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I purchased the GE Profile stainless steel fridge 3 years ago. After owning this fridge 1 year, the main control board went out. My freezer was not freezing. 6 months later the freezer was not freezing. Tech came out and said freezer door not closing all the way - I said bull crap. He would not change out the control board so he replaced small part in freezer drawer. My freezer has sticky glue seeping out of the seams on the bottom and it is just like sap. It clumps up like a huge ball of glue. My freezer is not working at all nor is the fridge the temp inside is 80 degrees, yes 80 degrees.

I called GE company and they gave me consumer relations. I notified them of all the problems than they informed me that this model had a recall due to CONTROL BOARDS going out, so they sent a GE repair man out on 6/15/2010 and in fact the MAIN CONTROL BOARD was out and the relay switch was out. They wanted $100.00 dollars to fix but when I was on the phone to the consumer relations department, they said to call their office with the problem and let them know what it is so they can give my possibly a free part replacement. SO I did just that.

They set another appointment for June 17th 2010 and the appointment was to be for 2:30 pm. GE came to my home at 1:30 pm. I was at work but son let them in. The tech looked at the fan and said it was not working, the main control board is out that controls the fan. What a retard. So the tech made a call to a parts center and could not get through so he left and did not fix my fridge.

I call consumer relations again and they said do not know why tech left. One thing when you talk to this department - they say NOTHING - you feel like you are talking to a blank line and no one is listening. They do not respond, as if they are told to say NOTHING. The representative of GE kept saying "I UNDERSTAND YOUR FRUSTRATION". I said, "No you don't. This is the 3rd control board for this fridge, my freezer has never ever froze ice cream or ice cubes, this was a recalled part and your company GE did not inform me about it". (WHY)

He said, "I can get a tech out to you home on Monday". I said, "but there is Friday, tomorrow, I need one Friday". He said Monday. Also I asked, "did the representative e-mail an engineer about the goop and glue that keeps seeping out of my freezer?" He said yes. I told him that this may be a fire hazard, the fridge is getting so hot that something is melting - why? He said I have to wait.

This GE company sucks, it sells defective appliances and they know they put cheaper parts into these appliances and charges top dollar for them. I had a GE fridge in the 80's that had major problems with them due to placing too small of compressors into that product and lo and behold, that fridge was, too, crap within a 3 years and I had to purchase a new fridge. That fridge is a Fridgidare product and is in my garage as a second fridge and works like a horse. Old BUT STILL WORKS AND I HAVE NEVER HAD TO EVER CALL A REPAIR MAN ON 1 THING!!

Stupid me for buying GE. I'm still without a fridge that I paid 2,000 dollars - it is only 3 years old. I'm still waiting for tech. Model number for this fridge is PFS2251SBSS, serial number is THO56027. If you have this model and having problem, not freezing or staying cold, it is the MAIN CONTROL BOARD which will blow out the OVERLOAD RELAY. The main control board is a RECALLED PART and GE will charge you $100.00 to replace -that's if you can get a damn tech out to replace it and they know what they are doing.

Here is the number for GE CONSUMER RELATIONS DEPT. Please complain to them and tell them off, get out of them what us consumers deserve. We all have bought faulty products and we all know it. Do not let GE get away with it. We work hard for these appliances and like most of us, we spent thousands to purchase them and we get only 1-3 years use then they go to crap! Come on is that fair to us, NO IT IS NOT.

Let's get out appliances replacements, or they should give us our money back. And don't forget about the LEMON LAW folks - yes the LEMON LAW. 3 times for the same problem and they have to send out a new one, that is THE LAW!!! I'm going to check out what the lawsuit is about. Good luck. I will post again with my outcome.

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PHOENIX - BUT GE CORP. OFFICE IN FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT -- I have read many of the reviews/complaints about GE on this website. For the couple of sympathetic ex-GE employee writers who had to suffer working in one of GE's call centers, I respectfully request you look to GENERAL ELECTRIC rather than its customers to express your dissatisfaction. I say this for the following reasons:

Most customers of GE have come to know GE products as superior and reliable from their experience dating many years back, some of them 40 to 50 years back even. What they don't know is GE is not the company we once knew, in any regard, product or service.

