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Washer Doesn't Finish Loads
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Rating: 1/51

I purchased my house in 11/2014 (I don't know how old the unit is) and it came with a Frigidaire model ATF6700FS1. I didn't notice an issue with it until March 2016. The washer stopped completing its cycle. I luckily had a home warranty and they came out and fixed it, replaced the drain, in the drain there were socks (not mine) and other laundry items that were not mine. I thought that solved the issue. May 2016, same issue. The technician came out again and replaced everything that he could replace.

Still having the same issue. Sometimes if I am not watching the washer (what a fun thing to do) it can take an entire day to do the laundry. After reading the reviews, my assumption is that it is a flaw in the washer and not in my specific one. As I did not buy it but I acquired it, I would say stay away!

Do NOT buy from the Frigidaire/Electrolux company!
By -

HAWTHORNE, NEW JERSEY -- My husband and I recently bought 6 Frigidaire appliances, including a front loading Washer and Dryer. We were going through a home renovation, and were not able to install our washer and dryer until over a month after delivery. We finally got them hooked up only to find that the washing machine did not spin, and would randomly turn off in the middle of the cycle.

Because we had owned the machine for so long, we had to go through the whole warranty process of having it looked at multiple times, with the service technician trying different parts, and waiting for days in between each visit for the service parts to be ordered. Because this seemed to be a problem with the electrical components, I had never had much hope in the service many being able to fix it from the start.

We had a horrible experience with the Frigidaire/Electrolux customer service. Because the machine had never worked, we requested that the 1 year warranty begin when the unit was actually working. They said that this was impossible because the warranty was connected with the serial number and there was nothing that they could do. We asked them if they had an extended warranty, and they said that they did, but laughed at me and told me that NO ONE gets an extended warranty for free.

After buying 6 appliances I thought that getting a 1 year warranty from the time that the appliances are actually working was a perfectly reasonable request. However, I was laughed at, and even accused of abusing their "customer services."

After our service technician finally deemed our unit "unrepairable" he told us that he would put in for us to get the unit replaced. We received a call about a week later from their company, telling us that they had more parts. Apparently, even though Frigidaire's own warranty serviceman said that it was unrepairable, they continued to waste our time by sending parts to the service company that they would then need to install. I called Frigidaire to tell them to stop this, that the unit NEVER worked, that they were wasting my time with something that was obliviously a lemon, and got nowhere.

Apparently their customer service doesn't communicate with their tech department. After demanding to speak with their tech department myself, and being put on hold multiple times, I had to hang up and actually do my job. The service technician came back to try the parts to no avail, and called Frigidaire from our own home, for them only to say that there was nothing they could do.

Fortunately for us, the store that we bought the units from had good customer service, and were somehow able to work their magic with the company. We will supposedly have our new washing machine on Monday, which we will have hooked up right away, and will make sure is working before the delivery people leave!

If it wasn't for the support of the A. J. Madison store, I honestly think we would have just had to eat our $750, put the unit out on the curb, and buy a different brand from somewhere else. The customer service department, which is definitely NOT located in the U. S.A., will keep reading you the same script about everything that they can't do for you.

You can only get up one notch on the food chain before they claim that there is no one else who takes calls from customers, and they drop your calls when you ask to be transferred to their customer service survey. What a frustrating experience to be treated like the bad guy, when all we did was give them a ton of money for an appliance that was simply a lemon. We never got an apology, never an "I'm sorry for your inconvenience," they were on the defensive from the very start. Absolutely HORRIBLE!! DO NOT BUY!!!

Company Response 12/03/2008:

I am contacting you on behalf of Electrolux Major Appliances in relation to your posting on I would like to apologize for the difficulty you have had with your appliance. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this issue with you so that I can personally look into this matter. In order to do so, please send me your contact information, and the best time to contact you. I would also need your model and serial number and a file number if available, so that I can research this matter. Again I regret your disappointment with your appliance and look forward to resolving this issue with you.

Chris Polk
Escalation Specialist
Electrolux Major Appliances

An Impotent Company With a Worthless Warranty - Buyers BEWARE!!
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Rating: 1/51

CHAPEL HILL, NORTH CAROLINA -- We purchased a Frigidaire washing machine 6 months ago through HH Gregg and the motor is out. We called HH Gregg who then referred us to Frigidaire since it is still within warranty. Frigidaire gave us the names of three third party service companies since they don't perform their own service. We called and no one was available for 5-8 days.

We went with the 5 days instead of 8 and when the representative called to perform service on the 4th day (yes, one day earlier than scheduled) and were not able to get a hold of us, they cancelled the appointment that we scheduled!!! They can't get to us until day 6! When I called Frigidaire again to better understand the terms of the warranty and 3rd party obligation, they told me they have no control of their schedules!!! So if the 3rd party doesn't have time for 4 weeks, you are left waiting for that period folks.

