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I ordered a modem from Foxxsales on 4/27/2012. It arrived on 5/3/2012. I had an appointment scheduled with Comcast to install Cable Internet at my house on 5/13/2012. When the tech came to install Internet, he said the modem was defective and I should return it to the distributor. He offered to install another modem. Normally, Comcast charges $7 a month for their modems but they offered to let me have it for free. I attempted to return the defective modem to Foxxsales and they refused, citing their 14 day return policy.

Well, here is the problem with their return policy. First of all, I didn't have the item in my possession for 14 days, only 8 since it took 6 to ship. Second of all, when I sent them a message (since they don't even have a customer service number on their site - pretty shady if you ask me) they said I should have checked the item when I received it to make sure it wasn't defective. Well, I'm not exactly sure how I would have been able to do that since I didn't have any Internet to check it on. Plugging it into the wall to see if the lights turn on isn't going to prove that the item isn't defective.

I understand their return policy but their rigid adherence to it regardless of the situation of the consumer demonstrates their lack of understanding of quality customer service. A company has to be flexible to the needs of a consumer in order to generate return business. In my case, they failed to do so and I will never purchase anything from them again. Not only did they sell me a defective product and refused to repair that situation but all I received from them were emails rather than a phone call. The fact that they refuse to pick up the phone to speak with a customer to address concerns speaks volumes to their vision (or lack thereof) of customer service.

I will be warning all of my friends in the IT field about this company and tell them not to be sucked into getting ripped off because the price seems a little better. I am willing to pay a little more if I am actually going to get good customer service. Foxxsales is not a company that can be trusted.

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