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Will NEVER Buy a Gateway Laptop Again.
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Rating: 1/51

CALIFORNIA, CALIFORNIA -- Whatever you do, DO NOT BUY GATEWAY OR ACER. This is not a relationship that you want to get into. Gateway is defined by poor quality products and ZERO customer service. ZERO. I purchased an NV Series Gateway laptop and within the first two months had my first issue, I took it back to Best Buy and it was sent back to Gateway where they had to replace a piece of faulty hardware.

A couple months later the Gateway laptop failed again, and once more I took it back to Best Buy who sent it off and had a new mother board installed. A few months later, the same thing happened, failure, and ANOTHER mother board had to be installed. At this point I was requesting a new computer because it was close to the end of what I consider a short one year warranty and I had already had so many failures and spent so many weeks without my computer.

Well, not long after the warranty expired, so too did the battery. The Gateway battery had a catastrophic failure, I lost data and now the battery will not charge. Since that time, my Gateway laptop has become a desk top, always having to be tethered to a wall outlet.

The most recent issue is that it will not start up; it keeps freezing and will not allow me to recover to the last good configuration. I have contacted Gateways tech support but they require a $200 fee for their help. I spent just under 2 hours getting the run around by their tech support and then a supervisor.

When I told them I wanted to speak with a corporate customer service rep, I was given a phone number which ultimately got me to another call center in India where they finally admitted that they were in fact tech support as well and not customer service. What you can expect from Gateway is a shabby product that will be patched up and barely kept together until your warranty runs out and then you are on your own unless you want to cough up even more money and time to get it fixed (over the phone by the way).

Computer seems to have been damaged at repair center.
By -

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased this laptop on Home Shopping Network, advertising it as the only computer you will need for the next 5 years. After only 6 weeks of use, I had issues with it powering on. Used all the info in owners manual before calling repair. I was very aggressive in my demands for a new laptop, no I was told send it to repair center in TX by an customer service representative in the Philippines. Then told by Escalations personnel that I had no options but to pay for shipping to TX, cost me $20.

Before shipping back, we noticed that the port for the AC/DC adaptor plug was too far recessed in, thus the plug was not making a connection. Computer was in perfect condition, only needing new jack/port for the battery cable. I included a note with the computer notifying them that was all that was needed. Received email stating computer was received at repair center, 6 business days later received call stating due to all the damage and repairs, they would have to replace parts with non matching parts. I asked why would they be needing those parts when there was only one issue.

To cut it short, the computer was damaged between the time it left me and up to 6 days after Acer repair center received my laptop. Gateway/Acer is stating the damages weren't covered by warranty they were just doing me a favor. Also the mother board was replaced and a broken key!!! How did this all happen when all they needed was to replace the port for the cable? Questioned why they would accept the computer in that condition(damage not covered by warranty) and then wait 6 business days to contact me.

They are dumbfounded and without an answer, but my only option is to take the non-matching casing panel or they will just send it back damaged. DO NOT BUY ACER/GATEWAY computers. The warranties are worthless and they obviously drop your computers before they repair them. No way would they have accepted my laptop for a simple repair if there was a cracked casing panel piece, broken key, and in need of a new mother board after 6 weeks of use!!! THEY ARE DISHONEST AND SELL LEMON COMPUTERS.

Gateway is not all bad!
By -

I must first qualify my review, I am a component level PC technician / IT support and forensic specialist, often hardware manufacturers get a black eye from irresponsible software vendors "pushing" a beta release of an OS that's not ready for release to the general public. My Gateway experience follows.

In Nov of 2009 I purchased a refurbished Gateway NV5214u and Western Digital 500GB HD from the CompUSA/Tiger Direct group. I was totally Jazzed, everything I wanted in a laptop and a screaming deal to top it all off. I ripped that puppy out of the box and began the initial charge, once the battery's forming charge was complete, with a quart of "DD" coffee and champing at the bit I powered up, the laptop came preloaded with "Vista Home Entertainment" version, in several min I was greeted with a pleasing blue/gray frame around the famous BSOD (blue screen of death), OK let's play, 45 min later after much keypunching and profanity BSOD persisted!

OK, pop open the optical drive a stuff a Suse 11.2 "Live CD" and reboot, following the post screen came the hardware inventory, well son of a gun, I ran the memory diagnostic and loaded live mode, everything was there. Great! Not a hardware but a driver issue, don't have to return it. Now with confidence I shutdown, pulled the 350GB Seagate drive installing the 500GB Western Digital and loaded Suse 11.2 Linux, which was the initial plan. About 2 hours later the laptop of my dreams was sitting before me, It hasn'€™t missed a beat since.

A few months later I upgraded to 11.3, in the following months I have been so pleased I have purchased 4 more of these laptops at baby needs shoes prices, all not working, all responding to the same therapy.
Thanks Bill, never could have afforded them if they worked!

Advise for all purchasing new computers / electronics. Follow the initial charging instructions! All semiconductors are subject to "New device mortality rates" the longer the device has been operating the more reliable it is. General guidelines advise a minimum "burn in" of 200 hours for hi-rel applications. I leave my new stuff on for months, if it's destine to fail it's going to do it while it's under warranty.

