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Refuses to take responsibility for mis-packaged parts
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Ordered GE Genuine Replacement Part (twice) from a BBB certified major dealer of appliance parts. Wrong part shows up twice, in GE packaging, with the same part number from the GE site. Dealer does accept the returns, but given two warehouses have the same (incorrect) part packed by GE and therefore it's likely GE has the wrong number in their system, advises me to call GE to find the correct part number. Three GE phone contacts and two chat contacts accuse the dealer of mis-packaging, claim PartSelect is an unauthorized reseller (PartSelect says they ARE a GE parts dealer buying directly from GE), and refuse to look up the parts diagram of the appliance unless the part is purchased directly from them.

One tells me I have no way of knowing whether it's the right part or not, although (see photo) the parts are not remotely similar, since I'm not their service technician (as if this at all relates to their refusing to check the part number against the diagram). All 5 people I was put on with escalate rapidly into hostility and accusation in response to a simple request to verify a part number. Both chat agents disconnect on me though I did not escalate with them and was polite. One of them goes into an all-caps rant. They stubbornly refuse to assist unless I buy the part directly from them and will not check the part before shipping it out, but will only offer to accept a return if I buy the part a third time and it's still wrong.

They suggest the dealer is forging their packaging but refuse to assist me with a consumer-fraud complaint. Then they flip and say they never said dealers were forging their packaging, but maybe they are, because they have no way of knowing whether their dealers open up the packages (which arrived sealed) and switch the parts (because of course sending someone the wrong part for their appliance is a great way to make money). They will not accept the incorrect part in the mail to check whether or not it's genuine. Their 'consumer affairs' agent actually goes into the same rant as the ordering people, and literally invites me to give GE a bad review online or open a BBB complaint against them!

You either use dealers or give clear notice that you have discontinued selling to dealers and will only sell exclusively direct, but you don't use dealers then punish end users for unknowingly not buying from you direct. Unacceptable business practice and strangely hysterical behavior from (count em) FIVE different representatives.

Tech Was Late, No Prepared, Needed Assistance, and Charged Out the Wazoo
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Rating: 1/51

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- Worst customer service experience ever. Period. One star is better than they deserve. My wife arranged for a GE service technician to repair our washing machine, which was not draining. The day of the service I received a text message telling me the technician was "on the way", and showed his location to be about 30 minutes away. He showed up an hour-and-a-half later, unaware that he was late and without any phone call or other communication on the matter.

Twice during the service call, the technician asked me for items he needed - first, a bucket so he could drain the washing machine, and then a pair of needle-nosed pliers to clear a piece of clothing from the filter chamber. I was giving some form of assistance during the entire process, which took about 20 minutes.

I was then presented a bill for $233; $99.95 for showing up (late) and $115 for clearing the filter. I told the tech I thought that those charges were excessive, especially so under the circumstances. He gave me a business card with an 800 number, but that number was only for setting up service calls.

When the bill came in the mail, I called the 800 number supposedly for "billing disputes", but the automated menu offered no option for billing disputes without an existing case number, so I selected that option. After being on hold for a while I selected the call-back option, and a customer service representative did call back. From the beginning she said she was a "top-level" representative. This turned out to not be true. She said later that she was not authorized to adjust the charges, which was contradicted by her supervisor when I spoke to her.

What I was told by both the "top-level" representative and her supervisor was that the work was done and the charges would not be adjusted. By way of response to my complaints, they said the only thing they would do is pass my complaints along to the service department and that there would be no adjustment to the fees.

So, in a nutshell, GE Appliance Service, by their own admission, departs from industry service standards by NOT crediting the service call fee $99.95) against repair charges. They also feel it is appropriate to charge $115 for 20 minutes worth of work. GE Customer Service does not care how poorly their technicians perform in terms of coming in a timely manner, or actually prepared to do the work necessary. They don't care that their customers are put at an inconvenience and asked to provide tools to the technician. None of this matters to them.

Not that it will make any difference to a huge company like GE, but I will make it a point to warn anyone who will listen to avoid using GE Services, and instead look for someone who actually cares about the customer experience and is willing to do more than pay lip service when a customer is dissatisfied.

Worst Warranty Repair Service Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

Had the timer mechanism fail on my 8 month old electric dryer and am now at 3 weeks and a 3rd scheduled service appointment with no repair in sight. I called on a Monday to request warranty repair and was given an appointment for that Thursday. No one showed up so I called the repair company and they told me they did not have a work order. Called GE and they told me the repair company had rejected the appointment and they had no other service firms in my area. Transferred me to Consumer Relations and they scheduled someone to come out from 100 miles away.