In addressing an article posted here by one ex-GE employee, where he/she implies that customers shouldn't expect better products from GE because of the limited one-year warranty on many of their products and thus shouldn't be so irritated when they call in, I must say this: there are many reasons customers can be irritated by the time they reach a GE call center employee, and some are discussed below.

But, to begin with, customers have a right to believe in representations made by the company when it sells its products to the public. And it (GE) does NOT advertise: "Buy our products, they're not too well made but at least they will last you up to one year." Because if it did advertise its products this way, it would never sell one item.

Bottom line: the warranty that comes with a product has very little to do with what a consumer expects in terms of a product's overall quality. It is just a form of insurance that comes with a product that helps, albeit minimally, limit one's financial exposure if something fails within the first year. By and large, customers just don't like being deceived or duped by misleading advertising about the quality of their products and then made to suffer further as a result of GE's abysmal excuse for customer service.

Further, one needs to understand that a customer is going to be made infuriated way before they even reach a GE "customer service" call center employee by virtue of the litany of prompt system commands they have to suffer and robotic machinations one must endure to reach an actual person - all of which takes an inordinately long time to accomplish and is maddening at best - only to find out that the person they've FINALLY reached is only one step above the automated prompt system they first encountered, has many more questions to ask the customers, and then cannot offer anything more than "we can schedule you an appt. for someone to come out and answer your question(s)for $75" no matter how mundane or non-technical the question might be.

This is NOT a criticism of GE call center employees--they are simply doing what GE tells them to do, the effect of which is to offer the least amount of true "customer service," as possible. It is GE's CHOICE to hire call center individuals (including supervisors) with very limited to no knowledge of GE products, giving them no discretion to assist consumers with even the most basic of needs, and no place for the call center to send people (other than other centers which supposedly offer other forms of customer care support, but which do not) if they have something more complex to discuss.

All the while with GE advertising their products and services with such slogans as "GREAT PRODUCTS BACKED BY GREAT SERVICE" and "SERVICE IS IN OUR DNA" and self-promoting rhetoric like "With more than a century of experience inventing cutting-edge products and services, GE - Appliances & Lighting strives to make life better, more convenient and more efficient for consumers..."

It is GE's CHOICE to make obtaining service or warranty or product information from GE an absolute nightmare, costing the consumer hours of time that leads them nowhere but into the abyss. It is GE's CHOICE to make it it's corporate policy to force customers to pay $75 service fee in order to obtain answers to questions that do NOT require a GE's in-home technician to answer. It is GE's CHOICE to advertise their products in such a way as to misrepresent to the consumer that buying from GE affords them a superior product and superior customer service and care, when clearly it does not.

It is GE's CHOICE to thrive on a once-reliable corporate name, knowing full well that reliability no longer exists. So, yes, we (the consumers) can get pretty irate and belligerent when, after 30 minutes to an hour (if not longer), we finally reach a person who we think might be able to help us, only to find out he/she can't.

And we then are forced (as a result of GE's policy) to wait for a service tech to show up, for which we will pay $75, following which we may or may not get the item repaired because either he/she doesn't have the proper part to do so or the repair is so expensive that a new unit can be purchased cheapernone of which information is available to you prior to paying the $75 service fee, even if you have something as rote as a broken door handle or a rusted-out oven liner, which shouldn't take a GE tech to "diagnose."

It horribly saddens me to say this, but GE could clearly care less about its customers once a sale is made. It is cliché to say this, but it can't be said clearer: actions do speak louder than words. And GE shows by its actions that the only thing it cares about is itself, which is an extremely narrow view of good business. With a country and economy which is so highly serviced-based, is it any wonder that we, as a nation, are in the toilet?

What service? How often do we really get good service these days from anyone in large corporate America? Does anyone care about service or the quality of the products they produce for that matter? Does anyone care about anything these days but a fast buck--the short-term sale? I don't see it except maybe on the rare occasion.

I say "customer service" is on the "endangered species list" at minimum. For those companies who really only care about short-term profit and what "new" customers they can attract with their sincere-sounding promises, I say let them make "disposable" products and advertise them that way. At least it's honest. It seems we're headed that direction anyway.