For computers, STFW for "live CD distributions" these are alternative OS's that run albeit slowly but entirely off the CD without altering your hard drive. A wonderful tool to find who's really responsible for your misery. Ultimately it's always "caveat emptor" arm yourself with knowledge, you'll find life requires far less KY jelly, best of decisions and fortune to all. "I fix windows but I work on Linux"

A Once Good Company Gone Bad ... Fails to honor warranty on faulty product
By -

SOUTH DAKOTA -- Let me first say that I have owned Gateway products in the past and was very happy and recommended them to others who purchased based on the recommendation... However... I have a laptop that failed while under warranty... tech support, which is somewhat of a horror show, informed me that the BIOS would have to be reset for a cost of 99.00 !!! BIOS is not my fault... but they essentially extort, because they will not even have a look unless you pay for what should be under warranty first.

So, I pay... send it off to service. It is returned with the battery jammed in crooked and a bottom panel unsecured... don't worry, I took pictures! Within days, strange things happen and it proceeds to quit on me. Called the techies overseas and as part of the diagnostic, they ask if I have restore discs. I reply that I received 1 with the computer... Oh, but you need 2. So that will be 23.00 first, then we can proceed with diagnostics. Does this reek of extortion once again? I pay the 23.00, receive the disc, call tech support and guess what? Yep, it sounds like a bad hard drive... AGAIN - that's #2!

This time they agree to pay for shipping... Well, here we go again... 3rd new hard drive that works for a few days until the "lock ups" and endless reboots. Now, I'm dead in the water again. Meanwhile, I urge everyone with a Gateway problem to contact the **. I have yet to get real satisfaction yet as Gateway has denied the first portion of my claim but I've had 2 more hard drive crashes since they were first notified and they're stalling. That's the name of the game, force the consumer to give up. It's important that everyone with a Gateway problem GET PROACTIVE and CONTACT THE SD ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE. Hopefully, there will be strength in numbers. Good Luck.

Terrible Computers - Customer Service
By -

Purchased $2700 laptop 5/06. Between 5/06 and 6/2/07 approx 3-4 motherboards & defective screen replaced in my "new" comp with several Full System Recovery involved. During this time GW had the comp longer than I did & my purchased FULL 3 year warranty was diminishing.

6/7/07 I was sent a "new?" REFURBISHED unit, (I received someone else's defective, problem filled computer!). 4/22/08 Motherboard was replaced due to lack of power to unit.. 7/30/08 Called GW with problems. Tech appt made for NEW MOTHERBOARD. 8/5 TECH DIDN'T SHOW. Resched Tech 8/14 - TECH NO SHOW! I called @ 12noon promised me a called back "right away". No call - I CALLED @ 1pm. Rescheduled finally - new MOTHERBOARD & KEYBOARD.

9/30/08 - NO POWER to comp. Called Gateway - Gilbert in 2nd Level support insisted unit come back to GW. GW received comp 10/9/08 into @ Repair center. I Talked to GW 10/10 - motherboard is backordered. 10/30 I talked to GW - "still waiting for motherboard can't give any other information". 10/30 after 1 hr on hold was transferred to "escalating service dispatch" and was told GW expected to receive part 10/31.

11/18 - GW was EXTREMELY rude to me & stated to send a letter to Cust Serv in Tempo, TX if I don't like her answers. 11/18 - GW - waiting on motherboard but will extend my warranty. 1/7/09 GW - to send new M-1622H comp. 1/22/09 - Comp TO be a REFURBISHED UNIT!!! & should have 2 weeks. PLEASE NOTE IT HAS BEEN ALMOST 5 FIVE! MONTHS SINCE I HAVE SENT IN THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE!!!

I do not want a refurbished computer as I received previously with dire results! I asked for a refund on this computer and was denied. I wish to purchase another superior make/model laptop! With a company with better customer service!! Product or Service: UNSATISFACTORY! I HAVE REPEATEDLY TOLD GW THIS IS MY WORK COMP!!! BUT THEY HAVE BEEN NON COMPLACENT.

ON 1/23/09 After sending a complaint to Better Business Bureau I received a call from GW Corporate Office. The representative stated that he has gone over my issues and he noticed that I was getting a “new” computer. REMINDER - I'M GETTING ANOTHER REFURBISHED UNIT. He stated that is how GW handled these type of issues and there is nothing else they are willing to do. After I reiterated to him that this was my WORK computer and my livelihood he just brushed me off and told me that this is the way Gateway handles these situations. I'M REALLY NOT SURE WHY GATEWAY EVEN CALLED ME!!! I AM SO DISGUSTED WITH GATEWAY AS A BUSINESS AND COMPUTER!

My First And Last Experience With Gateway
By -

I purchased this laptop on the HSN in September of '07 When I first got it I loved it until about four months later when my nightmare began. One day I went to turn it on and the power button would light up for about 10 seconds then the computer would shut down and try to start again. It would continue this loop forever and not boot up.

