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Bad Experience
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Rating: 2/51

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- We made and paid for our reservations on 9/21/2013 at GAYLORD HOTEL, NASHVILLE, TN., with check-in being 3 pm. Arrived about 2 hours early, was told to park in "15 min" tow in zone waiting to get checked in, was told could not park our car until we knew where our room was? So we are in a tow-zone, but cannot park anywhere else till we are checked in our room and are told "they will not tow your car!" Is this about crazy? My husband is constantly checking the lot to make sure our car is still there.

The "very rude" gal at check-in tells us that our room may not be ready at 3? We are going to CMA Awards, need to get ready, eat, be d'town N'ville, and she says the room may not be ready until 3:30, 4 or 4:30? She takes our cell # to call when room is ready. FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF WE RECEIVE NO CALL. My husband checks a couple of times. Finally, he asks another clerk "if they have lost our number" and yes, they have a room for us, but no one had called!!

Also, we pay $20 to park our Cadillac. Why did their customer get to park his Corvette at the front door for 2 days? We were told "because he did not want his car parked in the lot"!! Our Cad. is just as special to us? Figure that one out?? At one of the restaurants, $32 plus for a sloppy joe and a grilled cheese sandwich to go? No drinks, nothing else! Highway robbery! We did not pay it either!

Our bill was "paid in full" upon check out. Even double checked at the desk as we were leaving. After arriving home the afternoon of check out, my husband checked internet banking to find TWO (2) ADDITIONAL CHARGES had been added to the debit card!! Needless to say, he was on the phone for a very long time getting these "wrong charges" removed!! Another screw up by Gaylord!

Have stayed at Opryland Hotel with no hassles. We have no plans to ever stay at GAYLORD and will not RECOMMEND GAYLORD after the above experience the past couple of days. We have received much better service through out the country at other motels/hotels. And were expecting top of the line service from GAYLORD, which we did not receive.

Understaffed, Run Down & Expensive
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NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE -- While our stay at the Gaylord Opryland had some highlights, there were also many glaring deficiencies. 1. With the exception of server Paul **, who we learned to request, our dining experiences were wrought with a) consistently long waits, so long in fact that the Hostess table was always out of electronic buzzers. We got in the habit of spending our wait time in line at the coffee place in the Cascades Lobby. That line took us, at best, 15 minutes just to get a coffee.

b) erratic service, being seated for our first night's dinner and after waiting a long time we finally saw who was to be our server busy taking a complaint about having delivered the wrong order. We got up and left. Pennie, a sushi server saw us leaving and asked if she could help. It was she who hooked us up with Paul. Alerted by Pennie, a manager came to our table and promised to "do something nice for us after the meal" but that never happened.

Another time, having ordered three entrees, the third was delivered after the first two were eaten. The waitress kept apologizing that she had forgotten to bring it but got diverted and kept forgetting and apologizing. The worst turkey sandwich I have ever eaten was from the Pub, the cold bacon and bread brought a whole new meaning to cold sandwich. Yet no one ever came back to ask how my meal was. I left it mostly uneaten.

When I thought getting a gelato might be a nice idea, I should have taken the empty store as a clue. I pointed at what looked to me like pre-scooped servings and asked what flavors they were. A very smart-alecky, clearly annoyed man said, "they're all plastic!" It took the fun out of the idea of treating myself.

  1. Our room was worn looking, from the scratched furniture to the dowdy decor. The hairball that greeted us in the bathroom on the first day, remained there for several more days. After a really hectic couple of weeks combined with a late night at The Opry we could think of nothing better than a morning without an alarm clock. At 8 AM we hear a knock on the door, it's the guy who wants to clean the room. We told him to come back later, which happened to be less than an hour later. Not exactly the most rejuvenating way to start a vacation.

That afternoon, we tried to take a nap. That was largely unsuccessful because the Christmas carols were blasting at a level that would make Aerosmith envious. There was at least one day that having left rather early for breakfast and then going to ICE in the afternoon, we returned to not having our room made up at all. I guess if you aren't up and out by 8 AM you take your chances. It may seem picky but for more than $250.00 a night I expected all cotton, decent thread count sheets and we had to laugh at the vinyl, trailer-park shower insert.

  1. Again, if only you could clone Paul ** to be a server and a concierge. He knew way more about the Nashville scene than any of the women at the concierge desk. I would ask them, "Have you ever been here?" or "What is that like?" One woman said, "I don't go out much and when I do I tend to go to the same place." When asking about places to eat downtown another person was really hard pressed to give us more than two places, both of them BBQ joints.

  2. There was ALWAYS a line for the women's bathroom in the Cascades Lobby! Not only that, but on occasion I became everyone's hero because the entire place was out of toilet paper. I hunted a guy down who got me a bag full of rolls and I delivered a roll to a desperate woman in each stall. Then, to add insult to injury, had to go to the end of the line and wait some more! While I was grateful to get away for several days with my husband, it certainly wasn't hassle free. We decided to just laugh our way through your understaffed environment.

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