Tech showed up and asked, "Where are the parts?" He took 5 minutes to look at the dryer then got on the phone with GE who told him what parts to order. 10 days later still no call from GE or the service company. I called and they told me the parts were in and that the tech would be by today. At 5 pm I called the company and they told me GE had called them and cancelled the appointment because they were not going to pay for a company to make a 100 mile service call!

I called Lowe's where I purchased the unit and they called GE to try to get a Return Authorization so they could replace the dryer. GE refused and instead scheduled an appointment with another service company without my knowledge. This means waiting another five days for someone to show up, order the parts and then another 10 days to get parts and maybe get a repair.

I called GE Consumer Affairs and asked why they cancelled the appointment when their selected vendor had the parts and I was only a couple of hours from having my dryer repaired. Their records showed the appointment cancelled but no name and only the explanation that the repair was "not cost effective".

I told them I wanted them to issue Lowe's a Return Authorization so I could replace the dryer but they refused and said a simple repair would correct the problem. I told them that nothing was simple about the way they did business and so far I was on my third appointment and still four days away from having someone come by just to look at the dryer and order parts. I have now been without a dryer for three weeks and there is only one laundromat in this town and often every machine is in use.

GE offered to explanation for the service cancellation other than to say "we don't cancel appointments but I see here that we did cancel this one". Without anyone actually having looked at the machine, they are sending the parts to me for the tech to install when/if he finally shows up. The first tech did not even open the machine top to see if the timer was really the problem so they are sending these parts out on the chance they will fix things.

The worst part is that GE service and consumer affairs is in Memphis where they select one of the lowest wage places in the country. Four out of five reps that you get on the phone cannot be understood and you have to keep calling until you connect with someone who speaks recognizable English. We will never, I repeat, NEVER buy another appliance with a GE name. I sent a letter to Lowe's asking them why they sell appliances that cannot be serviced in the regional area, but they don't care either.

Customer Service (Or Lack Thereof)
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Rating: 1/51

UNKNOWN -- 4/21/13: Got declined at a vending machine to buy a $1.50 soda. Had $2000 of credit limit available to purchase. 4/22/13: Spent 1 hour and 32 minutes on telephone trying to speak to a credit card representative at GE/Paypal Extras MasterCard regarding issue. 1:45pm - Called "customer service" number on the back of my card, got stuck in endless IVR loop with no ability to opt out to a customer service live person.

1:55pm - Called "customer service" number on Paypal site along with an assigned 6-digit randomly generated code issued on website to use for better/faster routing of my call. Once again got stuck in endless loop with no ability to opt out to a customer service live person.

2:05pm - Called PayPal'™s main number after a third venture through an automated system, finally was able to get to a live person. They looked up my account and said "they could only help me with my PayPal account, not my PayPal MasterCard. They nicely (or as I thought) transferred me to the "correct department".

2:15pm - Transferred to 2nd person. Not sure whom I got transferred to but they immediately said I was in the wrong place and transferred me to the "correct department" (or so I thought". 2:20pm - Transferred to 3rd person ("**"). ** looked up my credit card number twice only to tell me, guess what, I'm in the wrong department. I am now in the "Prepaid MasterCard" department for Paypal. She further tells me that "she cannot help me", that I should "hang up, call back and start from the beginning" as I called the wrong number.

I informed her that I didn't call the "wrong number" but was in fact transferred by another Paypal employee, she restated that "she cannot help me, that I should hang up and call back"??? After a multitude of going back and forth, I of course asked for a supervisor only to be told that "there isn't a supervisor". I said okay a manager then, she said "there is no manager"???

I then tried another approach and asked "who do you report to", she replied "nobody". I challenged that and her final response was "I report to the company". I repeated that back to her to be clear I heard correctly and said "you don't have a supervisor or a manager and only report to the company?". She said that is correct and reminded me that "she cannot help me". I then asked to be transferred to any person in a management position and she replied "they cannot help you"??? Astounded I said okay let me hear them tell me that. (of course they wouldn't tell me that right?...let's see).

2:47pm - Transferred to 4th person (**). A female who when asked identified herself as a manager. At this point to be safe I asked her for her name and ID number before proceeding to have to explain my customer service issue and the path I went to get to her. I also requested the ID number of the previous employee (**) who was terribly rude, short and inconsiderate. She tells me "I doesn't know, you should have asked her that before she transferred you to me"...HUH?

