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Horrible Customer Service
By -

I wanted to complain about the horrible customer service I received at the Tysons Corner Gap store on 08/22/09. This is in regard to the promotion Gap is having at the stores - “Buy one shirt, get the second for free”. I bought of pair of similar shirts for 30$ each and my wife bought two similar Sweaters for 20$ each. Thinking with the “buy one shirt, get the second for free” promotion, it would cost both of us 50$ (30$+20$). But at the checkout, the salesman ** mentioned that he would waive only the two lowest prices of the 4 items we were purchasing (30+30+20+20 = 100$ - 20$-20$ = 60$).

I found this part of sales from Gap very deceiving as they have been advertising “buy one, get one free” and by waiving two lowest prices, I was losing 10$. So I kindly told him to split the bill into two. One for my wife (20+20 = 40$-20$ promotion = 20$ bill) which she would pay separately with her credit card and I would pay my 30+30 = 60$ - 30$ promotion = 30$ bill for me. That I would pay with my own personal credit card.

But the salesman ** started misbehaving with me and refused to let me buy the shirts. He in fact took the shirts from me and kept it with him. I told him I want to buy those shirts. But he said I am defrauding the company. I told him, “How am I defrauding the company when I can buy these same shirts after 2 hours or come tomorrow to the same GAP and buy the same shirts separately to get a discount.” But the salesman ** was not bothered and was acting as if he owns the GAP store. I asked him for the store manager. He's telling me that I stand outside till the sales manager comes.

I told him, “What nonsense and customer service is this? You stop me from buying clothes?” I met the store manager ** and explained him the problem. But he didn't intervened at the time of commotion. I asked for **'s full name, which I believe finally got ** scared that I am going to complain against him and he finally proceeded with the sale.

As we were about to leave the Gap store, the store manager ** stopped us and asked us about the problem. I explained him the math and logic. Which he agreed was right. He mentioned that ** had been manager in his previous job and needs to be disciplined. But I fail to understand when ** was misbehaving with me so badly in front of all the shoppers, why didn't he intervened? ** made me feel embarrassed like I have committed some sort of crime.

I and my wife have been a loyal Gap customer for years. I in fact have been Gap stock shareholder for last 5 years. I have never been humiliated like this in my life. I am sorry to say but I think GAP has failed miserably in providing customer service and have earned a lot of bad publicity from such stupid/senseless incidents created by their employees. I sincerely suggest GAP should provide some form of customer feedback at their stores and make their employees more accountable.

Gap - The Worst I've Ever Been Treated
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- So today, I go into GAP and their manager or assistant manager (I think it was assistant, but I'm not certain) tells me that Gap is having their “Buy one shirt, get the second for free”€ as long as it's the same price or lower. I find two shirts but one is a size smaller so I ask one of the sales representative to get me another size (A young Asian female cashier checked on the computer and it said they had 7 in the back).

So she sends a young man back to the storage room to get it for me and the man comes back out and says, "The shirts are in a box at the bottom and there are too many boxes on top of it for me to get to the shirts." I told him “€œOK, I can understand that and see how that might be a problem.” The young cashier (young Asian female, early 20's-mid 20's) who had the young man look for the shirt for me saw what had happened, so I grabbed a polo which was 10$ more and asked her, “Since ya'll won't get me the shirt I want, could I substitute the polo and be charged for the cheaper of the two,” and the young cashier said, “Yeah, I can do that.”

So I go to the fitting room to try the polo on to make sure it fits, then I head to the checkout line. There were two cashiers which were the young Asian female and another lady, the other lady ended up checking me out. I tell her what had happened and what the young cashier had told me, so the manager (or assistant manager, like I said I'€™m not sure what her title is) swings by to see what'€™s going on. I then proceed to tell her what the young cashier told me and the young cashier LIES and says “No, I didn'€™t say that.”€ I honestly couldn'€™t believe that she was lying right in front of me.

I have a good feeling the reason she was lying was so she wouldn'€™t look bad in front of her superiors and that she wasn'€™t allowed to charge me for the cheaper of the two shirts in the first place. Then the manager/asst. manager proceeds to scold me like a child in front of a line of people about how she already told me how the “buy one, get one free”€ works and how just because the computer says they have 7 shirts in the back doesn'€™t really mean they do. On top of that, she says “€œif you went in the back to see how many boxes we have, you would understand.”€

I have honestly never been treated like this before in ANY clothing store, or let alone any store. This is by far the worst shopping experience I'€™ve had and feel that the young cashier should be fired for lying and the manager/asst. manager should be fired for how she handled the situation.

