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Not Happy W/ This Range
By -

MARTINEZ, ARIZONA -- First off, let me just say, this range was not inexpensive! I bought this range because it was a dual-fuel and I love the oven door shelf-slide-out feature. I also love the oven and all its features. It's the range top that has all the disappointments and defects in design. Now that I've had this range for about 5 months I can tell you, it has MANY shortcomings. 1st: The largest burner, front right, takes forever to boil a pot of water. I had a 12-year-old less expensive Whirlpool that boiled water twice as fast if not faster!

2nd: Again, the largest burner also emits excess unburned gas into my home. If I boil water and then turn it down to simmer and leave the area, when I return the smell of leaking gas has filled the room and is overwhelming. I live in a small house and so I don't go far. At first I thought I'd left a burner on without flame, but in fact it's a major defect in the way that burner functions! The controls on that burner leave a lot to be desired. It's very unstable and difficult to control how much heat you need compared to what you get, or don't get. It's really cheap junk!

3rd: If something spills over during a big cooking event, like this recent holiday, it's absolutely impossible to remove the spill. This is because that the top is thin, cheap, baked enamel. 4th: The grates on the range top sit on little PLASTIC feet cushions. If you boil water in large pot on the large front right burner, those little PLASTIC feet melt to the top and you cannot remove the melted plastic. Now you have two feet still intact on the rear of the grate and the front are missing and or melted to the enamel. The grate now wobbles in the enamel surface because it's not even anymore. This is not a safe situation with a pot of boiling water or any other hot object!

5th: Now, the latest issue is the front "stainless" plate where the controls are placed. It is actually plastic and the "stainless" is peeling off. What a hunk of expensive junk I bought. I also bought the FPHD2491KF dishwasher. Another piece of junk!

If you're shopping for new appliances, DON'T buy this junk, no matter what kind of rebates they're offering. YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY! My two sons both own appliance repair service companies in Pennsylvania. One of them is Frigidaire certified. The other Whirlpool. They've each been in business 23 years. The Whirlpool son wanted me to buy Whirlpool. I didn't because I wanted dual-fuel and they didn't have that feature in a slide-in. The Frigidaire son told me, why didn't you ask me, I'd have told you how much trouble people were reporting on these two appliances, especially the dishwasher. It's a piece of junk! Right from the certified Frigidaire man's mouth!

So, my advice, if you haven't purchased yet, look at a different company. Don't get stuck with this junk like I did.
You won't notice these issues until you're into the range for a few months, but now that I've been cooking indoors for 3 months, they've reared their ugly heads! I will be calling Frigidaire on Monday!!

Frigidaire Professional Series is JUNK!
By -

We purchased a Frigidaire dishwasher MODEL PLD2855RFC and smooth top range with convection oven and warming drawer MODEL PLES389ECG back in March 2007 and had them held at the store we purchased them at because we were building a new home. We already owned a Frigidaire stainless side by side, so bought these appliances to match. They were installed in the new home and first put to use in mid-November, for a few dinners before we moved in full time in mid-December 07.

In March of 2008, the control panel acted up and wouldn't work. I called and had to work with them because the purchase date was over a year, so had to prove their install time. That was fine and they sent someone out to replace the panel. There had been no boil-over, but the repair man said they had had trouble with the control panels. We had not been using the range for more than 3 months when this happened. It also has those unsightly stains inside the door window. Those happened within the first few months too.

Then, in September of 2009 our refrigerator began to act up and by October 1, 2009, we found out the evaporator on our THREE yr old refrigerator was shot! No one would fix it and to do so was upwards of $500-600! So we had to find a MATCHING appliance, so of course had to buy Frigidaire again, ($1000) but also bought the 4 yr warranty from Lowes. Within weeks of this problem, my dishwasher stopped working. Again, another repair man came out, and the motor was shot! So $280 later, I could have bought NEW for $400 (but already had spent enough on repairs and purchasing the new frig).

THEN a few weeks after that, earlier this month, I was cleaning my range, and removed one of the knobs and the piece that sticks out for you to put it back onto, was loose and would just push into the control panel. So I called, spent HOURS on the phone with people you could hardly understand, but one nice gentleman ordered me the replacement part for no charge. But then he told me I'd have to pay to have it installed because the warranty expired. I thanked him for the free part (which has still not arrived) but then said I want to COMPLAIN to someone "higher up."

He gave me another number and finally calling a third time I got someone who spoke good English. She looked up what all I told them already, and then said the best she could do was offer me a rebate of 60% OFF of the purchase of a new range! WHAT? Are you kidding me?

