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No Phone or Television Service After Transfer From Verizon
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Rating: 1/51

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- I discovered on Friday the 8th of April I did not have phone service. I called Frontier immediately and was told that they were very sorry for this inconvenience and that I could expect a technician at my house on Tuesday, April 12th. Later in the afternoon I discovered that I also had no television signal. Tech support told me that, indeed, I did have a problem and that the technician would be to my house on a Promised Date of Tuesday, April 12th.

I must also say that it was extremely difficult to determine what these tech support people were saying because the sound of their voices was extremely muffled. It was if there was a piece of cardboard between their mouths and the mouthpiece on the phone. I kept having to ask them to repeat what they were saying. I was assured that if it was possible for a technician to get to my home sooner than the 12th (which was FIVE DAYS AWAY) I would receive a phone call. I asked what number they would be calling and they gave me my own phone number. I told tech support it would be difficult to reach me at that number since it DIDN'T WORK!

On "The Promised" date of 4/12 I was told that the technician would be at my home between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. At 3:00 I called because I was getting anxious that he would not come. I waited the mandatory 20 minutes to be able to speak to support tech; after a long wait to check on my work ticket, I was informed that the technician was on his way to my house. YEA!! At 4:45 he still had not arrived and I called back, waited the standard 20 minutes, only to be told that the technician had made a notation on my work ticket that he had tried to call me the previous day (Monday, 4/11) and couldn't reach me so dropped my ticket.

The tech said she would be happy to schedule another work ticket for me. I asked if that would be ANOTHER five day wait and she said she would have to check her calendar. I then asked to be transferred to Customer Service so I could discontinue service. I waited another 45 minutes for customer service to answer. When I told the customer service person I wanted to cancel my service my phone was disconnected!!! I called back to customer service only to be disconnected again.

I made two more calls the following morning to customer service and had to disconnect from both of them because I could not understand a single word they were saying because the sound was so muffled. One of the service agents got my alternate phone number and said she would call me right back. No call!

I FINALLY called a different phone number and immediately got ahold of a Customer Service Rep that I could hear clearly and distinctly. What a relief. Told him my story and the rest was easy. He was very polite and listened to me. I asked him whether he could request his bosses to instruct the service techs to stop telling people to "Have a nice day" after they have been screwed over for the past five days.

Misleading Marketing
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Rating: 1/51

MONDOVI, WISCONSIN -- Satellite Internet is ridiculously expensive for the limited data you are allowed each month. Frontier told me that they now had up to 6 Mb DSL service in my area when "selling" me their product. As I already had them for a landline (they are the only game in town out here in the country), I purchased their Internet Service. In the beginning I had 3+ Mb service, but now am lucky to see 1.5 Mb. In fact, when I try and use the Internet at peak volume times (usually the evening) I can often only get .6 Mb, which is slower than dial-up service!

I called Frontier and they told me that although it was indeed 6 Mb service, I was near the "end of the line". And as such everyone before me got first dibs on the Internet signal. The customer service representative was very friendly and told me that upgrades were being planned, but there wasn't a specific time table for this area.

I filed a complaint with the Consumer Protection Bureau and another higher-up, Frontier customer service representative called me. He basically said the same thing, and that he understood my frustration and each talking point I made, but said that things were always changing and he suggested I check back in 6 months to see the progress of the upgrade schedule.

The CPB asked me if I was satisfied with Frontier's response to my complaint considering I was paying their lowest possible price for the service ($20/mo.). I said "NO". My point was that it wasn't the fact that the Internet was slow, but rather that I was sold the prospect of 6 Mb service. Had I been told that in reality it would be less than 2 Mb on average in my area (can't stream movies, and my Internet Radio sometimes even stops working!), I may not have subscribed to Frontier. Even at low peak times (mid-day) I cannot get 3 Mb speed, and that's 50% less than they advertised!

To me, that was blatant misrepresentation of their service, and did not represent what many of their end-users experience with their service. It is no surprise to find SO MANY negative reviews of this company on-line. But, with the corner on the rural service market, they don't need to have a consensus. If they were honest about their end-user speeds, they would probably lose business - and they can't afford to do that!