Unsatisfied Customer - Poor Service Quality
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I purchased a GE Profile Refrigerator (freezer on the bottom) in 2008 with ice maker on the door for $2,000. In Jan. 2009, I had trouble with the ice bucket freezing and getting stuck. Ice maker would not work due to ice build up. I called the appliance store where I purchased the product. They came to my home 5 different times from Jan. 2009 to Nov. 2009 in an attempt to fix the problem. At that point I was fed up and decided to call GE directly to come and service the product.

I also had purchased a 2-year service contract on the GE refrigerator just in case there were any problems. The GE technician came out in mid-December 2009 and told me that certain parts need to be ordered. He assured me he could fix the problem. He said that if he can't fix it, this is the last stop and that I will get a new refrigerator.

The day of the service call, he tried to call and cancel as he thought he would need more parts. I had already taken the day off of work and was defrosting the ice maker like he told me to do by leaving the door open a few hours before he arrived when he decided to call and try and cancel. I made him come to my house and replace the parts he had originally ordered. After he left, the ice maker was still not working properly. A new ice bucket was needed because now the ice was not being pushed through so no ice cubes would come out. The technician told me he was going to bring a new ice bucket to me the next day.

The next day he changed his mind and told me to call GE, give them a reference number and tell them that I should get a new refrigerator. I called Warranty Dept, and Consumer Relations they said no new frig. They would send out another technician. Consumer Relations thought it could be a plumbing issue as to ice bucket freezing. The technician was going to check water valve and water flow to refrigerator as well as bring me a new ice bucket. I was given a window of 8:00 A.M. to noon.

Technician arrived at 11:55 A.M. on 1/12/10 without an ice bucket and never even looked at refrigerator. He did not look behind, check water flow or valve. Said he will have to order new ice bucket and left. He was in the house about 10 minutes. I called GE to complain once again and got a huge runaround. The Warranty Dept. is blaming Customer Relations and vice versa. No one taking responsibility on who should fix this problem. The service technicians are quite lazy and couldn't care less about their jobs.

GE treats their customers poorly. I will never buy another GE product nor will I ever recommend them to my friends. I have called GE and spoke to 4 differet depts. and complained to each of them. First of all you can't get through because each telephone number you call is automated. If you stay on the phone for at least 10 minutes, you may get lucky and someone will pick up the phone, only to tell you that you called the wrong department, or that they don't actually work for GE or that they can't help you because your product is under a service contract, but the warranty department won't help because now it becomes a customer relations problem.

Apparently, paying for an expensive appliance and trying to protect it by buying a 2-year service contract just isn't enough for GE. They are unwilling to take any responsibility for their products or in customer satisfaction. I just wanted to get this situation resolved. Maybe the Better Business Bureau can get farther than I did.

Inferior product/outrageously horrible customer service
By -

Our GE Profile Gas Range, which was not inexpensive, was purchased less than 3 years ago, along with dishwasher and microwave, during move into a new home. Two weeks ago, (9/14/09) the oven quits working; call GE re the service contract -- they can't locate one; claim it was filed under an old phone number we had -- since our phone number had changed, they had no record of it. So schedule service, since I need my oven. Take the day off from work, since he's to be here between 8 am and noon.

At 12:10 pm, he shows up, after several calls to the scheduler - which turned out to be an automated voice saying "I was on the schedule between 8 and noon". He fixed the problem, said it was burned out ignition; I asked if that wasn't a little strange for a fairly new, expensive oven. He stated, "It happens." So $249 later, he's on his way. The next day in the mail, I get a postcard from GE inviting me to "extend my warranty that's about to expire", so I call and find out. Sure enough, my contract is still good (until 9/28/09).

When I tell the person on the phone this, and they owe me $249, he said, well I only handle renewals, will have to transfer you to Customer Service. That resulted in being on hold for 35 minutes with no answer. Called later that evening on my own, and finally got a real person, ** who sounded sympathetic; said they'd take care of the situation and reimburse my money. Assigned a "case number", and asked me to email a copy of the receipt to him, along with his name and the case number in the subject line of the email. I did this on 9/16.

