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Exorbitant Pricing
By -

We are regular shoppers at The Fresh Market in Southern Pines, NC. I am a diabetic. We purchased a sugar free apple pie on 31 August 2009. The price for a regular pie was $7.99. We were shocked when we got home and looked at the sales receipt. They had priced the sugar free pie at $9.99. I went back to the store and asked a clerk in the bakery department about the pricing. Her reply was that corporate set the prices. We have the extra $2.00 for the pie.

The irony is that the store has plastered all over the window and other places in the store asking for donations to the Kid's Diabetic fund. I sense a certain inconsistency in their motives. Why should a diabetic have to pay more? Certainly the sweetener they use in one pie does not cost $2.00. Many items in this store are not priced. The service is sloppy and they have a very cavalier attitude regarding their customers.

Not So 'Fresh' Market
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I have been shopping at Fresh Market since moving to Tampa, FL in June of 2008 and I have noticed that there are too many items that sit too long on the shelf there, including cheeses and fruits. I was examining the fresh mozzarella cheese there one day and every single mozzarella ball on the shelf was past its expiration date. Then, I bought a bunch of apricots to make fresh baby food and the apricots all had brown spots inside of them.

My husband picked up a 1/2 papaya there the other day and the papaya had sprouts coming out of the seeds already. I picked up some dog treats that after opening and examination had whitish mold-like stuff growing on them. How can a store that labels itself "Fresh Market" keep stuff on its shelves that are so obviously not fresh, especially for the expensive prices charged there on many items?

Why can't they keep records of when products are put out and take them off the shelves appropriately when they are expired or have been out on the floor too long? I shop there still only because there are a few great items that I like there. They are probably also the items that others like there because I haven't had any problems with the freshness of those few select items. I would love for the company to address these problems because then I could shop there with some confidence again. As it is, I don't trust anything on the shelves without thoroughly examining for dates and for those items that don't have dates, I know I am taking a risk.

Not So Fresh
By -

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- "Bad Cantaloupes - Fresh Market". I finally had the time to drive 30 minutes out of my way (and passing by dozens of other grocery stores) to try out the Fresh Market in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Yeah, it was a bit on the expensive site, but this is supposed to be the freshest place to shop. When I got home I immediately went to chop up my cantaloupes, and it was dark orange (looked like the uncooked fish in Sushi), and tasted like a shot of alcohol. I wanted to email a complaint to the store (with photos of cantaloupe), but there is no email address available on their site, and no one picked up at the store phone number.

I would love to go back to the store, but it is not worth the gas money (especially since I already lost out on $5 with this old fruit). I have bought fresher products at the discount Food Lion down the street, probably even Super Wal-mart! My advice, be careful what you buy there. Two other items I bought were also older tasting and thrown away. But the cantaloupe was just too ridiculous that I needed to have a verbal complaint.

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