I was further informed that the first visit doesn't even guarantee the repair, that often times it's a diagnostic visit only, then they order parts, then schedule a second visit!! The last straw was when I was told that the service companies prioritize appliance calls and that a refrigerator would take precedence over a washing machine.. (obviously the representative has no exposure to a large athletic family of boys) When I asked to speak with a supervisor to understand under what conditions and exchange or refund would be granted, I was told the supervisor would not speak to me until I explained exactly what the issue was!!!

Resolute and unsatisfied, I tried to call HH Gregg to see if I had purchased the Premium Service contract if that would make a difference. I was informed that HH Gregg will mandate that the manufacturer repair the unit before their "Premium Service" entitlements kick in. Don't waste your money on any Frigidaire product or the Premium Service. Both are completely useless.

Faulty design
By -

I'm considered a lucky one. My Frigidaire GLTF1670ASO front load washer lasted for 7 years. During this time the clothes seems not clean, they have funny smell. I only found out why, when the machine is broken. Frigidaire used a thin extrusion aluminum spider in the back of inner drum. Aluminum is corrosive. With the plastic outer tub and stainless steel inner tub, will speed up the corrosion of aluminum spider. During the process, it creates bad smell to your clothes. After 4-5 years, with a heavy load and fast final spin will snap the spider.

The (only) inner tub is warranty for 25 years, but don't count on it. They won't send the part to you. You must go through "authorized service personnel". You have to pay up front, whether your machine is fixed or not. They get your money in stages, so you won't back out. After go through the process, it might cost you about $300, if Frigidaire is honor its warranty, if not $500. They might not because of the hard water level in your area or you don't use front load detergents. It will take about 2 months or more before your machine is working again.

I put my machine to the landfill, unfortunately, I cannot pay to fix the machine for 2/3 the cost of new one, and wait for 2 months. You bet my next one will not be Frigidaire nor Electrolux products (Electrolux makes washers and other appliances for Frigidaire, Kenmore...)

Worst Support for defective new item ever
By -

Just bought a new front load washer and dryer with two stands for 1900.00+ and first load we have problems with the set. I call the 1-800 number listed on the set for support, which is just a front and only gives you other toll numbers to contact them. I'm steaming at this point and try to talk to customer service about the lemons I got the day before. They offer no support and direct me to call a third party repairman.

I call the repairman that is located 60+ miles away and they tell me they cannot give me a date to come fix the problems because they have to have more tickets to be worth the trip? So I have l900.00 lemons sitting in my house waiting for whom knows how long to be repaired. If you enjoy Bad Customer service buy from this company because you will get just that. I will never buy the brand again and plan to file a small claim against the company...

Front load washer model GLTF2940E21
By -

After washing a load of teenagers' clothes..... We had water sitting in the drum of the washer. All we tried would not pump the water out. This front load is only three years old! I contacted the company and of course, out of warranty. So, I pulled out the pump only to find a small article of clothing was caught in the pump fins! How it got in there, I have no clue! So after pulling it out, I also found a coin in the rubber connector! Has anyone had this problem? I can't figure out how these items would end up in the pump!

I am going to replace the washer as soon as possible! After replacing the pump, it does work but makes a grinding noise yet, but still drains :) We'll see a month from now!

Frigidaire front loading washer
By -

Please do your homework when buying a front loader from Frigidaire! I am currently on my 2nd washer in less than a year. My first washer tore up about $500.00 in clothing, literally putting holes and burn marks in our clothing. Numerous service technicians had been out to my and could not find anything wrong. Well, we did have a new technician come and found a hole in the drum. Frigidaire replaced my washer with another new one however, 3 months later, this washing machine has already had to have a new pump put in it because the other one went bad.

I am really afraid that this washer will not last long I and cannot be reimbursed for the clothing that I lost from the because Frigidaire replaced my washer. One thing is for sure, I need to get a new refrigerator soon but I don't think that it will be from Frigidaire.

Plastic parts in a high dollar machine, and NONEXISTENT customer service
By -

EASTON, MARYLAND -- In June of 2004, my wife and I replaced a Maytag washer and dryer that was 14 years old. Unfortunately we purchased a Front Load Frigidaire Washer and dryer. We purchased these units at LOWE'S, who, at the time of purchase, GUARANTEED us "Next Day" Service. In late February of 2006 (yes, the units are NOT two years old) the two PLASTIC strut supports on the washer snapped off. This is where the nightmare begins.....