In Frontier's last response to the CPB they flatly stated that they were charging me their lowest rate and that Frontier has NO PLANS to upgrade their service in this area - which is a far cry from what they said when I initially spoke with them. No wonder their customer service reps are so nice on the phone - they have to be, because they are either being mis-information to pass along to us customers, or they are flat out lying. And, it isn't a big enough issue for old Uncle Sam to pursue, so here we are, sucked into a lie and having to live with it.

I see that the Federal Gov't is giving Frontier millions of dollars to improve their Internet service to rural areas. Let's hope that they help the truly rural areas that need decent basic speeds (I don't care about the 60 Mb you can get with cable) - like 6 Mb full-time speed anyway! Being wary of the situation, however, it wouldn't surprise me if Frontier didn't simply improve their services to the "urban/rural" areas closest to their competitors to try and lure in business from them. And why not? We who are truly rural are held hostage to them if you don't want to pay Satellite Internet fees!

A Company I Would Never Use Again
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Rating: 1/51

CONNECTICUT -- One of the many that were forced to change from AT&T to Frontier. Had trouble all the way back from the split between AT&T U-verse and Internet from combined billing. Had $500 slapped on our bill when the split occurred because they think we did not pay overdue cellphone bills, but because it was overdue and combined billing was splitting for some reason decided to transfer the balance to Internet and apparently the way their systems are set up cellphone services can't see that this transfer happened.

Cell phone services told me I paid it and don't need to pay this again. U-verse tells me I didn't pay it and I have to pay this and if I paid them, to give them proof. When I provide evidence they tell me these payments were being all made a month behind and we still have one month's worth left. They say $500 is what's left after I've paid the payments I provided evidence for and because I don't have evidence for paying this residual $500 balance, I must pay it because I didn't, getting all the while angry that I do not understand. Yes, we were behind but with all of the payments we made, I can't possibly wrap my head around how after paying $500 already, we have another $500 left to pay and how in the world one month's worth is $500.

I've been very stressed with this situation for a few months now trying to figure it out, also not having the financial capability to pay another $500 at the time. I thought AT&T was bad. Most of Frontier Communications customer service was unwilling to even communicate. 9 out of 10 times, I would get a delinquent, uninterested, incompetent/unknowledgeable, customer representative that most of the time let me speak certainly were not listening or did not care as they simply refused any possibilities for credit on the account.

My worst experience was with a woman who after I told her my situation with my troubles with AT&T wireless and Internet and therefore this current balance with Frontier, she condescendingly and truly confrontational told me wireless is internet. When I told her when I said wireless I meant cell phone services she replied with, "Oh, well, you're wrong. These aren't cell phone charges these are internet charges." With the same delinquent attitude. Not only was she not listening she was expressing to me how much she could care less.

She also made it clear to me that there would be no chance of any credit on this account and that, "You will pay the full $500" with the attitude that she had the final say, and there was nothing I could do about it. When she saw I was speechless she laughed out loud at me mockingly. And when I said "okay, thank you, bye," because I had nothing left to say to her, she said bye still laughing. I am not exaggerating or fabricating any part of this conversation or situation. This is the way it happened nearly word for word, and I had never dealt with such an unprofessional "customer service representative".

After this was another series of calls with average 20 minute hold times, and each time I was given a different reason why they could not adjust the balance on my account, sometimes telling me the system would not let them or it was a policy not to adjust any balances after a customer had decided to disconnect, etc. I finally came across a sensible, competent, and kind woman whom upon hearing my situation almost immediately began to see what she could do, giving me a $50 credit within moments.

Her actions proved to me the previous representatives I spoke to either did not know what they were doing, we're lying, or really just didn't care enough. Although a $50 credit is not exactly what I was looking for, it was better than nothing. I had lost too much time with phone calls and research into AT&T cellphone bills, previously combined bills, internet bills, and our bank statements that spanned the past year and trying to figure out what happened with this transition, how this transition was happening, what information each department had and did not have, and what went wrong where, when, and how with our account.

We were also reluctant to get a lawyer to sue because we could not afford a lawyer at the moment as well. At this point, we just needed out and nothing to do with the companies, particularly Frontier Communications, seeing as the vast majority of customer service gave the impression they did not care about their customers and engaging in communication itself was a difficulty. I don't know what went wrong and where with AT&T and Frontier communications, but something went wrong somewhere seeing the absolute mess that has happened since the switch in Connecticut.