This happen at the GAP in the Galleria Mall in Houston, Texas 77056 on 8/20/2009 around 12 pm-12:30 pm. The lying cashier Young Asian female around early 20'€™s - mid 20'€™s (could possibly be younger than 20). Manager/Assistant manager (not sure what her position is) Older Caucasian woman maybe late 30'€™s - early 40'€™s who had glasses/blond hair and seems a little strange.

Racist Behavior
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I walked into the Gap in Seattle on March 6, 2008, at 4:15 p.m. I asked the sales representative behind the counter for service after she was finished with another customer. I asked if they had any leggings, she said she would have to find out. After she was finished with the one customer, she totally ignored me. So I went to the next sales representative and I explained to her calmly what had just happened and really there wasn't a difference from that sales representative in the lingerie department.

I found a dress and a pair of shoes that I went on ahead and paid for. I gave her my credit card in her hand and when she was through, she threw my credit card on the counter and would not give it back to me in my hand. I told her was very dissatisfied with her and the other lady's service and her statement to me was she tried to do everything to could to help me. It made me even more angrier and didn't yell or anything, but I asked her for the manager and she would not get the manager for me. I did let her know that I will be calling corporate office. It didn't matter what race that I am, but she didn't seem to care, what kind of service is that.

I will have her to know I am a secret shopper "busted". She just made the Gap and Banana Republic look really, really, bad. They have a tendency of treating black people with such disgusting service and they make up most of the consumer sales. I have never seen such hatred towards black people before. This really saddens me to know that racism is still well and alive!!!

Black people, STOP PUTTING YOUR MONEY INTO STORES THAT DON'T WANT YOU IN THERE. THEY SHOW YOU BY THEIR ATTITUDES!!! Look at the men's Banana Republic, they treat black men so terrible, and the black men that can't find that item anywhere else will go ahead and buy the item. Don't do that, stop it!! Stop putting your hard earned money in places that will not treat you as human beings!!!

Come On, Gap! Be Nice About Returns Within Limits!
By -

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- I bought a pair of khakis on 01/28. I never wore them and they sat in a drawer. Since I lost the receipt, they just continued to sit there. I was cleaning and found the receipt yesterday (03/20) and since the receipt said you have 90 days to return, I figured there would be no problem.

Took them today to the GAP store (Anchorage, AK). Was immediately told the return policy was changing April 1 for returns to be done within 30 days. I said that was fine, no big deal, I always return quickly- except for this one time I lost the receipt. I was then told I could not return because the pants were 'final sale'. I said I was never told that when I bought them in store (apparently, items ending in. 97 are final sale?) and had no idea that was a policy.

She then went on to talk about the new policy and how they hate for people to return so late because then things are horribly outdated (how outdated can khakis be?) and they lose money. Okay, fine. But the pants were on clearance when I bought them (this has NOTHING to do about needing the money, but rather the fact I don't need stuff hanging around the house I don't need).

I apologized for returning, but pointed out that I was still within my right. At that point, another salesperson (who I've talked with previous times while shopping) kindly said there was no problem and to just return. The other girl just sort of huffed about it and did not say anything else.

Listen, GAP, I get it- stuff goes out of style. But I was within the time frame YOU established… why make me feel bad about playing by the rules?! I'm a good customer and I'm entitled to make a purchase and return if I don't like it- and you shouldn't make me feel like a criminal for doing it.

Return Policy
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased 2 cotton t-shirts 1 1/2 months ago for my niece's birthday gift. I gave them to her last week and they didn't fit. I went to my local Gap store to return/exchange them. I was told it was passed 30 days and I could not return them - not even for a store credit or exchange. When the 'manager' decided he would let me exchange them, he was going to give me $5 less per shirt (the amount they are priced at NOW) even though I presented him with my receipt showing that I had paid full price and not used any discounts, etc. This is unfair and unreasonable. The policy to not give even a store credit when the merchandise has tags and is unworn is wrong!

I used to shop at Gap frequently, however, I will not shop here any longer (or at Banana Republic, Old Navy, Piperlime, Athleta). I am curious if The Gap employees are still handing cash over to the thieves that I have seen steal an entire table of merchandise and then have their friend walk back into the store to return the items. I have seen this happen many times, especially in the Stonestown (San Francisco) store.

The receipt says (in very fine print), the exchange policy is 30 days for Gap and 60 days for Baby Gap. What is the difference, really??? If you work hard for your money, you may not want to be stuck with merchandise that you don't want. SHOP at stores with customer friendly return policies (Nordstrom). Ask before you purchase items!! I hope The Gap sees a further drop in sales because of their lack of customer service.

