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Fight back file Lawsuits against GC Services Limited Partnership
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Here is a list of this Company which whom harasses people a lot for dishonest debts. Fight back don't be intimidated by them. GC Services Limited Partnership Addresses and Fax Numbers AND Information also from BudHibbs website. E-mail this information to family and friends. 6330 Gulfton St. Houston, TX 77081 United States (Map) Phone: 713-777-4441 Fax: 713-777-6619. 6330 Gulfton PO Box 2667 Houston, TX 77081 Phone: (713) 777-4441 Fax: (713) 776-6689 Web Address:

GC Services AZ Address 8125 N 23rd Ave. #211 Phoenix, AZ 85021 Phone: (602) 995-5710 Fax: (602) 995-7518.
GC Services MO Address 111 Westport Plaza Drive #205 St Louis, MO 63146 Phone: (314) 851-4359 Fax: (314) 851-4320. GC Services FL Address 4019 Woodcock Drive #101 Jacksonville, Fl 32247 800-801-9403. GC Services OK Address PO Box 721660 Oklahoma City, OK 73172-1660 Phone: 866-794-1916 Fax for T-Mobile Accounts 405-621-6485. GC Services CA Address 4900 Rivergrade Road Irwindale, CA 91706-1401 Phone: (626) 851-8227.

Student loan debt
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4777 HILTON CORPORATE DR. COLUMBUS, OHIO -- GC Services contacted me on my job in an effort to collect a debt. They rudely informed me that they have been calling me for three weeks without success and that I must agree to $248.00 payment or they would garnish my wages of more than $340.00 a month. I informed the young man that it had only been 3 days and I wouldn't be able to afford $340 but I could try to pay $248. After speaking with several rude employees I was finally in touch with the rehabilitation department.

I spoke with the supervisor Ms. ** who explained that the check would be sent out on the 30th of each month, with a 10-day grace period. She informed that Ms. ** would be handling my acct. after that point. When I spoke with Ms. ** I informed her that since this is my first payment that I would need to utilize my grace period and could we not process the check on the 30th. She informed me that the 30th is a Sunday and the payment would not post until @ the 5th. They posted the check on Friday and on Monday my acct. was overdrawn. I called GC Services to inform them of their error and the rudeness and such disrespect began.

Ms. ** answered the phone and when I informed her of the situation she was no help, I asked to speak with Ms. ** whom had previously told me she was the supervisor began to tell me that there was nothing they could do about it. I informed her that the payment was sent well before the 30th and now my acct is overdrawn and once the bank pay it will make my acct.over $500 overdrawn. "There's nothing I can do for you." I asked "was there anyone else I could speak with?"

At this time I am crying and frantic because after all my rent check is also involved. A very disrespectful Mr. ** got on the phone and said "hey ** (as if we are friends") how can I help you?" I said "hi ** I am having an issue with my payment posting early causing my acct. to be overdrawn." He told me his name is Mr. ** and I informed him that I prefer Ms. **. "Well ** is your name and you are not going to call my office making demands. It's not our fault you don't have any money, yes your acct. is negative that's not our fault."

I asked "sir is there anyone else I can speak with," he said "no, I'm the only one, and I'll just call your job and tell them to star the garnishment process," and hung up the phone in my face. I understand that that was an attempt to collect a debt, but there still should be some type of customer service. People like Mr. ** think it is okay to treat people disrespectful and rude because the company allows it to happen. Is there anything that can be done? How do we as consumers make sure people like this is held accountable?

Question About Collection Procedures
By -

MISSISSIPPI -- Hi, I've read some of the reviews and searched for help everywhere on how to handle this situation. Seems like other people have been more fortunate. I was contacted by GC Services last week. Actually, they left a message and I called them back. When I called, I told them I wanted to handle the debt and asked if I could arrange payments. I was told payments weren't an option. They wanted me to write postdated checks for funds that I didn't have the slightest clue where they'd come from and couldn't guarantee they'd be there. The debt is less than $3000, which is mostly interest.

I called them on the 10th and then called back on the 13th. I tried again to make a payment and was told, "What do you not understand about Payments not being an option!" The woman was very irate, even though I made it clear that I wanted to pay it, but I couldn't pay the whole thing. She said you have 48 hours. She mentioned that I have assets. This is a credit card that I owe for (mostly interest, and I don't know the exact amount). She wouldn't let me even wait until I got paid again, or until my income tax refund came back.

I'm overwhelmed at the fact that she didn't want to give me a reasonable amount of time to come up with the money. I don't understand the tactics, and one lady I spoke to on the 10th said that the accountants would review this on the 24th. This other lady would not let me talk to her again and she even contradicted the fact that the first lady said she would accept a payment, though it wouldn't change anything. The second lady refused my money, and then said if I didn't pay voluntarily, they had no choice but to proceed with other routes.

I said "I'm TRYING to give you some money, and I can pay more in two weeks, and when I get my last W2, I can get the rapid refund and pay it all." She wouldn't even wait two weeks. I don't understand this, and now since she called me yesterday and said she was referring it back to the creditor and I'd be responsible for attorney's fees, etc., I'm worried that she might misrepresent some of the facts to them and tell them I was unwilling to do anything. To make it worse, the first person they spoke to was my spouse when I was not home, and he was not friendly at all.

