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No Refund Yet on Their Billing Error. Bad Service
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TYLER, TEXAS -- My husband and I purchased a ring last December at our local Friedman's store. First, the saleslady made a mistake in totaling the order, and it was more expensive than previously mentioned, but we realize that people make mistakes so we went ahead and purchased the ring. We wanted to pay the ring off early so we put it on our Bank of America autopay account to pay weekly.

We were several weeks ahead when we got a late bill from Friedman's. When I called customer service, the rude collections (yes, we were placed in collections) lady said it was 15 days past due. I laughed! First of all, it wasn't late. And even if it was, I was being sent to collections for a 15 day delinquency? That's crazy. The lady said it was not a joking matter, and very serious, and when was I going to pay for it?

I decided to call back after I did some research on my account. I was correct. The payment was NOT late, and was paid in advance. It was their error. I decided to go ahead and pay the balance so they wouldn't call me again, and then I called the collection's agency back to inform them of my payment. When I called back, the next collections person I got refused to speak to me because my husband was the one who was billed. My husband called them, and had a 3 way call with them and Bank of America and settled the whole thing. It was their error! Meanwhile, we had actually OVERPAID them by almost $200.

When asked when we could expect our refund, the representative said it would take up to 5 weeks. But if they even think you are 15 days overdue they seek collections on you. That was about a month ago and we have not seen our refund yet. Their local store closed (no surprise!). I would never buy from that company again, and would not recommend anyone else to either.

Poor Service
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My daughter's boyfriend purchased a diamond "promise ring" for her for Valentine's Day. Her finger is a size 4 and she had to have this gift resized. She took the ring to the store where it was purchased on February 18th and was told that the ring would be back on March 10th. On March 10th she went to the store to pick up her ring and was told that it was not back to try later in the week. When she went back to the store, she was told the ring was not there and that they had no idea where the ring was. She came home in tears about the situation. I told her to give them a week to see what would transpire.

By the next week, she still had heard nothing from the store. I called and talked to someone who told me that Friedman's had contracted with a new repair company who then had to subcontract out the work and that no one knew where the ring was at this point. But they would "investigate" and get back with us. A week later we still had no answer as to where the ring was, so I called the home office - what a mistake!

First of all the only time you can speak to someone is if it is about a credit account. I was told that they don't handle customer complaints and that only "Carolyn" handled customer complaints. When I asked for "Carolyn's" last name and to be transferred to her, I was told that they did not know "Carolyn's" last name and could not transfer me to her nor could I be given her phone #. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told there was no supervisor available. No wonder this company is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. My issue is not with the local store, but with the company itself!

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