leaving me to almost hit the car next to me. Come to find out the crankshaft pulley broke in two.

Now I try to order this part from Ford and it is on NATIONAL backorder for two months. I called to let them know and to see why it is on NATIONAL back order (sounds like a recall to me!). I am told that maybe it is because the company supplier went out of business. Sounds like bull to me. So I guess they just expect me to be without a car for two months.

I now have to pay double for a high performance part so that I can have a car. I live in a really small town and I am the 3rd car waiting for the same part. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is just one issue I have a with this car. UGH!!!

Vehicle and service is possibly the worst ever
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BOXBOROUGH, MASSACHUSETTS -- OK here my story: Back in Feb of 2005 I purchased a 2003 Ford Mustang with 22,000 miles on it. It was the Pony Edition with the 3.8 liter in it. The vehicle ran like a champ until it reached 30,000 miles where I noticed a ticking/tapping sound coming from the engine. Took it to the local Ford Dealer (Gervais Ford, MA) twice, they informed me that it was normal and there nothing to worry about.

Well fast forward to August 25th, 2005, this is where the vehicle now has 37,000 miles (1,000 miles out of warranty). It stalls with no symptoms or warning and will not start back up with white smoke pouring from the exhaust. I have it towed to the local Ford Dealer (Gervais Ford, MA) and find out both head gaskets have blown with some possible internal damage. The estimate to repair is now $2,000 and may go up depending on what else is wrong when they take it apart.

The Service Manager (**) even informed me that they reserve the right to refuse my business. What the hell is that all about? I tried to reason with and explained this would have been caught earlier when I brought it in for the engine noise. I got absolutely nowhere. Apparently the slogan on their paperwork "We're with you all the way" is false. Also how did this place get "Blue Oval" certified?

I have taken very good care of this vehicle since ownership and all the records to prove it. Clearly this is some sort of defect in the engine. This is totally unacceptable. Who would expect to pay thousands of dollars to repair a new vehicle just 5 months after purchasing? Ford is not going to take any responsibility or even stand behind their product and I am forced to come up with the money to repair. Is there any recourse that I can take? This whole situation is draining my $$$ fast, between the rental, towing ($672.00 so far) and car payments it is getting out of hand.

Well I am going to start a "Ford Sucks" website, register my issue with the BBB and have every news station in that area cover my story. Believe me (Gervais Ford) will have news coverage on their poor/negative practices daily, guaranteeing loss of business. Since this has happened I have at least a dozen people contact me with the same issue but could not find help on this particular vehicle. Ford you will see me in court if this does not get rectified.

Lack of quality
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SILSBEE, TEXAS -- I will NEVER buy another Ford product... Have my Mustang GT for 10 months (less than 10,000 miles) and it has gotten more miles driving it back and forth to the dealer than anywhere else! First it was a leak that couldn't be found, then the fuel tank had to be replaced (wouldn't hold a full tank of gas), and now it's back again. Maybe it's the fuel tank again... who knows? The dealer gave my Ford's 800# to call and complain directly to them - I have asked them to buy this beautiful piece of junk back.

I was supposed to hear back from Ford in 2-5 business days. It's been a week and so I called them back - they "regret" that I haven't received call and now they said it will go to "a supervisor's desk" to try to "expedite" their response.

Paint Chipping And Cracking Peeling
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BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA -- I bought my Ford Mustang 2006 one year ago new off the lot. In August of 2007 while washing my car I noticed that the paint was cracked and chipping and peeling on the top of the car and it was all the way to the metal and mostly to the primer. Further investigation it was cracking in small clusters all over the car and it's turning into an ugly problem. The car is only a year old!!

I took it to the dealer like I was instructed. They took pictures and sent them to Detroit. The official answer was "oh, your claim is denied" citing an outside source caused the damage. So I asked "what outside source??" They replied after I was on hold for 20++ min. "If we knew that we would tell you."

What? So paint just chips off a new car after 14,000 miles?? So they also told me that they rarely reverse a decision once it is made. Well I am here to tell you not in this case. Does ford not care for the customers that have been loyal and why won't anyone give me a reason why this has happened? Is it because they know it's their fault?? Is anyone else having this problem? I would guess yes. Something needs to be done. I'm paying good money for this car. I deserve a fair take at fixing this problem.

Poor quality 2006 mustang
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NEW JERSEY -- I have a 2006 Mustang convertible - a beautiful car that spends more time in the dealership getting repaired than I do driving it. It has 8414 miles on it and has had 6 warranty issues so far - the battery has been replaced, the roof leaked, the roof wouldn't work, the gas line going into the engine popped out and leaked gasoline everywhere. The dealership has been rude and adds stress onto the problem. Ford corp has been asked to call but to no avail. All in all, just a terrible experience with Ford and the dealership. If "Quality is job 1" they forgot it on this one.

Lemon Car
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CRIMORA, VIRGINIA -- I have a 2006 Ford Mustang with 6000 miles. It is a beautiful car but I have had to have it jump started twice in the last month. If you don't start it every couple days, the battery goes completely dead. The door locks don't even work. Calling roadside service takes about 1 1/2 hrs and you just have to sit and wait. I have had it to the Ford dealer in this area and they say it is something that I have to live with. Bull!!! It is a new car and I shouldn't have to have it jump started every time I want to drive it.

According to the Ford dealer, mine is not the only one that is having this problem. Something has to be done about this. I have never cared for any of the Ford product but the Mustang and I will be getting me another Chevrolet that will start when I need it to. It is not a reliable vehicle.

Huge Repair Bill
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DALLAS, TEXAS -- In the first 14 months out of warranty, my car has incurred $5,300 in maintenance and repairs. $3,900 in out of warranty repairs; $1,300 in maintenance. The following major components have required replacement:

* ABS (anti-lock brakes brain): Cost $1,100
* A/C Coil/Unit: Cost $1,250
* Rear end (rear differential): Cost $1,100
* Idle Control Valve: Cost $300
* Car rentals during the above: Cost $150

TOTAL $3,900. In addition, the car has required the following normally scheduled maintenance items:

* Set of new Tires (4 17" Ecsta's): Cost $530
* Plus... Coolant Flush (twice), Fuel Filter (twice), Air Filter (twice), Power Steering Service, Fuel System Cleanup, oil changes, state inspection.

Total for these items: Cost $770.

It's pretty ridiculous for a 4 year old car to incur over FIVE THOUSAND dollars of costs just to keep the vehicle running. Needless to say, this will be my last Ford product. Ever. I'm also in my 30's and drive the car like an adult and take care of problems (which should be obvious from the above). And the dealership had indicated that my brakes will need attention at my next oil change. So you can add $200 or so to the above.

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