So I called Gateway and they tried to get me to trouble shoot the problem even though I told them it wouldn't even boot up. They finally agreed I needed to send it in for repair. I got it back over week later with a repair slip that said they replaced the "auto power on". A week later it did the same thing. Sent it in and it came back saying they replaced the motherboard.

Two weeks later the screen went white with vertical pinstripes going through it. Sent it in, came back with no explanation of repair. Within 3 days it was doing the same thing. Sent it in, came back with all my data wiped out saying they replaced the processor. I thought everything was fixed until I started listen to music on it and found out ANY audio on it had clicks and pops similar to an old record. Sent it in, they sent it back saying they couldn't hear any problem.

By this time I'd had enough and finally got to talk to an upper manager. I told her I think I got a lemon and I wanted a replacement laptop. She said I needed to send it in at least three times for the same problem and if they couldn't fix it then I would qualify for a replacement. So I sent it in two more times. Still no improvement. So she said they would send me a "Refurbished" laptop to replace my "New" laptop. I complained but was told that was my only option.

I received my new "refurbished" laptop and it worked great for about 6 months, then the same problems I had in the beginning with the first one started happening with the refurb. I call Gateway and they tell me "Since its past your warranty it will cost you almost as much for us to fix it as it would for you to just buy a new one" then they even suggested I might be happier with a Dell or an HP! WTF! So now I own a $800 paper weight. In a nutshell, 2 Gateway computers that didn't even last close to a year, customer service that couldn't care less about your problems or if you ever buy another one of their computers. YOU KNOW WHAT GATEWAY? I NEVER WILL!

Single Worst Customer Service I have ever received.
By -

I returned my computer under warranty in order to have the problem that thousands of other users (according to Google) fixed. (I suggest you Google " Gateway computer will not boot" before buying.) I was told that it "had major induced trauma" and that I had 12 hours to call back to give them 200$ to fix it, or it would be shipped back, not repaired.

I did, thinking it would be cheaper to get robbed of 200$ for a fictional trauma, then buy a new computer. Apparently, it only takes 6 hours to fix a " major induced trauma" AND begin the shipping. When I called back to have the address changed, so someone would be there to sign for it, " it had already been shipped." Tricky. When I pleaded for them to call FedEx and re route, I was told that Gateway's policy was that they will not pay the 11$ FedEx charged.

I will not only never buy another Gateway product, I will go out of my way to make sure my friends, family, and strangers never buy another product from them. If you are looking for someone polite, friendly and informed, I suggest you avoid **. Call either one of these people immediately if you would like to be chuckled at while they stand behind Gateway's Policies.

Won't turn on
By -

I purchased this last Christmas. All of a sudden it wouldn't power up after only 11 months! I tried to search the internet for help... nothing. I tried the customer service number and all I got was a recording. My husband lost his job 2 years ago. When he finally got a job... this was our Christmas gift to one another but now... worthless. We don't have money to fix this and we shouldn't have to fix this after this short amount of time. I will never buy a Gateway anything again. It has been a complete waste of time and money. I advise everyone to steer clear of Gateway products.

Warning, Don't Buy From Gateway!!!
By -

I purchased a Gateway computer on 4/19/2010. Just recently the hard drive went down and would not boot. I took it back to Best Buy to see what they could do. They sent it off to be repaired and told me I would have to call Gateway and get a recovery disk, as they could not do that, to get the computer back to the way I bought it.

OK, fine, no problem, but when I called they told me the software warranty was only for 90 days and I would have to purchase the disk from them even though the hardware is warranted for 1 year, and that is what caused the problem to begin with. It was the rudest customer service department that I have ever dealt with, tech support just told me to go to the website and hung up on me.

I looked up the terms of the warranty and under the hardware section it states, and I quote exactly, "The scope of technical support consists of helping you diagnose and resolve problems with defects in Products covered by this Agreement, and, for PC Products, REINSTALLING THE FACTORY-INSTALLED OPERATING SYSTEM AND (SOFTWARE) to restore it to the original factory configuration". I kept mailing them back stating this and they kept responding with there is nothing they can do.

It was a hardware problem that occurred and they don't care, just saying that it's past 90 days and I'm brushed off by them every time. I highly recommend whoever reads this that they look elsewhere for a computer. DO NOT USE GATEWAY!!! Worst customer service ever! Will not stand by a warranty that it states in their terms of the warranty that they warrant. Absolute joke for a customer service department

Poor customer Service
By -

I purchased a Gateway laptop in Jan 08 and started having trouble with it six months later. Called customer service because I could not get it to turn on, or even get a charge. I Wanted to send it in to them to have it fixed but the customer service representative wanted to do some trouble shooting first. It turned back on and started working again but few months later it started doing the same thing. Now its 5 months out of warranty and they will not help me. Its doing the thing, same problem that I called them for when it was under warranty. Seems like Gateways customer service team try's to slide you buy until your warranty is up so you have to pay them more money. Pretty bad customer service.

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