First of all, I just had to BUY a new refrigerator and have my dishwasher repaired. I don't have the money to BUY a $1500-2000 range and then wait for you to reimburse me, let alone I don't want another one of your appliances! AND when the rebate offer arrived, they weren't giving me 6 months or a yr to buy a new range, its only good til January 10, 2010! I couldn't buy one this time of year IF I wanted to!

Frigidaire Professional Series Electric Range-DANGEROUS!!! So Upset!
By -

We purchased our Frigidaire Professional Series within the last two years. Our previous stove was also a Frigidaire which we had for about 4-5 years. We really wanted to stay clear of any Frigidaire because our last one was "disposable" and we really wanted an upgrade. We were told by Lowe's and HH Gregg that this Series was one of the best - we bought into all the wonderful talk and made the purchase.

It worked fine until this past weekend, even though my Husband hated that it always took at least 25-30 minutes for the oven to pre-heat. My Husband was on shift (firefighter) and I was making TV dinners for my kids. I put the plastic trays on a cookie sheet as instructed by the box and put them in the pre-heated 350-degree oven (which actually smelled funny when it was pre-heating). I had it in only for about 5 minutes when the range made a beeping noise. I went in and there was an error code in the display.

There was no way for me to turn anything off or stop the "alarm". I immediately looked up the code and it stated it was a "Run Away Temperature" code. I ran and flipped the breaker to turn the oven off. When I took the food out, the trays were completely melted onto my cookie sheets.

The warranty is up and the cost to fix this plus labor is going to be between $250 and $450 depending on what they have to replace. I have read other reviews about the same thing happening to other Frigidaire Professional Series Electric Ranges, obviously this is a major problem one that Frigidaire now knows about and should have notified everyone that there was a potential problem.

Coincidentally, My twin Sister's Frigidaire Electric Range had an electrical incident happen this weekend as well - the entire top control panel "popped" and started burning. She has 7 kids (one special need) and was so scared that her house could have burned down (as was I) and is also shopping for another range...not a Frigidaire. Shame on you Frigidaire, your electric ranges are VERY dangerous!!!!

Range is a Piece of Junk
By -

This range was installed in our new home on January 29, 2009. The first time I turned the oven on, there was a popping sound and everything shut down. I immediately called the number listed in our warranty information. I was given the names of three appliance repair facilities in my area. There was no answer at the first number. The second number was a private residence with a very angry man telling me this was not an appliance repair facility. I was finally able to reach someone on the third try. They came out and told me a part would have to be replaced. It took almost two weeks to get the part.

I have been using the range for a little over a year now and have been extremely frustrated by the lack of control on the cooktop. They are either too hot or too cool. I have tried numerous times to adjust the oven temperature, and cannot get it within 50 degrees of the setting. Again, either too hot or too cool.

Last week, I turned the oven off after using it. A few minutes later, the control panel started beeping and flashing a F11 error code. Nothing I did would make it stop. I finally had to turn off the circuit breaker. The service man determined, after talking to the Frigidaire people, that the control panel had to be replaced. The bill was $375 for parts and labor. Frigidaire would not warrant the range because it is 14 1/2 months old.

This is a top-of-the-line appliance. To have to spend this much money on repairs for an appliance that is just a little more than a year old is ludicrous. I guarantee I will never purchase another Frigidaire appliance and will do everything I can to influence anyone I know. I will be spreading my story far and wide.

Don't expect ANY customer service from this organization
By -

GEORGIA -- Two months ago, my Frigidaire electric range started turning on spontaneously and would not turn off. One month ago, I received a recall notice saying to discontinue use immediately and unplug the appliance. I called to schedule service on August 29th at 3:42 PM. The appointment was scheduled for September 4th. I took vacation and waited for the service person to show. He never did. I called at 12:15PM on September 4th. The young woman informed me that the appointment was canceled because the parts had not shipped yet. Why hadn't anyone told me that it had been canceled? Their systems don't allow them to do this!

She rescheduled me for September 19th and told me to call on September 16th if the parts hadn't arrived yet. The 16th has arrived, and no parts are on my door step. I call again and am told "There is no record of your service request. We can schedule you a tentative appointment for 21 days from now." So, you produce a crappy product and I'm supposed to wait 2+ months to get the stupid thing repaired all while either eating out every night or risking my house burning down? WTF!

I asked to speak with the manager and was told that this is never allowed, that I have to work through "the process" - wait 21 days and if the part still hasn't arrived call again. Seriously, there is no escalation process for customers to get their issues resolved? My guess is that it won't be here 21 days from now either. This is my second problem with this appliance. The first stove was replaced due to an error code that randomly occurred. This took over a month to get resolved.