The individual told me he'd respond in two days, and I should have my money back in 2 weeks. My email server did not recognize the email address I had been given when I tried to send this information. Called back - 45 minutes later, get another person who told me I had the wrong email address, gave me another one. I resent it, along with a return receipt requested. Have never seen the return receipt.

Called back on 9/21/09, held forever, got another individual, **. He "checked", then said that the email had been assigned to the first individual - ** - who was "out of the office", and no one could access his emails to get my case, even though I had the case number right in front of me. He told me he'd personally check on it and get back to me. I asked for his direct extension, which he did give me.

So, having heard nothing by today, 9/25, I called the direct extension of this individual and got a recording, saying he was out of the office for at least "the next three days, please leave your name, case number and phone number." Sent two more emails, no response. So am trying again with customer service, after this direct extension didn't work. Was on hold for 40 minutes this morning, before I had to leave for a meeting, and have now been on hold for right at 57 minutes (have it on speaker while I'm doing other work).

Sent a separate email to GE headquarters this past Monday, got a call back (late at night on voice mail), that they were sorry about my situation, but I should call customer service for this type of issue. NEVER AGAIN will we buy these products; just to not have to deal with a customer service that won't even indicate how long your wait might be. AMAZING!! GE brings nothing good to light.

Don't Buy GE!!
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FRISCO, TEXAS -- We bought all GE appliances when we built our home 4 years since our builder offered them at a discount. These included a 48" built-in side-by-side refrigerator, stovetop, dishwasher, ice machine, microwave, and oven, all stainless steel. All of it was Profile, except for the Refrigerator, which was Monogram. In the past 3 years, we have had problems with everything except the microwave.

The ice machine must be repaired every 6 months. The refrigerator has been repaired twice. The stove temperature varies by +/- 30 degrees (I had to buy a small thermometer that hang in the oven), and the dishwasher is constantly broken. I am literally on a first name basis with the GE Tech who comes to my house (his name is Bryan - he's very nice).

The wheels on the bottom rack in the dishwasher broke and fell off. It looks like the clips that hold them on aren't dishwasher safe, so they became brittle and snapped. Then the sealing strip at the bottom of the door fell off, and caused water to leak all over my hardwood floor (at night while we were sleeping). Next, the control panel died and had to be replaced.

At that point we elected to get the 3 year service contract, like we had to get on the ice machine and the refrigerator. Of course, the contract doesn't kick in until 1 month later. Three weeks later, on Christmas night, an internal cable caught on fire and burned the insides of the door. I called Bryan and he determined it to be irreparable, since the cable is connected throughout the machine. He said to call GE customer service and gave me a case number.

Without getting into all of the details of the many phone calls, let's just say I was transferred about 8 times to different (or more appropriately indifferent), unbelievable rude women, who couldn't care less about helping anyone. I find it hard to believe any of them have ever solved anything. The first woman I spoke to in the Warranty department (Adrian) offered me a 90% discount on a replacement dishwasher. Great- I'll take it. Well, not so fast, you have to cancel the warranty since its not in effect yet, blah, blah transferred to this department, that department no one had any records. Adrian didn't enter it...

I finally asked one of these idiot to put me on hold, go to the GE directory, look up Adrian's extension, and call her and ask her if she made the offer. By this time Adrian was gone from the day. Ms. ** (? couldn't really understand her) said she'd call me back Monday. I said, "What time?" She said "After 10". I said "between 10 and what?" She said "Well, umm... we close at 6:30, sir" (said with much urban attitude).

I said "I don't know what time you close, I don't work there." She said "Ummm... I di-unt say you worked here-uh, sir", then hung up on me. I couldn't wait until Monday, as I was sure she would call. Imagine my disappointment when she didn't call. So I called back Tuesday morning, went through the same mess (about an hour), finally got to one lady that confirmed that, yes, Adrian did make the offer, but Adrian didn't have the authority to make the offer since my contract wasn'€™t in effect yet. So the offer is off the table, and the best they can do is offer me a 40% prorate.

The bottom line is this: I'd rather pay $1500 for a new dishwasher from someone else than take a 40% discount on a $1500 dishwasher from GE. I'll never buy another GE product. I'm even switching out my light bulbs. Please, save yourself some pain, and buy another brand.