I've paid what they asked for and am not coming back to Frontier Communications. However I do hope Frontier Communications clean up their act if anything for the consumers in my area including myself who do not have that many other options for Internet and most opt for Comcast, another big company that do not have the best reviews, so that competition may provide perhaps better service for both customers of Comcast and Frontier communications.

I'm Paying This Much for 1.5 mbs.
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Rating: 1/51

PULLMAN, WASHINGTON -- Let's rewind to when I first stumbled upon this company, it was on a Sunday, which technically they weren't supposed to be open, but whatever this means that I should have been one of the first people to have spoken about acquiring their services. I would say that I arrived in Pullman a week and a half before the semester was going to start. With that being said, if you're familiar with Washington State University, and as I'm almost positive, with many other Universities, there is a week of welcome when a majority of the returning students or new students arrive and get settled in, right? Now, back to why I'm upset with this company.

I get everything set up, the sales associate was giving me his two-cents about why their service is great and how it's better than the competitors (that's not very hard to do), and I just needed an ISP that won't disconnect me, buffer when I want to stream, or go on Netflix. I was told that with the basic 7 mbs connection it should be totally fine. Awesome, I get that, pay for it, they take MY money and then they tell me that my install date would be the Wednesday after next week. My initial reaction? What in the world? You take my money and then give me an install date in which I would have been attending classes for a few days?

I said fine, whatever if anything sooner opens up let me know. A couple of days later, I call the main office for Frontier Communications, and I was told my install date would be MID SEPTEMBER. What's even worse is that my friend, who signed up for the SAME service was given a modem the day they signed up and was told their internet would be set up THAT THURSDAY. Long story short, I complained to the manager, to the main Frontier office, and demanded that they give me an install date that is before that semester starts. I was told someone would call me back later that day before 6 PM Central Time Zone to give me a new install date. I never received that call.

After over a week of trying to get a hold of someone, I get a call from the Sales Office in Pullman, and they tell me that my install date was changed back to that previous Wednesday date and that it was great that I got that install date. After all this crap, after all this waiting without internet to check online courses, check back in at home, etc. the internet was finally installed and I assumed that would be the end of it, but it wasn't. I'm paying for the 7 mbs internet connection. So why am I getting 1.5 mbs delegated between three people and over 6 mobile devices?

I have never been so disgusted to do business with a company, but I have no other choice, it's this company or a very VERY similar company that is more expensive. As soon as Fall and Spring Semester is over, I'm going to cancel services and attempt to get Xfinity to Pullman.

Absolutely do not use this company
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Rating: 1/51

Wow, I should have never used this service. I signed up for Frontier over Spectrum because they had a $200 Visa Gift Card sign up promotion at the time. It has been a crazy ride ever since.

When my internet was first connected, we had a less than stellar tech named Dave out to the house. Dave was an unhappy man and incredibly rude, telling my husband we were going to have crappy internet because of where we are located. We are right in the middle of town, next to City Hall, Walmart and lots of other big stores. Dave left and sure enough, our internet didn't work.

Next, I got to call Tech Support. I was on the phone for 2 hours with someone who spoke broken English. I connected my laptop and messed with settings, tried different phone jacks... nothing worked. Tech Support told me it was the phone lines, not their service and I would need another tech out. HOWEVER, they could not schedule me a tech because that is a different department (what??!) and they were closed, so I needed to call back in the morning during business hours lol.

I call back in the morning, am on hold for well over an hour and get someone who wants me to restart my modem. I told them I wasn't even at my house, had done all this last night and just needed to schedule a tech. After fighting about it for 5 minutes, he finally obliged and made an appointment about a week out.

Who shows up for this appointment? Oh yay, its Dave. Dave is crabby and tells my husband its not the phone lines and that he told us we would get crappy service. My husband is SO MAD, he calls me at work and I have to talk to Dave and explain to him what Tech Support said (shouldn't he already have that information?) Dave still says that is not what it is and connects his laptop to the modem and says its fixed.

Dave leaves. Its not fixed. The internet is connecting and disconnecting about every couple minutes. I call Tech Support, get to wait on hold for an hour again, then stay on the phone for another hour trying the same exact things that I already have. This tech says OK, its your phone lines. I have a mini-heart attack and tell him there is NO WAY its our phone lines because Awesome Dave said that its not our phone lines. He wants to schedule a tech and I request no more Dave because he's insane.

