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Customer Service Managers & Staff Are Bullies
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Rating: 1/51

ANAHEIM, NEW JERSEY -- 38 days behind - 38 days and not only are they threatening repossession - but they have the gall to tell me to give them a check and use my overdraft protection and let it bounce and they will redeposit it. Seriously?? This is only the 2nd time in the life of the loan (2.5) years that I've been beyond 30 days. Do you think they would try to work with me, try to take partial payments or extend it an additional 10 days?? Now what do they do, they threatened me, lectured me and yell at me. They are outright rude and disrespectful.

Best part I was only asking for 2 more days. I lost everything in 2008. My job, my house, my car, myself. They got bailed out. The banks got bailed out. What did I get? It's a car. I'll replace it. I'll go bankrupt again or I'll live in a trailer. I am so sick of companies like this taking humanity out of the equation. 2 more days was all I needed.

Gateway One Lending & Finance HORRIBLE customer service. They believe threatening and bullying is going to get them what they want. It's a car, an object and has no personal or emotional attachment to me. So, my credit score goes down AND?? 38 days late - all I needed was two more days. Well they can come take it. I survived 2008 I can survive this - hey I got an Uber account!!! Life is TOO short to worry about this - relationships, love and people matter- Gateway One YOU DO NOT MATTER!!!

Customer Service Financing
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Rating: 1/51

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA -- Worst financing company I have ever dealt with. Every month for 3 years called to remind me of payment due. Told them not to call me again. When contacting customer service could not understand what they were saying. They talk some kind of GHETTO TRAILER TRASH language. Paid off my car and financed through a local bank for a new car. No problem. Then get a letter from them saying ADVERSE ACTION TAKEN.

Found out when signing the papers that the dealership was using them. I told them to cancel the contract with Gateway One. Did not want anything to do with them and this is the bank I am dealing with. So Gateway One is pissed off and tries to screw with my credit. Local bank charged me 4% interest. Gateway One wanted to charge me 14%. Stay away from these low lifes.

Outrageous Fees and Unwilling to Help
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Rating: 1/51

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH GATEWAY ONE LENDING - If you already have an account with them, I strongly suggest that you have it transferred somewhere else or you may end up in the same situation as me. We have recently become unable to make payments to them on time due to a job loss.

My family of 5 are now trying to survive on one income plus meet all the financial obligations. We've been making the payments to Gateway One usually within 2 weeks after the due date for about the last 6 months and now with a year left on the loan, I thought I may be able to pay it off with our tax refund only to discover they have added thousands to my balance which has made an immediate payoff an impossibility. I can understand them charging me late fees within reason but this is outrageous!

They call and harass me constantly as soon as the payment shows past due but they are unwilling to provide any help or solutions to my situation. I've asked, begged, pleaded but "there's nothing they can do" which is a complete lie. So that leaves me stuck in a loan with my hands tied which at this rate I'll never have the ability to pay off. No, wait - I'll find the money somewhere - I refuse to pay this "company" any more of our hard earned money than absolutely necessary.

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