Gap's New Return Policy
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Gap has recently revised their return policy. I purchased some shirts in different colors for my 9 year old daughter September 6th. It finally got cold enough to wear them and they were too big. We went to the store today to return them. Their new return policy, if you buy something from Gap Kids is 30 days period. If you are 1 day over 30 days, you cannot return it, even with a receipt except for the current price.

I paid $16.50 for the shirts and they are now marked down to $4.50. Even though I have the receipt showing what I paid, because it is over 30 days I can only get the sale price. I can't even get a merchandise exchange. This gives you virtually NO TIME to return or exchange items if it doesn't fit. We went today because she was out of school, and she would be with me to try on clothes. I am very upset and will not purchase anything from a Gap store again. Oh, and if you buy in the baby Gap section, you get 60 days instead of 30 days!!! Like that makes any sense. I am furious and will NOT be shopping at any Gap storage again.

What Happened To Customer Service!!!
By -

SAN FRANSISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Gap earnings drop 8.3%... Dear Gap executives!!! Wake up! You are driving your customers away with poor quality clothing and poor customer service. Return policy changes without notification to customers… Shame on you Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. I went to return items purchased and shipped from a Banana store and was told I was past the 30 day return policy cut off (what cut off) and despite the receipt, could only get a credit for current value.

Opened a Gap credit card online today to purchase my 4 children's uniform clothes (now online only). I was on the phone (documented) from 2 pm until 9:45 pm, one giant mess up and disaster after another. No card number issued but card approved. Then had to drive to a Gap store to get my card number. Got home to place the order and wouldn't give me my new card holder 20% discount. Called customer service, they didn't have the promotional code. Told me there was nothing they could do about it.

Spoke to customer service agent ** at 9 pm, she gave me invalid code and told me that's all she could do for me and then hung up on me. All of this is documented on my account. Do you realize this is bad customer service… Do you care?

Return Policy Change
By -

I am so unhappy and disappointed with the Gap. I purchased a pair of shoes as a gift for my daughter on March 26th. I wasn't sure if they would fit her. Shoes can be tricky, but the return policy was return/exchange within 90 days, so it wasn't a problem. No risk or so I thought.

I gave them to my daughter and found out they did not fit her. It was about 40 days later, but no problem because I have my receipt, right? Sadly, not the case. The Gap changed their return policy after I made the purchase from a 90 day return/exchange to 30 day return/exchange. Now, regardless of whether or not I have the receipt, I cannot return them. I am stuck with shoes that do not fit my daughter and no recourse. I was a frequent Gap Kids shopper with 2 kids and 7 nieces/nephews. I will never make a Gap purchase again.

Ridiculous New Exchange Policy
By -

Gap has instituted a new, tough exchange policy. Absurd new exchange policy. My 8 year old daughter received an exciting pink lacy Gap shirt for her birthday. She's pretty big, and I went to the store with the unworn, unwashed, tags-attached shirt to exchange it for a size 10. Even exchange. They won't do that anymore. With no gift receipt, here's what you have to do: Return the shirt, fill out form, wait, and then receive a MERCHANDISE CERTIFICATE for a refund. Since my daughter was so excited about the shirt (and I didn't realize how nutty the new policy was), I had bought her one in the size 10.

Now, she has a shirt and I have a merchandise certificate that I don't want. Gap may think that it is cutting down on fraud and/or making two sales instead of one, but in fact, it has achieved - which is to tick off a pretty good customer, waste her time and convince her that it is not worthwhile to shop at the Gap. If I want to be treated as an assumed defrauder, there are plenty of rock bottom discount stores where I can shop and be treated that way. Grrr. I spoke with customer service, and that's the policy. No ifs, ands, or buts.

Return Policy in the Form of Payment SUCKS
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Rating: 2/51

AURORA, ILLINOIS -- Quite disappointed!! I first want to start off by saying I am ("was" now) a 30 year loyal customer. More and more I am disappointed by GAP in the ways they cheapen out the brand. I live in the Aurora, IL and frequently shop at the Gap Outlet for kids. Today, I was attempting to return some merchandise that purchased last week, payment was made by check via your ACH method. Funds were withdrawn out of checking account within 1 day. Little did I know that GAP return policy NO LONGER return CASH for checks written - How crazy is that! My question is how do the GAP get immediate access to their funds and I have to wait 5 - 7 days before I get my check in mail.

Collecting interest on all of shoppers by making them wait for their funds - seems like a class action suit waiting to happen. If I want to be treated as an assumed defrauder, there are plenty of rock bottom discount stores where I can shop and be treated that way.

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