My wife contacted LOWE'S for our "Next Day" service. Lowe's DOES NOT repair these products, they contract with SEARS. (See any problems brewing here?).... So, Sears is contacted around the 9th of March. They advised us that a representative would call us the next day. We did not receive any phone calls. The following week, around March 13th, we called again. Sears had no record of our call for "Next Day" service. So, we scheduled service again. Sears did call back the next day, and we confirmed that a technician would be at our home on March 21st.

At 10:20 a.m., I received a call from Sears stating that the service man would not be able to fix our machine on the 21st. He had called out sick! Sears only has technicians in the area twice a week. At this point, I was so angry that I told Sears to CANCEL our service request and send me the parts! The parts were ordered on the 21st. On March 22nd, I got a call from Sears asking me to re-schedule service. I told them "I didn't want service, I didn't want anyone at my house, all I wanted was my parts." They also advised me that they had "no record" of my order I finally asked for a supervisor. I was told that the supervisor was "out to lunch" and she would call me back.

I left the house to run some errands. When I got home, I had a message from "**", phone #1-800-463-4663. I called that number, and NO ONE knew of "**" nor did they know which office she worked in. I then called Frigidaire, who is now owned by Electrolux. (When did that happen?) After going through a series of customer service agents (2) that could NOT speak clear English, I gave up. The next day Sears calls again to schedule service. I again told them "I DID NOT WANT service, that all I wanted was my parts." I was SO ANGRY that the customer service agent finally hung up on me.

On March 27th, my parts (totally $57) arrived. On March 29th, I installed them myself. The washer works fine! However, it is now my intent to get my money from Electrolux for all the aggravation I've experienced. Electrolux gave me a "Concession" number to give to a service agent that will cover parts and labor. "Make sure you note that the service charge and diagnostic fees were NOT covered!!!!" I told them (again) that I did not want a service man to come to my home, all I wanted was reimbursement for the faulty parts that broke! The customer service supervisor guaranteed me that this number would cover the cost of the parts.

It is now March 31st. The washer still works, and I have the broken parts bagged up ready to send to someone, along with the invoice of $57 to get reimbursed. At 4 pm, I called Electrolux. The customer service representative tells me that because I fixed my own washer, I have now voided the limited warranty. No one told me this fact during the last 3 weeks of phone conversations!! I told the representative that "I didn't care about the warranty, all I wanted was the money I spent for parts." She told me because the warranty was "void" I could not be reimbursed. I then asked for a supervisor.

I got a male agent on the phone that was VERY difficult to understand. He told me over and over that I could not get reimbursed for my expenses because I voided the warranty, and did not have a service technician service the product. I explained to him several times that the reason I fixed my washer, was because I couldn't get a service technician after calling for over 2 weeks! Finally, I lost my cool and DEMANDED to speak to his supervisor. He told me no one was available to speak to me. When I asked if he had a boss, he said "yes". I then again DEMANDED to speak to his boss.

After being on hold for 15 minutes, I finally spoke to **. ** also told me that Electrolux would not reimburse my money for parts. I told her, that I was going to keep calling up the food chain, until I found someone that would write me a check for $57. Because it was after 5 pm, I had to leave my name and number for ANOTHER supervisor to call me on April 1st. It's ironic that on April Fool's Day, I'M THE FOOL! Yes, at this point it's not the money, it's the principle!

PLEASE AVOID PURCHASING ITEMS FROM FRIGIDAIRE. This company used to manufacture GREAT appliances! I remember the Frigidaire washer in my grandmother's house... It ran for two decades, and was only replaced because the heating element in the dryer went up, and Mom wanted a matching pair. Please do some research before purchasing. My next buck is going BACK TO MAYTAG!

Frigidaire Front Load Washer
By -

Boy, for $900 I'd sure expect to get a washer that didn't crap out within months. I started getting the E20 error code within 6 months of purchasing brand new. We'd pull it out and fix it, push it back.... a few weeks later same thing. By the time the one year warranty was up, it was EVERY SINGLE LOAD. Frigidaire's response- "please contact a local serviceman" ($75 an hour, my cost!). For $900 a year, I can afford to go have my laundry done. BOO FRIGIDAIRE! And don't even get me started on their worthless dishwashers!

Truth About Front Load Washer Bellows
By -

Front load washer bellows complaints by owners are justified. Front load door boot (bellows) are a design problem. GE and Whirlpool designed their front load washer door bellows so the bellows did not hold water that could cause mold and odor. Ge and Whirlpool used a different design bellows and a drain tube on the bottom of the bellows. Amana corp. incorporated a coating on their front load bellows to prevent mold and odor. Can't figure why Frigidaire won't upgrade their bellows to satisfy their many customers?

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