So, I wrote the original creditor a letter, told them what happened, wrote a check for $50 and explained that until I get paid, that's all I can afford (although I really can't at the moment since now I have to figure out where gas money is going to come from for next week). What will she do to me? Can they sue me if I send them money? How long does she have to wait? What procedure has to be in place before they can process this?

They just received the account no earlier than the 8th. I have a letter from them without a date that says I have 30 days to request verification of the debt. I'm thinking that I will mail them a letter asking them to do this. That should buy me enough time to get my tax refund. Is this typical, to demand payment in full without allowing a reasonable amount of time? I see where other people were able to work with the same creditor. This company said they couldn't allow me to make payments. What should I do?

GC Limited Services
By -

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I have a situation much like some of the others with this company. They called and left a message with my brother so I called them back. I was told that because I was 60 days behind in my Citibank payment that I now had to pay this company in full and that I had 48 hours to come up with the money (it's about $5000). I understand that I owe the money and I am not trying to get out of it by any means. My husband lost his business back in Feb. and owes money in state sales tax. The state cleared out all of our bank accounts to get some of their money. Because of this, I had no money to pay anything else and had to borrow money just to pay our rent.

I fully intended to mail Citibank a payment as soon as I could and I thought we would get my federal tax return back soon. We have not gotten that yet and my husband just got a second job and a paycheck from that job last week. I am trying to make payments and I was told that was not an option and that if I didn't get the money by the end of the week that they were taking me to court. Now my husband just called them (who is not on my account) ** gave out all of my info to him as far as what I owe and how far past due I am, and told him that he could now offer to take 2 half payments. He also gave him an address after refusing multiple times to give me one.

I also talked to Citibank and they told me that I could send them payments to pay down the balance, but that won't stop this company from trying to contact me. I said I understood that. ** also told my husband that my account was 135 days past due when that is not even possible and I have bank statements to prove it (also verified with Citibank.).

I am planning on filing a complaint with the attorney general about this whole thing, but I'm not really sure what else to do. I am willing to pay whatever I can and I already sent a payment to Citibank, so I don't know where else to go. I really don't want to go to court over this and if I continue to make payments is that really possible? I'm sorry if this is confusing, I just really don't know what else to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Driver's License Suspended - Demanding Payment of Ticket I Took Care of
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I was issued a ticket for a correctable violation due to a non-working headlight. I had the headlight fixed and a law enforcement officer signed off the ticket to certify the correction (I obtained an extension using the automated telephone system listed in the ticket). Following the instructions for correctable violations on the back of the issued ticket, I mailed via regular USPS my original ticket including the certificate of correction mentioned above and a $10.00 personal check for the transaction fee to process and dismiss the ticket before the deadline.

Months later, I received a letter from GC Services Limited Partnership stating that I owed them $686.00 “as a result of failure to appear on my citation”. I called the collection agency on different occasions requesting clarification and asking for a review of my case, but was told every time – in a very rude way – that there was nothing else to do but pay or my license could be placed on hold. I just found out from my car insurance that my license has actually been suspended.

Upon my personal investigation, I concluded that the mail with my ticket and payment must not have been delivered to the court because I found that my $10.00 check was never cashed. However, I never received any courtesy or additional notices from either the Los Angeles Superior Court or the Department of Motor Vehicles regarding any of this – not even when I received my car's registration renewal notice.

I know I could just save myself the headache and pay the $686, but this is unfair knowing I followed the instructions given and did everything I was supposed to do on my end to take care of this ticket. Is there anything I can do to have my case reviewed and find a fair and reasonable solution to this?

Good situation turned bad
By -

I recently received a call regarding a bill with Citibank, the rep from GC that I spoke with was very helpful and willing to help me as much as possible. He and I were keeping in touch every other day and working to resolve the debt. I called him on the last day I was supposed to and he was not available I left him a voicemail, and then called again the next day leaving a voicemail for him to get back to me. Keep in mind I have been doing everything this company asked me to resolve the debt. This rep did not get back to me and 2 days later a "manager" called and basically told me I was running from the debt.

He told me I had to pay it in full and that was my only option which differed from the payment plan I was setting up with the first rep. The manager used absolutely no manners on the phone yelled at me and basically called me a low life. He refused information that I requested and didn't even want to hear about the other plans his employee was working on with me. I want to resolve this but I can't deal with the people at this company. I have never been so disrespected in my life. I'm just afraid that when they send it back to Citi I will be misrepresented. Any advice, what can I do???

Jury Duty Fines
By -

LONG BEACH, CALIFORNIA -- My son got a demand notice from GC Services Limited Collection Agency for 250.00 for not going to jury service. I called the court and they said do not pay this!!! It's a scam. Be cautious.

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GC Services Limited Partnership Rating:
7 reviews & complaints.
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GC Services Limited Partnership
6330 Gulfton
Houston, TX 77081
713-777-4441 (ph)
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