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Incomplete and Incorrect Fence Installation
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CORTLAND, ILLINOIS -- Northern Illinois Fence and Fox Valley Fence & Supply Co of 320 W Lincoln Hwy, Cortland, IL 60112, did not complete the installation of the fence promised. Numerous safety, building code, manufactures installation, and cosmetic issues have not been addressed. As you follow the time line of events you will see that I have made multiple attempts to meet with, talk to and email Fox Valley Fence to resolve the issues with the incomplete installation of the fence. Fox Valley Fence refuses to meet, call back or return emails.

June 2nd received a quote on a fence. June 17th signed contract with Fox Valley Fence and gave the salesman installation information from the manufactures website. The contract was for 372 linear feet of PostMaster 4 foot cedar, dog ear, 4 inch picket fence with 2 gates. Week of June 23rd called to check the scheduled installation date. Was told July 3rd. July 3rd installation of the fence was supposed to start. July 8th contacted Fox Valley Fence. Was told that they were waiting for their best crew to free up and would start on July 14th.

July 12th Fox Valley Fence showed up unannounced and started digging holes. July 13th I checked the holes and found them to not meet building code requirements. The holes were between 22 and 36 inches. The building code requires 42 inches. July 14th contacted Fox Valley Fence and told them of the depth issue along with issues of how the PostMaster posts would not be at the correct depth. July 14th contacted the city building inspector and told him about the depth issue. July 14th the building inspector failed the inspection of the holes.

July 14th talked to Fox Valley Fence and was assured that the fence would be installed correctly and by code. July 14th the building inspector passed the initial re-inspection. July 15th upon arrival at home noticed that the fence was not properly installed. The foreman told me that someone would be by the following morning to discuss the problems with the fence. July 16th I stayed home from work to meet with Fox Valley Fence. After many calls and messages I was able to get a hold of the salesman who stated that he would not be able to make it until that afternoon.

July 16th Late in the afternoon Greg ** General Manager of Fox Valley Fence (Northern Illinois Fence) and was told that no one from Fox Valley Fence would be able to stop by that day. Greg scheduled a meeting for 5:30 on the 17th to meet. July 17th at 12:24 pm I received a call from Greg ** from Fox Valley Fence who stated that he had stopped by the house and looked at the fence. Greg stated that he did not see any problems. Greg did not pick up pictures, notes and installation manual that I left in the front door for Fox Valley Fence.

July 17th I talked with Greg ** and he refused to have anyone meet with me. I emailed Greg a copy of the notes of the issues that I had at the time. July 17th Called to talk to Greg ** and was told that he would call me back because he was in a meeting. July 23rd Greg ** emailed back with a partial list of issues that they would correct. July 25th I received an Invoice from Fox Valley Fence. I called Fox Valley Fence and told them the fence had not been completed and asked to talk to Greg ** and was told that he was in a meeting and would call me back.

July 29th I emailed Greg ** again with a full list of issues that needed to be addressed. August 4th I received a phone message from Fox Valley Fence that my final payment was due on receipt of invoice. August 4th I called Fox Valley Fence and explained that the fence had not been finished and asked to talk with Greg **, again Greg was in a meeting and I was told that he would call me back. August 14th I emailed Greg ** again to schedule a time to finish and repair the fence. August 14th I called to talk to Greg ** and was told that he was in a meeting and would call me back.

Following is a list of some of the issues regarding the fence installation by Fox Valley fence: The fence installation has not been completed per the contract. 6 inch boards were used instead of 4 inch boards. End posts are missing trim pieces. The PostMaster posts are not installed per PostMaster installation instructions. All the needed materials have not been delivered or installed.

The fence installation has not been installed per the manufactures requirements and installation instructions. Pickets are not centered over the PostMaster posts and do not cover the steel posts. Corner posts are set in backwards. Rail pieces are not attached with clips and are splitting due to improper installation. PostMaster posts protrude above the wood pickets. They should not protrude above the top rail.

Wrong size wood pieces were used. Missing trim pieces on ends of fence. Corner, gate and end posts not properly wrapped in wood. PostMaster posts tops were cut off since the posts were not set in the ground deep enough. Posts started rusting where the galvanized coating was cut off. Some fence posts are not set in cement. This causes the fence to be unsteady and wobbly.

The fence presents a safety liability due to incorrect installation and will have to be repaired or possibly removed. Post footings (not near underground cables) are not to the required frost line depth of 42 inches and are installed between 24 and 32 inches. This causes the posts to be unsteady. Exposed sharp cut metal could cause serious injury or death.

The fence installation does not meet city building code requirements and may have to be removed if it cannot be repaired. Post footings are not to the required depth of 42 inches as required by building code. The measured installed footings are between 24 and 32 inches. Exposed cut metal protruding above the wood presents a safety issue and will not pass building inspection. Some fence posts are not set in cement.

The fence has not been passed by the city building inspector and will not pass as installed. Fox Valley Fence has not requested a final inspection on the fence. As the homeowner I have engaged the building inspector and was informed that the fence does not pass the building code requirements.

Improper installation and alterations to the fence during installation reduces the life expectancy of the fence. Untreated cut metal will prematurely rust and reduce the life of the galvanized steel posts. Post footings are not set below the frost line and the posts will heave up over time cause the fence to be unstable. Pickets not properly screwed and nailed to the fence posts and rails.

Fox Valley Fence refuses to meet to discuss how to resolve the issues with the fence installation. Fox Valley Fence missed three meetings to discuss issues with the fence. Fox Valley Fence general manager is not returning calls or emails. The entire fence may have to be removed and disposed of due to unsafe and incorrect installation. This would require an entirely different fence to be installed. The only way to fix improper installation of the posts may be to dig out and remove all the posts and cement, then install all new post and cement.

Property damage was incurred due to lack of care when installing the fence. Driveway blacktop was cracked and tore up due to a commercial truck being parked in a residential driveway during a hot day. Landscape edging was torn up during the installation of the fence. Workmanship and materials were of poor quality. Include the issues above. Nails missing wood and not holding pieces in place. Screws protruding out of boards and splitting wood. Wood pieces are split. Wood pieces are stained and discolored. Nails not properly set in wood. Fence posts and pickets are not leveled and straight. Please note that there are many more examples not listed

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