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Really Poor Customer Service
By -

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- I read a review on this website about Fox Honda and wanted to share my experience with them especially with this Rodney ** guy. I logged into their website and it had a feature to live chat with a guy. I got Rodney and the first thing he asked was for my phone # or address and after I told him that I will be comfortable only with this chat he lost interest and blew me off for a quote for a Honda Pilot.

Just because of this one idiot the company lost a potential customer because I had all my research done and wanted to chat with someone to set up a test drive and sign up the papers. I didn't need any financing either. Just goes to show that one idiot can cause a business loss and a regular customer forever. I change my cars every two years and one thing is for sure, I won't be going back to a place that employs someone like this guy.

Buyer Beware
By -

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- Hello-I hope I can help somebody else avoid the problem I just had purchasing a new Honda Civic EX from this company. I went in a few weeks ago to inquire about a new Civic EX. The salesperson, Rodney ** (watch out for him- he is really smooth) had a fellow who worked there test drive our 2002 Grand Cherokee.

After driving it, they said they could give us a $10,500 trade in allowance. I was very pleased with this amount even though the vehicle would retail for several thousand more on the lot. I knew this however and was not going to compare wholesale with retail. After all, the dealer did need to make something for their trouble. It was in mint condition with less than 62,000 miles.

No vehicles were available for purchase so I put down a $200 deposit to order one. I went in last night to pick up the Civic and was delayed for about 90 minutes while the salesperson ran back and forth for some unknown reason visiting with several others. It was a very long day at work and I was very weary. At approximately 7:30 PM (I got there at 5:35 PM), I was directed to another room to sign papers.

After several pages were signed, I noticed that the amount was about $2000 more than I thought it should be. I asked the question about the amount and where was my trade in listed. The fellow said my trade-in amount was $8500. I immediately called Rodney ** and requested of him the amount for the trade-in allowance. He said he had never mentioned $10,500 and didn't know where I came up with that. I kept my cool as well I could under my extreme exhaustion (and restless 6 year old son that accompanied me) from my long work day. I was called a liar by Rodney, blowing off another $2000 and had waited for about a month for the new car to come in.

Due to fuel prices as they are, we were in dire need of this newer fuel efficient vehicle so my wife can visit her ailing mother in Ohio without creating financial hardship for us. We farm and money is tight right now with purchasing new cattle, harvest, etc. As a result, I went ahead and reluctantly signed the rest of the papers and agreed to 2 more years of a lease that I originally had planned for 3 years. The sales person, Rodney **, was correct on the monthly payment but I ended up with 2 more years of a lease with a vehicle that is not under warranty for the last 2 years.

My recommendation to anybody wanting to purchase a vehicle through Fox Honda in Grand Rapids, Michigan is to get everything in writing and definitely avoid working with Rodney **. He's a real jerk but acts like your long lost buddy when you meet him. I did not and the joke's on me with $2K less in my pocket that will have to come out of our farm budget the next couple years.

Also, buyer beware of bait and switch tactics with this company and sales person. I had a pre-approved credit application with Honda and ended up leasing it through somebody else that they chose. I do love the vehicle which does have some merit and now my wife can afford to see her mom with spending a fortune doing so. I hope in writing this review that I can help somebody else avoid my stupidity. I am a govt. contract specialist and county manager by day so should have known better!

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