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Questionable Meat Quality
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MESA, ARIZONA -- We are snowbirds from Canada. We shopped at the fry's on Ellsworth rd as it was close. I was amazed that it was impossible to find fresh chicken of any kind, no legs, thighs, breasts - they were all frozen and somewhere in the case - thawing out. Nowhere does it say that it has been 'previously frozen'. Also the Johnsonville brands of sausages- same thing. I did ask a meat manager why this was - his reply was that they don't have a meat cutting dept. there and also costs - cheaper this way and that is the way it comes in…

Also have a beef with the bakery there - they put out bread daily - we like 'rye' and most of it has been frozen as well. This is foreign to us in Canada - our stores have both fresh and frozen and the problem with buying this frozen stuff is you cannot refreeze it - we like to bring home 'fresh' and put into containers with smaller portions to freeze and use later. Most Canadians also hate the bread products - it lacks the flavor and quality of baked bread back home. A lady told me it is in the 'milling process'. Because of our complaints we no longer shop at fry's.

We buy our fresh and quality meats which are always fresh, some store made and free of many additives and that store is Sprouts. Awesome veggies, fruits, meats - we look for the specials and some things are a little more $$ but we are used to getting quality foods.

Attacked by Employees
By -

TUCSON -- Early this morning, the 19th of March, I felt like a snack, so I decided to walk down the street to the nearest Fry's grocery. I got more than that for which I had bargained, and no food to boot. I had intended to purchase a pint of Ben and Jerry's for my girlfriend, and a frozen pizza for me. To keep the food cold on the walk back, I use a frozen food bag with ice packs, and I had worn my backpack since I was on foot and the walk is over a mile each way.

I also had in my backpack an 8-pack of "fun size" candy bars, miscellaneous tools, my keys, some cds, a pair of headphones, two micro SD cards, a USB drive (in a case), a pair of binoculars and $150 hidden inside the case for the USB drive. I can never remember the current kind of Ben and Jerry's my girlfriend is keen on, and since she was still asleep (and not wanting to call and wake her once I was in the store) I figured I'd just grab the lid from the previous pint and refer to it as needed.

Yes, I realize I could have just written it down, or stored it on my phone, or whatever, but it seemed simple enough (and quick) to just take the lid from the top of the recycling and stick it in my jacket pocket. This would be my undoing. For when I attempted to pay for my three items, the cashier (who I believe dislikes me anyway) demanded to inspect the contents of my pockets.

The back story, or why I think that cashier dislikes me- Once about a year ago, when I had forgotten my "vip" card, and I was the only shopper in line, he wouldn't just scan one from the pile behind the counter. "OK", says I, "let me have a new one." So he hands me the card and attached paperwork, which I separate and immediately return the plastic to him for scanning and subsequent discount.

"No good," says he, "you have to fill out the form." He was all about making me fill out the form. So I start writing "b-l-a-n-k" for my name and "123 any street" for my address. He stops me saying, "They won't take that." With a derisive chuckle in his voice, he repeats the elocution, this time adding, "That's not even a real address" and trails off.

Ah yes, thinks I, the appeal to the elusive, authoritative "they". Checkmate, thinks he, or so I would imagine. "OK," I said, "Sorry about that, let me have another." After heaving a sigh, he presents me with another form. This time, I am careful to indicate my full name "Jonathan **, esq.," residing at ** and so on in such a manner I gave the appearance of legitimacy. The fact that I refused to put my real name and address down escaped Captain Brainpower until I was at the door, at which time he hollered a sarcastic question about my form: "Your last name's **?"

"That's right," says I, "John **, that's my name." So I don't think he likes me. That incident pales in comparison to what happened this morning. So as I was trying to pay, got an odd look on his face and said something like, "I need you to also pay for that ice cream in your pocket." I told him, "It's just a lid," whereupon he replied, "Well I need to see it." I said, "You can see it, that's why you're asking me about it. " That may have been a poorly worded utterance on my part, but what of it?

The cashier then refused to let me pay for the items, so I began to walk out, while he followed me, tried to block my way, and actually put his hands on me at one point, but let me leave. The incident gets worse. As I walked from the parking lot and stepped onto the sidewalk, I heard someone hollering "Hey!" and so on, then the sound of approaching footfalls. Two Fry's employees began to aggressively interrogate me as I walked down the street.
Then one of them grabbed my backpack and tried to pull it off me, which I did not allow right away. One of them punched me in the head while the other kept trying to get my bag off me.

Soon I was tired of being punched, and I was not fighting back, not wishing to commit any criminal acts, a restraint which is beyond Fry's employees. I was trying to undo the chest strap and slip out of the pack when they threw me down in the street and pulled off my bag, with which they retreated into the store. One motorist had stopped, I guess to watch, but he sped off when I called to him. I tried to calm down and started to walk home, fuming, when I realized they had my bag in the store.

I went to get it back, and after a threat from one of the employees to knock me down again, and an accusation that I stole the items in my bag, I got my backpack returned, missing of course everything but my keys, my ice packs, and some tools. I thought I was supposed to have taken ice cream.

I ask, who are the criminals? I wish I had stayed, called the cops and pressed charges. I did not know how long that might take, and at this point I just wanted everything to be over and never see Fry's again. In hindsight, I should have stayed and pressed, but I had a vitally important Doctor's appt. very soon, and I could not afford to miss that appointment. I am humiliated.

Free Subscription for Good Housekeeping
By -

MESA, ARIZONA -- During the month of October for cancer awareness if you purchased from many articles a total of at least $23.00 dollars you were offered a free subscription of " Good Housekeeping". The coupon was on the back of the receipt & this of course was then filled out & sent to the proper channel. However, I discovered I didn't have the coupon on the back of my receipt & called the store to see what could be done about this. They had me call (Kroger) & the gentlemen I was to contact was on vacation so they gave me the name of [removed]. I left her a message & several days passed with no reply. Called once again, filled her in on the problem, once again no reply.

I then got a hold of Daniel who worked very well for me. I gave him the info along with the receipt #, date & the purchases I needed. Few days went by & he said all was finally OK, he contacted the proper dept for the coupon to be sent. This was on Oct 23. I needed the coupon by Oct 30 to send off for the magazine. As of today November 4, I have received nothing. It must be nice to work for a company, get paid & not do a very good job!!! Maybe I could join that dept? The mail might be slow, but give me a break. Your Customer service in the end sucks!

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