I will NEVER buy another Frigidaire (Electrolux) and will make it my mission to information as many people as possible about the poor quality products and completely absent customer service provide by Frigidaire aka Electrolux. It's beyond me how this company is still in business. Here's to hoping their poor product and customer service practices are exposed!

Rusting On Inside Wall
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA -- I have had my Frigidaire for just under 5 years and already the inside back wall has rusted. The rust has gone almost all the way through. After buying 7 brand new Frigidaire professional series appliances - washing machine, dryer, microwave, fridge, freezer, dishwasher and stove-oven, within 5 years we have had to replace the washing machine and matching dryer, and now the refrigerator.

Since the freezer is a matching paired unit, with the build in bezel, I will need to replace the matching freezer as well. This is the worst reliability I've had with ANY appliance manufacturer to date. We have built 7 homes in the last 19 years and have replaced all the appliances with every move. We are to be building again soon and will never purchase Frigidaire/Electrolux appliances again. I'm writing this to hopefully alert other potential purchasers so that they may use this information in their buying decisions.

Frigidaire Never Again
By -

SPRING HILL, TENNESSEE -- I bought a new house 2 years ago with a kitchen full of Frigidaire Professional Series appliances. Recently the oven convection fan started to sound like an aircraft engine. The entire fan assembly has been replaced along with the motor - it now only sounds like a semi-truck in my kitchen. The repair tech called Frigidaire from my house and was told that is the way it is so she'll have to live with it! This is the third appliance that has been problematic. The gas range burners still don't work properly, after 3 attempts to repair. After only one year, I replaced the dishwasher with a Bosch, which I love. There will never be another Frigidaire appliance in my house.

Frigidaire "Twin" Refrigerator Is a Disaster, and I Cannot Even Just Replace the Unit!
By -

I remodeled the entire kitchen three years ago and went with all Frigidaire Professional Series and Electrolux Icon Appliances. The twin freezer and refrigerator get rave reviews when guests walk into my kitchen. They look so wonderful with custom cabinets above and on both sides. The six-burner range top and double wall ovens are fab! The twin freezer is very cool. The matching refrigerator is big trouble. The temp went up to 55F in there during the first month. How silly of me to accept the service guy's explanation that it was just on its 24hr. defrost cycle! We have never seen the temp register below 40.

The local repairman is here so often, he has become great friends with our watchdog. It will freeze up, but it never gets cold enough. Today the repairman told me we should just take it to The Dump! I would if it were that easy. The freezer is perfect and shows every sign of lasting 20 years! I can't buy another refrigerator to match. The new model is six inches taller, the handle is different cannot not be replaced with the old one. Now I am looking at new construction and a new brand.

The Range that keeps costing Major $$$
By -

After major damages from Hurricane Katrina, we rebuilt and bought a Frigidaire Professional Series slide-In Range ($2,000) in April 2005 (4yrs ago). First problem, Code F30 (12 months old). Second problem, F30 Code (18 months old). Third Problem, F10 Code (30 months old). Fourth problem on 8/02/2010 - Part on stove knob broke ($235 knob). And yesterday, you guessed it, F30 Code for the third time in 4 yrs. We have decided to contact our Attorney. We paid $2,000 for the Range (Lowe's) and since have paid around $500 in extended service contracts. I have written consumer products and have read numerous other posts.

Don't be fooled, Frigidaire and Electrolux are one and the same. We purchased a Frigidaire upright Professional series Freezer 2005 also, 6 months later, compressor went out. How are they getting away with this? About time someone (me for one) files a lawsuit. By the way, Service Man informed us that as long as Frigidaire offers an extended service agreement, keep purchasing them. Ha!!ha!! The Range that is never paid for!!

Downright Dangerous Product
By -

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA -- Have had this range for several years now. I was baking something in the oven and the range starting beeping, almost the same beep it does when the range has reached the set temperature but this beep was a bit different and caught my attention. Got into the kitchen and noticed that the back left burner was red hot, even though it was in the off position. I couldn't turn it off. The best I could do was to turn it to low. Tried for about 3 minutes to turn it off. In the off position, the control registered a 9.0 (which is high heat).

After about 3 minutes, it turned it off and it eventually stayed off. Had I not been close by, I can't imagine what could have happened. Good thing I don't have the habit of leaving an empty kettle or pan on the cooktop. It's downright dangerous. Will never leave this range unattended. Has this happened to anyone else?

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