Few days goes by, another tech shows up. Says he doesn't need to come in the house and its the phone lines but it will probably cost us money because they will fix it but its not covered by Frontier. WTF? No one told us anything about that...?!!!!!!!! Does something outside then just leaves. BUT - Internet is on at this point.

12 hours later, internet is down again. This time its not even coming back on. I'm so fed up, I call Frontier to cancel. Its at this time, the person on the other end of the phone won't talk to me because I'm not an "authorized user." Ok.... you have talked to me a dozen times, LET ME SCHEDULE TECHS, but now all of the sudden you can't speak to me? Its my phone number and email on the account but for whatever reason it only shows my husband's name. I call my husband who then calls Frontier and puts me on as an authorized user. At that time, the girl on the other end of the phone says she understands his issue with the service and will give him $30 off his bill, LOL we haven't even used the service and the first month's bill is $135!!!!!!! She won't waive the install fee because "thats a fee directly to the installer, we have nothing to do with that." Well, my internet was never INSTALLED! I can't USE IT! LOL.

I call back (now that I'm an Authorized User, I have a confirmation code and everything) and get a really really nice guy in the retention department. He says that he can waive my first month's bill, waive the install fee (who knew?!) AND give me $25 off next month's bill. The only catch is that I have to call back next month to get the $25 off, because he can't do it to a bill that hasn't been created yet. I say fine, I'll deal with Tech Support one more time.

He transfers me to Tech Support who schedules me with another Tech. Tech shows up, does whatever it is he does (its not the phone lines though, its something with Frontier and I guess its happening to a lot of people in our area) and BOOM IT WORKS. I'm over the moon happy. No glitches, but speed isn't great. This was a struggle but we are done now and I'm just going to live with it.

Fast forward a month. I still have no $200 gift card? I'm starting to wonder about it when I get an email with my monthly statement. Its $190. $135 for the first month which is now late and was never waived. And this month's charges of $55 (Which is way over $29.... what the heck.)

I call and get a woman on the other end of the phone. She pulls up my account to tell me I'm not an Authorized User and is my husband around. I told her to look at the notes on this account, I was made an Authorized user about a month ago, my husband has already made this call before. She says I'm not listed. I ask for a supervisor. She said since I'm not an account holder, I can't talk to a supervisor. She added that if I wanted to talk to someone besides her, I could hang up and call back. My head exploded at that and she hung up on me.

I called back. Received some woman who spoke with such an accent that I could barely understand her plus something was wrong with her phone because it was SUPER quiet, which made the whole ordeal even more difficult and frustrating. I had her look at my account. She said I wasn't an authorized user. I asked her about notes on the account, she says "There aren't any".... after all of these calls and all of this time spent on the phone, no one notated ANYTHING?!!!! She said she could call Brad and get his permission and I laughed, saying good luck the number on the account is mine. She told me the billing issue was an easy fix, but they need to talk to my husband. I tried to explain to her, he is not available when their "business hours" are. Thats WHY he added me, thats WHY all the information is mine... but whatever. She was just as unhelpful as the rest of them.

My husband is calling back today. I'm getting everything waived and then cancelling my service. I never received my gift card, their customer service is crap and my internet is garbage.


Worst Communications Company EVER.
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Rating: 1/51

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS -- We moved to the area and found out Verizon was our only choice for fiber optics internet, since AT&T is not in this area. Then, Frontier bought them out and we were thrust into a billing nightmare from day one. Everything changed. Service was terrible, with TV, internet and phone. Billing was increasing every month, it seemed, with one or the other "special" pricing being dropped. We had to get on the phone and renegotiate our service agreement, extending our contract for 12 months at a time. Still, some "specials" ended after 3 months, 5 months, 6 get the picture. It was always changing. Internet was slow, though we had upgraded to the supposedly faster service on yet another special.

So we finally had it after 2 years. We switched service to another company and then our next nightmare began. First, we were told to stop our auto payments so the final bill would be sent to us with the final billed amount for the service term, which ended up being 11 days of service for the month. Fine. Then, we got a bill for the exact same amount as was billed for the full month, minus all those expiring specials, of course, which was the main reason for our cancellation of service. We contacted Frontier again - was told, the bill would be reissued with the revised amount, of 11 days. The Customer service representative put us on hold. Never came back.

