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Don't buy a Taurus X
By -

We bought the 2008 Taurus X in 12/08. Unfortunately at 10,000 miles the transmission went out. Right after all the gauges went out. 2 weeks later it intermittently stalls in drive. The dealership decided to put a "push button" diagnostic system in since they could not find the problem. Unfortunately they did not hook up right. They have now gave it back to me with another "push button" and told me to try again. This is after they used my whole tank of gas to tell me they could not find the problem. They DO NOT back up their warranty work. They now won't return our calls, customer care solutions or the dealership. Shameful.

Did You Know???
By -

Was anyone aware that a Ford Taurus X has something called "false park"? My husband and I have a 2008 with 8,000 miles and according to the dealer our vehicle may have been in false park when I was able to get out with it running, walk behind it and open the hatch, walk back into our home, pick up a gift, carry it back into the garage, and have the vehicle engage and back out of the garage. The vehicle sat in the garage for over 45 seconds before engaging. Fortunately only the vehicle was damaged and no one in our family. Think twice before you buy this vehicle and check other Fords to see if they claim this same rubbish.

Failure to Fix Under Warranty
By -

TEXAS -- Bought 2004 Ford Taurus SES in January 2005 with 2,200 miles and paid for the "Extended Warranty". In May of 2005 brought the car for repair complaining that the engine sputters and the air-conditioning won't work. It is now 12/15/05 and despite bringing the car in five times for service on the same problem it is still not fixed. Two maintenance visits ago we had to tow the car in because it stalled on the highway.

Ford updated the onboard computer, installed a new electrical harness, a new alternator, put 2,500 miles on my car while it was in the shop and still has not fixed a thing. The car has been in the shop about 3 months of my ownership. I requested a replacement of my car and they responded by offering to buy it from me for half its value!!

The last time the car was in the shop they returned it after two days saying they couldn't find anything wrong with it. Three hours after it was returned I brought it back in with the same problem and even showed it to the service rep who agreed to document it as a witness.

According to the Ford rep that was in charge of trying to buy back my car, "you should beware of buying any Taurus." He said "no one comes in looking for a Taurus anymore that's why we can't give you very much for it." I have called numerous times to the Ford 800 number with complaints with nothing more than lip service. If I would have bought my car new then the Texas Lemon Law would have applied and Ford would not be able to jerk me around like this.

Ford website wrong
By -

SUNRISE, FLORIDA -- Purchases 2008 Ford Taurus X Eddie Bauer FWD from Dealers Lot in November 2007. Per Ford website standard interior feature of Eddie Bauer model is the Sync Voice Activated System. However the one I bought did not have this standard item. Even the dealer thought the car had the feature.

It appears Ford is not telling the whole truth on the Website. 2008 Taurus X Eddie Bauer built after 10/01/07 have the item as standard equip. The one built before do not. All Ford had to do was note that item on their website. Spoke to Ford Consumer Rep. and was told TUFF. If Ford is not honest in its website who knows what else they are not telling the consumer about their products. DO NOT BUY A FORD.

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