I asked "Aren't you her supervisor or manager?" She said "No". I asked "Are you a member of management?" She said "Yes, I am a Manager." I'm thinking great, I'm going to be helped finally, I've reached someone in management and they'll make sure I'm taking care of. Wrong. ** now begins to tell me that she "cannot help me". Also said that I should hang up and call another number to try again"? Huh? This is a manager?

I ask if she can directly transfer me to the "correct person"...reply is "No". I ask if she can directly help me...reply is "No". I ask if she thinks it's okay to treat a customer like this, especially after what the customer has clearly been through with 3 other agents? She said "well you're calling the wrong department"...seriously didn't she listen to any of my story about how I got to her? Now for the height of the call...The "MANAGER" - ** - ** apparently decided she had enough of me (the customer asking for help) and just hung up on me, disconnected the call.

Wow! After the long career in customer service if I were monitoring these calls on the phone system for quality assurance or training purposes this call would serve me several purposes: The ability to protect my customers from poor customer service from some obviously uncaring customer service employee and manager. The need to walk down the hall to Human Resources to initiate an immediate termination of these employees and removal from the call center floor. A great training for new employees and retraining of existing employees on how never to ever handle a customer.

Still unsure as to how to resolve my credit card issue. After I take some blood pressure medication, go for a long walk and ask God for forgiveness for my thoughts I might try back in a week or two. Until then, what was my "Primary Card" is now removed from my wallet and placed in a desk drawer at home for some future consideration. The card was a fine card, the associated customer service or lack thereof if ever needed is the determining factor for the discontinued use of this card, inability to recommend GE or Paypal and need to find assistance in resolving my issues.

Company Response 04/23/2013:

**To expedite a response, please provide Reference code DM 042313_m3c_rockysacco**

I'm sorry you have experienced issues with your GE Capital Retail Bank account. We would like to try and resolve your concerns. Please email me at with your name and phone number. A member of our consumer advocacy team will call you to assist.

For your security, please do not include your account number in your email.

GE Capital

AVI-on Bluetooth Receptacles and Switches
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Bought receptacles and switches a few years ago and worked 90% of the time which was ok, then during the virus they did an update and I have spent hours with them to fix this problem to no avail, don't waste your money on AVI-ON.

Failure to Take Responsibility for Defective Dishwasher Circuit Board
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Rating: 1/51

MS., TEXAS -- Control board malfunctioned after a year. GE sold me a new one at a discounted price, after I paid for the problem diagnosis. I said that the problem was with their product, not me; so I should not have to pay to replace the defective, malfunctioning part. I would however pay for the diagnosis and installation. They refused. I recommend that you buy from another manufacturer/company due to GE's lack of assuming responsibility. NO, I should not have to buy a extended warranty for their lack of quality or even an infrequent fluke in material quality and durability.

Good Customer Service, with Help from Home Depot
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Rating: 5/51

Maybe it's something in the water, but we have had to replace our water heater more times than we can remember, all while under warranty and all from Home Depot. The last time the replacement brand was out of stock so Home Depot gave us a General Electric unit with an eight year warranty. Lo and behold, it started leaking yesterday, after only three years of use.

My husband contacted GE, and after providing some basic information and doing some simple troubleshooting, it was determined that the unit would be replaced. No excuses, no weaseling, no mind games. Just an authorization for replacement. So, off to Home Depot he went with the old tank and back he came with a new one. The overall process was fairly smooth, with only a few glitches that were quickly resolved.

This is the way customer service should work. General Electric and Home Depot together turned what could have been an expensive and inconvenient ordeal into a painless process. Now if we could just figure out why we go through so many water heaters!

New 2012 Washing Machine
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Rating: 2/51

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- I purchased a brand new washing machine by General Electric, however my understanding is that all brands are doing the same thing so the spotlight is not entirely on GE. Top loading washer - nice large tub, however the tall agitator had dwarfed. To that, I figured a revision was warranted after some testing had concluded that a tall agitator did not help to get the clothes clean. Wrong!!! You can't test these machines out in the store - once it's home and it's hooked up - you are saying to yourself, "where is the water?" I put 3 bath towels in the machine - had intentions of doing a large load. The agitator barely moved, but that's not the worst.

When I opened the top lid - - there was only about 2 inches of water in this large tub. That's it - that's all you get. The tub is huge - so it allows you to believe that it's designed to accommodate a large load - but there is no water. The items were literally sticking up in the air - out of the water - as the lid says, "this is normal." How can anything get clean, if it can't get into the soapy water??? How can the load be submerged into the soapy water - if there isn't any??? What's more - there is nothing you can do to override this machine's decision NOT to give you any more water. I spoke with GE about this, they said that the EPA is in control of this. Something has to be done.

