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Online Pharmacy Scam - and Affiliates will Steal your money!
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As a web user, and an online consumer, I feel it is pertinent to inform Yahoo and Google that the quality and reputation of Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Adwords is being jeopardized. Recently I was considering the purchase of Phentermine online. I used the search as usual, trusting that the Ads were screened and that companies appearing there were, at least by some standards, reputable. But what I was shocked to find out, only after I had done my own looking, was that two of the top sites appearing at the top of Yahoo's paid advertising had in fact scammed numerous people, and under different aliases.

In specific, on I am referring to the two affiliate pharmacy websites: and and on the two affiliate pharmacy websites: and Here's what I, just a simple web user, not a skilled webmaster like I would expect to be in the employ of Yahoo or Google advertising, was very disturbed to find. says that it is “an affiliated website to urxpharmacy and the order process, customer support and any other user interaction will be handled by urxpharmacy”. I tried to find a homepage for urxpharmacy, but I had no luck. I did find a number of Rip-Off Reports about this pharmacy, but still no homepage to show me a legitimate pharmacy, contact numbers or anything else. It was only until I went through to the shopping cart on that I realized that their affiliate pharmacy is NOT urxpharmacy, but rather Frontier Pharmacy at the url is a mirror site for, which is the pharmacy for the affiliate site What is happening here is that, due to the overwhelming Rip-Off Reports against, they have bought a new URL and mirrored this site. In doing so, consumers do not have the correct information about this pharmacy and are once again vulnerable to being taken advantage of by an Online Pharmacy that has a very poor reputation.

I took the time to find more affiliates of Frontier Pharmacy, as I tend to publish this letter everywhere possible in order to warn other consumers. The following is a list of affiliate websites that I have been able to find for this corrupt online pharmacy:,,,,,,

Pharmacies selling prescription medications, such as Phentermine, must be first approved by the company Thus, it is also the responsibility of PharmacyChecker, as well as Yahoo and Google, to monitor the business conduct of online pharmacies in order to provide a safer consumer environment. (aka and all of the affiliate websites previously listed above are not acting in an ethical and legitimate manner, which is made obvious from the number of dissatisfied customers and ongoing registered complaints. Frontier Pharmacy, its aliases and affiliates should not continue to be approved by

I am a cautious consumer on the internet, but I still expect some level of consumer protection when it comes to buying from companies that are advertising with the major search engines Google and Yahoo. I am fully aware that both Google and Yahoo financially benefit from the clicks made on the advertisement posted by these advertisers.

So, in this case of an online pharmacy ranking #1 for a huge search term such as Phentermine, there is no doubt that Google and Yahoo are benefiting greatly. is also financially benefiting by collecting monthly dues from each affiliate site of Whether Google, Yahoo and PharmacyChecker are knowingly benefiting at the expense of online consumers is unknown, but now that this letter has been sent to all three companies, none of them can claim ignorance about this matter.

Get A Link To Report To The FBI About Frontier Pharmacies Fraud
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WESTON, FLORIDA -- Go to the FBI internet scam report site. The IC3 gives the victims of cyber crime a convenient and easy-to-use reporting mechanism that alerts authorities of suspected criminal or civil violations. Help shut these thieves down. To file a complaint you might need this info: Frontier Pharmacies 1940-5 N commerce parkway
Weston Florida 33326; Phone# 8663855090; E-Mail=

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