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Furniture Showcase Ripped Me Off
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- On 3/12/2009 I ordered a new living room set from Furniture Showcase. My order was for a sofa and chair from one manufacturer and a coffee table and two end tables from another manufacturer. I made a down payment of $650.00 over the phone with the manager and he stated that the furniture would arrive in 4-6 weeks.

On 4/11/09 I called to check the status of my order and was told the furniture was due to arrive the last week of April or the first week of May. My furniture had not yet arrived by 5/9/09 and Furniture Showcase did not contact me. I called and spoke with the manager who stated that he would contact the manufacturer and call me back on Monday, 5/11/09. He did not return my call on 5/11/09.

On 5/12/09, I called Furniture Showcase and left a voicemail asking for a return call regarding the status of my purchase. Again, no one called me back. On 5/13/09 I called and spoke with a representative who stated that the furniture was due to be shipped from the manufacturer to the store on 5/29/09. I asked what was causing the delay and why no one had contacted me. She stated that I would have to speak to the manager. I gave her my cell phone number and asked that the manager call me back. I did not receive a call back.

I called again on 5/26/09 and spoke with the manager who stated that he did not have any information regarding the status of my order and could not provide me with a delivery date. I expressed my frustration at not receiving any return calls. He again stated that he would contact the manufacturer and call me back no later than Tuesday, 5/26/09. And of course, no one called me back.

I called three times on 5/28/09 before finally reaching the manager.. He stated that his contact with one of the manufacturers was on vacation and that he was trying to reach his sales representative with the company. He also stated that he asked his boss to get involved to help expedite the process. I asked the manager to call me back the next day and he stated that he would. He did not.

I called Furniture Showcase twice on 6/1/09 and asked to speak to the manager. I was told that he was unavailable and that he would call me back. I told the representative that at this point I want to cancel my order and would like a refund. She stated that only the manager could handle a cancellation and that she would have him call me back.

The manager actually did call me back that day and again stated that he had no information regarding the status of my order and that he could not provide me with a delivery date for the furniture. I told him that I want to cancel the order and have my money refunded. He then stated that the problems were with the manufacturers, not Furniture Showcase. I informed the manager that the lack of communication from Furniture Showcase and the fact that he did not return any of my calls was my main reason for canceling.

The manager then stated that he was not going to go back and forth with me and if that is the way that I felt he would cancel the orders and follow up with me the next day regarding my refund. He further stated that it should not be a problem to cancel the orders since the furniture had not been shipped from the manufacturers yet. (I find it funny that he knew that the furniture had not been shipped when he previously stated that he had not been able to contact the manufacturer.)

I called Furniture Showcase on 6/2/09 and asked to speak to the manager regarding my refund. I was told that he was unavailable and would call me back. He did not call me back so I went to the store that evening and spoke to him in person. He stated that he could not refund my money for the tables because they were already on the truck being delivered from the manufacturer. Yet he still could not provide me with a delivery date. The manager further stated that he had not been able to contact the manufacturer of the sofa and chair to confirm the cancellation.

I informed him that I wanted a full refund of my deposit because it had now been 12 weeks since I was told the furniture would arrive in 4-6 weeks and he had avoided my calls. He again stated that he could not refund the money for the tables and could only refund what little was left of my down payment after he confirmed cancellation of the sofa and chair. I again asked why I had never been contacted by anyone from Furniture Showcase to notify me of a delay with my order in the first place and why I had to initiate contact every time. The manager stated that he did not have the capacity to contact all his customers.

I told the manager that I was going to the Better Business Bureau and started to leave when he said, “Yeah, see you in eight weeks.” I became VERY upset and he told me that he could not help it if he saw the humor in the situation. I went home and filed my complaint with the BBB and understood why he laughed. Furniture Showcase has an F rating with the BBB. I am obviously not the first customer to have a bad experience with them.

I sent a detailed e-mail to the owner of Furniture Showcase on 6/4/09 regarding my experience with the store and asking for a full refund of my deposit. I received an e-mail reply from him on 6/6/09. In it he made excuses for the company's poor customer service blaming trade with China and the sluggish economy. He did not address my concerns regarding my order or a refund. I replied to him again stating that I was dissatisfied and would like a refund. He never responded.

It has now been over FIVE MONTHS since I was told the furniture would arrive in 4-6 weeks. Furniture Showcase has deposit of $650.00 and I have no furniture. But what can I expect? The manager and the owner are obviously very busy dealing with China and the global economy.

Furniture Showcase... Buyer Beware
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- About 8 months ago I had a very hard time finding a nightstand to match my bedroom set but thought I found one on the Furniture Showcase website. I called the toll free number and spoke to ** who said that he would order it for me and that he would need a $50.00 deposit to do so. I gave him my credit card number for the $50.00 deposit and ever since I got nothing but empty promises from him and another sales person by the name of **. About 9 weeks ago I gave up and asked very politely for a refund of my deposit and I still continue to get noting but empty promises.

I was told 8 weeks ago that refunds normally take 1-2 weeks to process but still no refund. Furniture Showcase has never delivered the nightstand and also refuses to refund my deposit. I have filed a complaint with the North Carolina Better Business Bureau and am currently seeking legal advice. DO NOT, under any circumstances, give this company any money!!!

Beware-- don't purchase any funiture from Furniture Showcase
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered some furniture from Furniture Showcase in February 2009. I had previously made purchases from A&H Wayside and when I went to that website I was directed to Furniture Showcase. I was recently told that A& H went out of business a couple of years ago. I received a couple of notifications indicating that the delivery was going to be delayed for various reasons. They required a deposit of half the amount of the furniture which was $1450. When I called a couple of weeks ago, I was told that the salesperson who I had been working with no longer works there and that my order had been "cancelled." I of course have not received a refund.

When I call they keep telling me that they are checking with the manufacturer to see if the furniture was discontinued and that is why the order was cancelled. I have heard from other customers that they have had similar experiences. I am still trying to either get the furniture or a refund but am not optimistic. I would advise against using this company.

Purchased Furniture that I never received
By -

REIDSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Called Furniture Showcase on August 5th 2009 and purchased the Riverside Lyndhurst Console. Called again on August 9, 2009 and added the Riverside Cara Bella to the order. Furniture Showcase took a large deposit from me. It is now March 17, 2010 and I have not received anything from Furniture Showcase. During this whole period of time, they continue to claim that the furniture is in transit but that they cannot track it. I feel that I have been more than fair. I have filed my claim to the NC attorney generals office and if necessary, will seek further legal assistance with small claims collections.

Finally, I called the manufacturer, Riverside, concerning their deliveries. They told me that Furniture Showcase has been dropped as an authorized dealer for Riverside furniture. Caveat Emptor!!!

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