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Rating: 1/51

UTAH -- I just got off the phone with Bank of America. I spent the last hour disputing claims of unauthorized purchases that originated from Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplements. Yes, I did buy the product a few months ago (which did not work), but apparently, I also agreed to a $9.47 monthly charge as well. This is supposedly for an online weight management service that I knew nothing about.

The interesting thing is the description on my credit card statement reads, "E trim". When I looked it up online, I found it to be a huge scam! Each month, Garcinia Cambogia company deducts $9.47 from your account. The product is called something different each time such as Body Slim, E trim, etc... The merchant location also changes each month. One was in SC and another in UT. If it is for an online weight management service, why don't they just call it that? And why does the location of the merchant change each month? Answer: it's a SCAM.

When Bank of America claims dept. connected me with the merchant representative, I was asked to confirm my email address for security purposes. The representative said she could credit my account for the most recent $9.47 "fee" but could not credit my account for the other 2 months. When I asked her to send me a confirmation email of this agreement, she said, "I am not allowed to provide anything in writing". What??!! She gave me a confirmation # over the phone, which I'm sure is bogus... along with her name. When I asked her what company she worked for, she said, "I am not allowed to give out that information."

I called BOA back and cancelled my card and asked them to send me a new one. I spoke with the fraud dept. and the bottom line is, no legal action can be taken, since I did authorize the initial purchase of Garcinia Cambogia weight loss supplements. The BOA representative did agree that although legal, the company was at the very least... shady. If you are reading too, it's probably too late. Cancel your card and don't be fooled again.

Unauthorized Charges for "E-Trim Trainer"
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Rating: 1/51

ST. GEORGE, UTAH, OREGON -- Hey you guys... How the heck do you figure that I bought "E-Trim Trainer". I did not buy anything except some bottles of Garcinia Cambogia 1300 Weight Management dietary supplement in 60 capsules per bottle. I received 5 bottles. I know nothing nor have I ever read anything about your E-Trim Trainer, and I see you have made this $9.47 charge to my Mastercard debit card every 30 day period since, and I am going to report your scam to my bank, Google, and to the police directly unless you return this money and just go on about your business.

If I have to waste my time and another $50 bucks to drive another big nail through your butts over this, I'll just go about getting it done. I have had a look at your lists of complaints that are posted on the web and you might suspect your reputation is ruined by many others already... Let me know your handling. I'll give you just a couple more days to get this done.

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