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No Help From Fujitsu for Failed System
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NEW JERSEY -- January 2010 I paid $13K to have a ductless system installed in my 100 year old home. The 25 years old furnace had reached the end of its life. And a ductless system seemed to be the best solution to get heat & air to the upstairs bedrooms. The Contractor was on Fujitsu site as a certified installer.

The installation looked bad. The neighbors asked when the Contractor was going to finish. There were black hoses running all over the outside of the house and instead of raising the value of the home it dropped it several thousand. If and when I get ready to do the kitchen remodel I will have to hire someone to move the heat pump. It's installed so far from the weather head and electrical panel - it is in the area I want a bump-out.

The owner of the company agreed it looked bad and covered part of the hoses with some gutter looking material. I asked him if there was anything I need to know about servicing the system and he told me to just clean the filters like it said in the owner's manual.

January 2011 the system quit working. The service call was over $600 dollars. The Contractor said it was my fault the system quit working because I didn't clean the filters as often as I should. So it was owner's fault that the unit quit and I had to pay the bill. Because of the dogs, cats & birds I wasn't cleaning the filters as often as I should. I switched from the Mfg's manual suggested time of every three months to every month.

January 2012 the system quit working again. When I called for a service call they handed me an estimate for fixing the system for about $1,500. I didn't clean the filters often enough and I had damaged another filter that the homeowner can't reach or clean in the system. I had also damaged the hoses outside the house. Neat trick since they run up & over the second floor window. I also ruined the system by having the wood stove burning while the unit was on heat.

I used the wood stove & milk-house heaters for the rest of the winter. I contacted Fujitsu service center with the list from the Contractor for the repairs in May 2012. Fujitsu service said I could not have done the damages without access to the hoses and I would not have known about the other filter unless I was an installer. Using the wood stove would not damage the system, it would only come on when the temperature dropped below the heat setting. Fujitsu suggested I contact another certified installer.

I contacted another installer and he came to the house and checked the system while talking to Fujitsu service center. He worked on the system several days and couldn't get it to work. He said the original installer did not install the system according to manufacturer's instructions. He talked with Fujitsu to see if they would help with the cost of fixing the system so it would work. They would not. They would rather have me tell everyone how crappy their system is and not to install it.

FYI: The original Contractor is still listed as a Certified installer on Fujitsu's website. If you can't have a system installed correctly by a listed contractor you only have one choice.... use Mitsubishi! I now have a $15,000 chunk of crappy looking useless ** hanging from my house that I'm still paying for. DO NOT INSTALL FUJITSU!!!

Fujitsu Does Not Even Acknowledge Complaints
By -

FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- Here's our experience after my wife and I purchased a Fujitsu mini-split (combination air conditioning and heating unit, #23RLQ) from an authorized Fujitsu dealer in 2008. We paid slightly over $2,000 for the unit, plus $368.32 to an electrician and $600 to a Fujitsu-trained technician to install it. At first it ran great, although we didn't use it often. In November 2010, it started working intermittently and flashed an error code. Despite numerous repair attempts by a technician from an authorized Fujitsu repair facility, it stopped working altogether in the spring of 2011. We were advised by the facility that the unit was not repairable and that we should work directly with Fujitsu for a solution.

Since then we have tried to contact Fujitsu twice, first on June 7, 2011, by mailing and emailing a letter to its customer service department, and then on June 25 by writing directly to the president of the company. The response has been a resounding silence. Although we furnished our telephone numbers, mailing address, and email address, Fujitsu has not used any of them to even acknowledge our letters. Meanwhile our $3,000 Fujitsu unit is still mounted on the wall, still flashing the same error code, but is totally useless. In fact, it will cost us money just to remove it.

I should point out that we did not make any unreasonable demands upon Fujitsu. Although the warranty that came with it has not fully expired (the compressor was warranted for five years), we are not demanding a free replacement unit. But we believe any reputable company should be willing to work with its customers to repair problems that are obviously only repairable by the company itself (by interpreting the error codes they built into the unit). We are still hoping to hear from Fujitsu and get our expensive air conditioner/heating unit fixed. But until then, take this as a warning. If you buy a Fujitsu unit and have trouble with it, don't expect any help from the company.

Fujitsu Comes Through... Finally!
By -

FAIRFIELD, NEW JERSEY -- In August 2011, I filed a complaint about a Fujitsu mini-split combination air conditioning and heating unit, #23RLQ, that my wife and I had purchased in 2008. The unit worked fine for two and a half years, then started working intermittently and flashing an error code that our local Fujitsu dealer never could figure out. Although I made repeated attempts, starting in June 2011, to contact the company for help, and furnished our telephone numbers, mailing address, and email address, Fujitsu never responded in any way... until I went online and started filing complaints.

Help was slow in coming, but finally on Sept. 20 I received a telephone call from the Rhode Island Fujitsu distributor saying he had been contacted by Fujitsu about the problem. Nearly a month later he called again to say our unit had been fixed by Fujitsu and was on its way back to Rhode Island. And finally, after several more telephone calls and emails, on Nov. 30, a local Fujitsu installer accompanied by a manufacturer's representative showed up and installed the repaired unit.

We've used it a number of times since then, and the heating function works great, just as it did when we first got it. Of course, we won't be able to test the air conditioning until late spring, but we are hopeful that it is really fixed for good. I want to acknowledge that Fujitsu did come through, after some prodding, and we are very happy to have our Fujitsu mini-split back working again. I also want to thank this website for the valuable service it performs in helping folks like me who are struggling to get a defective consumer product fixed.

Bad Customer Service
By -

I have had my new Fujitsu Tablet PC for about 32 days now, and just had my first experience with Fujitsu customer service. I wasted much of my busy workday yesterday and got nowhere. I now regret that I bought from Fujitsu and am dreading the thought of being at their mercy for the next three years. It's too late to return it, so now I feel like a hostage. I regret that I bought Fujitsu. As the owner of a small company, I buy several computers every year and have never felt this way. I really wish I had stayed with Dell and Toshiba, etc.

Faulty Hard Drive in 3 Months
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I bought a brand new 100 GB hard drive for my Fujitsu Laptop. I was being activated by Pres. Bush to go to Kuwait for this whole war on Terror. I wanted to have a hard drive big enough to put some movies on so I wouldn't get too bored over there. I even bought a waterproof/dustproof pelican case to protect this laptop as it would be my primary means of entertainment. Within 3 months the hard drive crashed. I reformatted the hard drive several times and always got the blue screen of death. I put the old hard drive in the laptop and it worked fine. (I had to have a buddy ship it to me from the states.)

Then to confirm the brand new drive didn't work I put it into a separate enclosure to see if it would work as a portable drive. I reformatted it and it would not work. I slightly (and I mean slightly) bent a few connectors on the drive taking it out of the external casing. I did not expect this to be a big deal as I knew it would need to be serviced by Fujitsu. Come to find out, they won't even test it. If it doesn't look perfect they say it won't pass their visual test to see if it is faulty. I don't see how they can tell if a drive is faulty by looking at it. I would think they would have to diagnose it.

They have just screwed a military guy out of $100 bucks of hard earned money. I will never buy a Fujitsu product again. I have heard their reputation on warranty work before, but did not believe it. Buy from a company who stands behind their products instead.

Do not buy a Fujitsu Laptop
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Customer service is a joke. Computer failed from the start with a hardware problem, fought until replacement was given then screen failed year and half later. Poor product.

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