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Not So "Free Trial"
By -

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA -- On June 7, 09, I signed up for the 30 day "free trial" of this product. I received one bottle of "Acai Berry Detox" about a week later, but was charged twice for shipping. I figured it was a small sum, so didn't follow up with the company until today when I logged in to reconcile my check book and noticed a charge for 87.17 on June 21, 09 to a company called "expressberry".

I called the number listed next to the charge and was told that they wouldn't refund my money as the "free trial period" was over. Checking the math on that, that's exactly 14 days from the date I PLACED the initial order. Nowhere near the promised 30 day trial and certainly not a charge that was authorized to my account. When I could finally get the "customer service agent" to stop reading from his script and listen to me, he had no clue what to do.

I told him that I hoped the call was being recorded and asked for a supervisor. He put me on hold for a half an hour. I finally gave up and hung up, as I sincerely doubt a supervisor exists and if they do, they obviously had no intention of speaking with me anytime today. This is so wrong - I will be contacting an attorney.

Do Not Order From FWM Labs
By -

On Jan 17, 2009 I ordered these two products for a FREE ONE MONTH sample to try for 15 days. They took the s&h fees out of my account the 20th of Jan. and guess what? To this day I haven't received any pills. But 15 days after I ordered them, the company went to my account to take out the Money for the next order.

When I had not received the pills in ten days, I figured it was a rip-off and canceled my debit card, so they would not take any money from my account. I called them on the 2nd of Feb, the 9th and the 17th. Each time I called they said the order was on its way and I should receive it in the next 24 hours. Boy some doesn't know how to tell time very well. I have asked for my s&h fee back, but they said since my account was closed they could not refund the money. I told the to write me a check and guess what, I have heard NOTHING.

By -

HOLLYWOOD, FLORIDA -- Do not purchase or give card numbers to this company. I was charged 87.00 for their "FREE" trial product. I had to cancel my debit card and get a new one to stop their "sister" companies from using the number. They DO NOT play nice. If you find yourself in this position, call them immediately and get a cancellation confirmation number. Then send the product back registered mail. Alert your bank that you have been scammed by this company, give them the confirmation number and registered mail number.

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