I've now brought my old washer back into the house which I had sent to the garage - I'm now treating it with kid gloves - will not give it away - I'll get it repaired until I can no longer do so. It fills up to the brim - washes clothing with the tall agitator - it's "golden" to me now. I had no idea that the new washing machines (top loading) had been so severely redesigned and not for the better in terms of washing and getting items clean.

It doesn't even truly save water - because people will end up doing more loads of laundry (several small loads) which can be immersed into the water - which causes more electricity for certain and eventually more water. Who wants to have to wash one king fitted sheet in one load, then wash the king flat sheet in yet another load - this could take all day, ridiculous. We're going back in time to where I'll be forced to wash the sheets in the bath-tub by hand.

GE Refrigerator Review / Complaint: Warranty not Honored
By -

FT LAUDERALE, FLORIDA -- It has been only two months since I have begun using my new GE Refrigerator Model PFCS1RKZA SS (Bottom Freezer Style) for which I paid approximately $2500. There is an annoying noise which can be heard from everywhere inside the house – the refrigerator emits the noise constantly and it seems to be coming from the motor-fan. I called GE to get it serviced through the warranty; however upon arrival the technician told me that "the noise is normal". I disagreed with because my son has the same model which does not make this noise. He confessed that he has never replaced that type of motor; that it was very complicated and it would take a lot of time and effort.

Then I asked him: ‘Do you mean I have to live with this noise?' – The technician promptly shrugged and left, which honestly upsets me. I later requested another service appointment to resolve the problem, but instead I got a phone call from the # 1.800.491.2737, a person that identified himself as a GE Engineer who “was trained by the same people who designed that refrigerator”. He told me that there was no problem with my refrigerator, and that if I wanted to get it serviced, he would have to bill me $79 for the second visit. So I asked him: ‘Why would I be billed $79 if you guys have not fixed the noise coming from my refrigerator and you say you will not fix it?'

He responded that he would then cancel the service appointment: So he did. Then I set another appointment through GE's website and was visited by another technician from the same repairing department. When he came into my house I noticed that he had a bit of an attitude problem: He was discourteous and aggressive. He only opened the refrigerator for what seemed like 2 seconds and told me that there was nothing wrong with it and then left without further instruction or explanation. In my opinion he didn't try to listen for the noise and was most likely already told that there was "no issue" so he did not look for one.

The same GE “engineer” called me later that day to inform that I was billed $79 dollar for the second servicing. I honestly rather they honor my warranty and fix the annoying buzzing sound that is coming from my refrigerator than I have to sit here and write these sort of reviews for the GE Appliance Service Department in Fort Lauderdale. However since they refuse to help me I find that this is the most effective way of warning other people about their quality of service. I recommend to anyone that would be serviced by this department to buy from a different brand.

GE Large Capacity Top Loading Washing Machine - Washing Machine Hell
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Rating: 1/51

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA -- GE Large Capacity Top Loading Washing Machine hell - After 2 weeks of using a new GE washer, I noticed a few items had "holes" in them. I assumed the dog had chewed on the towel, as he has done in the past. WRONG! Within the first month, literally everything we owned and had washed developed the same pattern (hole in the body of the item being washed). I lost my new sheets, new towels, lingerie (washed on hand-wash cycle... what a joke!).

Long story short, it took almost 1 year of calling, 3 repairmen saying it was a design flaw, and a threat from my attorney to sue the company, before they entertained my situation. I had to send photos of everything with holes, provide itemized statements of the cost of my clothes, towels, etc. LOTS of work for a problem THEY created! After 2 more months of Washeteria use, which they did partially reimburse me for, they picked up the piece of junk, refunded the purchase price, and had to pay me $1500.00 for everything the washer ruined.

Now 2 years later, things still develop visible holes, as they had been damaged and just didn't rip all the way through. Wish I had known the hidden damage, because it should have been more like $3,000 in damaged items! They rushed to cut the check when the attorney got involved!

BUY a SPEED QUEEN WASHER. NO REGRETS, no issues in 2 years, and when I mention it to repairmen, they have never been called to work on them! Solid, no frills, no problems, get a Speed Queen! Google it and find the little, local independent retailer in your area. I can't wait for this Kenmore dryer to die, so I can get the matching Speed Queen dryer! And, it a full load of clothes takes only 30 minutes, not 90, like the GE piece of junk! Get a Speed Queen if you can!

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