We had to explain again and it was to Billing this time. Same thing, she tried to review the notes, edit and then said she could not change it. Collections would have to change it to reflect the correct amount. On hold again, Collections picked up, we were told, "No, Customer Service should handle it - no one else had authority." So, on hold again. Then, someone from Retention came online - but she also said no, she couldn't do anything but to talk to Billing. We hung up - tried Chat. That was a waste of time. ONE HOUR on the chat, with promises to get it straightened out and the correct bill sent for payment before the end of chat.

Whatever. Nope, no help there. It was just a big mess: “I have to put you on hold, will be right back.” Several times - finally, “Sorry no one is available here to help. Call this number (gave their MAIN number) and someone can help.” I said, “That is the main line - already tried it; who should I ask for and what department?” The chat person said, “Just call that number and the person who answers can help you." WHAT? No help.

So the next day, I did call, had a similar experience as the previous call, and spent close to an hour on the phone, being transferred, then being told they took $100 off the bill, but it still reflected the full amount, so they transferred us again...then the last person we spoke to had no idea what was going on, so I said just let us pay the amount minus the $100 credit and we will be done. Oh but she didn't see any credit. She would have to calculate it - ok, fine. So we waited again...then she came back and said, it shows Zero balance. What? Ok, fine. We don't owe a thing. Then we hung up. Since then, our account still shows the full amount owed, it is at the due date, no one will help.

On top of that, we found others who had similar experiences that were told they changed their terms of service and no longer prorate their billing, so we just paid it in full, to be done with them. Be advised, they have the least intelligent customer service reps and the least helpful billing agents we have EVER encountered - and unless you know the exact date of service billing and can cut it off before it ends, do not ever sign up with Frontier. It is a nightmare.

Service Outage lasting > 1 week, worst customer service EVER
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Rating: 1/51

FLOWER MOUND, TEXAS -- After switching from Verizon FiOS to Frontier, we experienced an internet service outage that lasted a week. We tried to call in, waited on hold for an hour, only to be hung up on when it finally connected to a person. After another hour long wait, we spoke to a service representative who walked us through several different versions of "unplug it and plug it back in and see what happens". Nothing worked. Tech then determined that it wasn't the modem and that they would send out a mobile tech, with first available appointment 4 days out!

The day before our scheduled tech visit, I got a robo-call saying our service had been repaired. WAN indicator was still red, so not sure how they figured they fixed it, but bottom line, it was still unresponsive. Worse, they canceled our trouble ticket when they 'fixed' our problem, so we had to reschedule for another 3 days out (total of 7 days since we reported the problem).

The next day, which was our original scheduled visit, we saw a mobile tech at the end of our street and flagged him down. He was kind enough to look at our modem and noticed that the address ID of the box didn't match what was in their file, so he replaced the box and updated the ID. Still didn't fix the problem. He gave us his phone number to text or call if it still didn't work, but no answer when we tried it.

Next day, same story. We flagged down a tech and he said that he just came from a customer down the street with a similar problem and he couldn't fix it for them either. He called his office, checked something on the box, and left, again leaving a number that we called and texted WITH NO RESPONSE! Finally, on Monday, with no call from either the customer center or one of the two techs who visited our house, the service came back on. Only way we noticed it was that one of the kids noticed that Netflix came back up.

I understand that technical difficulties can and do occur, but the absolute lack of concern when I spoke to the representatives of this company is inexcusable. To a person, their attitude was "I could care less if you do or don't have service, and I care less whether you remain a Frontier customer or not". Unbelievable.

Today I got my bill for $138, and called in to see why they expected me to pay for a months' worth of service that I didn't even come close to getting, and got more of the same. Total offered - $30 in bill credit after spending hours on the phone on hold waiting to talk to somebody, weeks without internet or landline and indescribable frustration at the lack of concern and accountability. Time Warner Cable is the only other service provider in my area. Online reviews tell me that they are probably more of the same, but I'm going to find out.

VERY Slow Internet and Very Over Priced
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Rating: 1/51

JUSTIN, TEXAS -- We are provided the slowest internet we have ever experienced, with Frontier. It literally works HALF the time. When it does "work", it skips, lags and is overall terrible quality. We just received a bill, again, receiving the slowest speeds, for $102!! FOR WHAT?! There was an initial increase of $20/mo (Which we did battle, unsuccessfully), and now an extra $30/mo, totaling the $102/mo.

We have not exceeded any minimums as we do not have any. The internet would have to actually run to exceed any minimums. They increase however they see fit. If it is not one greedy company trying to rip you off, it is another. I will be cancelling tomorrow. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND WATCHING YOUR PLAN AND WHAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY PROVIDED, EVERY MONTH! They WILL slow your provisions down and increase your bill. I promise. They prey on the unsuspecting.

Update 04/26/2018:

Obviously, I meant "Did not go over MAXIMUM/CAP, as there are none".

The Most Cheating Internet Company
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Rating: 1/51

NORLWALK, CONNECTICUT -- The worst experience ever by dealing any companies in 20 years! This company is like a poison ivy, stay away! I was lured by their salesman to buy a internet+phone+TV package for $80/month. The sales guy said "that is all, no installation fee". So I agreed to give it a try, but still keep my old Optimum services just in case. It took them two weeks to install and turn on internet service and then the real problem came - the TV service, which was provided by DirecTV could not be successfully turned on because direcTV could not find any satellite signals.

I called Frontier. They said they could not do anything about it except I myself to call DirecTV to cancel my TV service and then call them again to cancel internet. I called DirecTV and cancelled TV service, but when I call Frontier to cancel internet, their customer service lady said I should try Dish Network since Dish's signal is 4 times better than DirecTV (no idea why they did not recommend Dish in the first place), and there is no cost to get Dish installed. I waited for another 10 days to get technician from Dish network to drop by and he told me "no signal at all".

While I have to call Dish to cancel TV service and call Frontier again to cancel internet service. This time it was cancelled and I mailed back their modem. I thought this was over, but today I got a bill of $400 said I have installation fee, TV fee, internet service fee, blah, blah. I called Frontier and their explanation was ridiculous - "sorry TV did not work, so we will waive you TV fee, but the other fees can not be waived since you used Frontier service."

I told them I did not use Frontier service at all since I still keep my account with Optimum all the time and been using Optimum only these days. I told them to check the phone and internet usage and they will find out I did not use it at all. Astonishingly, they said they do not check data usage, they only check if my modem is on or not, so since my modem had been turned on all the time, they count me as "using Frontier all the time".

Very rude, very unreasonable, a lot of lies and tricks from sales to customer service. I will not feel surprise if this company goes bankrupt in a couple of years. They can just ruin their reputation this easily. I will tell everybody I know about this experience- in just 15 days, I had many hours back and forth phone calls, stressful argument, long time waiting in the queue to get an agent to talk, failed service and finally a $400 bill. It is a nightmare!

Don't choose Frontier - you WILL be ripped off!
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Rating: 1/51

PLANO, TEXAS -- We didn't choose Frontier, we were long time Verizon customers and Verizon sold all their accounts to Frontier. We decided to give them a chance. What we have experienced since then is 3 years of overpriced products that did nothing but increase every 6 months to a year.

After hours on the phone with them every time it would increase, they sometimes gave small loyalty credits ($15 off the bill), but they didn't last but a couple of months.

The issue is their equipment. They require set top boxes (STBs) for TV to work, each one is $15/month. Adapters are $8. We had no premium channels, just a normal line-up and Internet 50/50. Our bill was over $200 a month. Over the years we've paid for this equipment many times over, but all through renting it.

When we were finally able to cut the cord and cancel with Frontier they inflicted 3 more parting surprises on us.
1) we dropped the service 7 days into the month, but we have to pay clear to the end of the month (and she thought this was fine simply because we were made aware of it...I told her that doesn't make it right).
2) early termination fee. To get a 'better' deal, we were stupid enough to get a 2 year contract. So we are only 1 1/3 years into that contract and will be paying a hefty early termination fee.
3) rather than them picking up all their equipment, they require us to box it up and bring it into a UPS store to send back to them (they provide the box and shipping label/fee). But it's a hassle to their customers.

But Frontier doesn't care about their customers. They have found every way to rip them off and apply all of them to all customers except new customers. They offer great deals to new customers and come out to the house to hook it all up. Don't be fooled, that is the last time you will see decent prices and decent customer service.

Do yourselves a favor and just stay far away from Frontier - horrible company!!!!!

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