Just Horrible
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We remodeled our kitchen in early 2007. We purchased the top of the line built in microwave, dishwasher and gas stove. Within 3 weeks of installation, the microwave went completely dead. We had to unplug it and then plug it back in to get it would work. This was how we lived with our $800 microwave for 1.5 months until we had time to stay home from work and wait for a repairman. First: Why do these men come out to a job without any parts? I was asked to be available from 10 am - 2 pm on a weekday, so why does the service company bother asking me what the issue is, if they don't intend to bring any possible replacement parts WITH them?

Second: When the part finally arrived, I had to schedule ANOTHER day off to wait for the gentleman to fix the microwave. The part didn't fix the issue, so another part was ordered, and I needed to schedule yet ANOTHER service call when it arrived. After 4 service calls, and 4 parts later, the microwave still didn't work. At this point, most of the parts had been replaced on a a brand new microwave. We ordered another part (one that had already been replaced, because the repairman thought that whatever was wrong with the unit was corrupting the motherboard - so the newly replaced part was being ordered again.)

During all of this, the digital interface on our gas range was showing only parts of numbers, and didn't seem to be responding to touch on the number pad. So we needed them to look at that too. At this point, my husband and I were so frustrated that we threatened to sue the company if they didn't replace the entire unit - which they finally did. Needless to say, I purchased a 5 year extended warranty immediately. Fast-forward to September 2008. While using the (completely replaced) microwave one morning, it suddenly died. Identical to the problem we had with the original model. After many explitives, I called the service contractors.

I took ANOTHER day off of work, and waited for them to come and figure it out. Except this time I had a second complaint. My fancy dishwasher that is quiet and water efficient, and includes a soap reservoir hadn't been cleaning any of the dishes for a good two weeks. So I told them I needed them to fix not one, but two appliances. When the (2) repairmen showed up together, they looked at the microwave and said that the problem was the motherboard (surprise!). But they would have to order the part (surprise!). Luckily for me, I had kept the very part they needed from the previous microwave debacle. I rooted around in my basement until I found it.

They installed it, and viola! The microwave worked. (With one exception which I'll leave to the end.) The dishwasher, they deemed, was in perfect working order, I merely had to run the hot water on my kitchen faucet before running it. I felt relief at this, but I couldn't help but feel like that was not the last of it, since it had worked fine before that, and I had never needed to run the hot water in the past.

Yesterday, I opened up the dishwasher after my husband ran it. The dishes were still dirty. So the hot water was NOT the problem. And I also just happened to turn on the vent on the microwave, and discovered that none of the lower buttons work now. My advice, buy Kenmore or Whirlpool, for the sake of your sanity.

GE Profile Refrigerator Mildew
By -

I've had my fridge for a couple years and there has been a couple minor problems since I've had it. But now...I am totally disgusted. A couple months ago I noticed some mold growing between the shelves (all on left side). I cleaned out the crevices and shelves and went on with my life.

Now, a couple months later I noticed it again. So once again I go to clean it out. Doing a more thorough cleaning, I notice it everywhere! In the vents in all crevices of the shelves. I pulled out the light's in there. I pull off a small cover that I notice is some kind of vent from the freezer and the Styrofoam that is supposed to be insulating it is totally separated and mold is growing in the Styrofoam! Also wires are not covered properly and I take out the deli drawer and the bottom and there is a huge chunk of ice there! I don't know what is causing the mold to grow, but I would like to find out and take care of it. I took a ton of pictures after I realized how bad it really was.

By -

In 2008 we bought a GE Profile dishwasher to match all of our other kitchen GE profile appliances, it is a stainless steel outside brushed finish. The model # is PDW9980N00SS. It was over $800. They don't make this model anymore and it's no surprise...I had it for less than 6 months when it flooded my kitchen, the "something" had to be replaced, luckily still under warranty. Worked fine after that but could not get rid of a funny smell. It has never cleaned my dishes perfectly, I always have to pick food off and rewash glasses. I use jet dry and the best of the best dishwashing detergent tablets.

Last night I unloaded the clean dishes, put in a few dirty ones, didn't snap it shut all the way and went to bed. This morning when I woke up, I smelled burning plastic (I have kids so I figured someone turned on hot glue gun, but it was worse smelling than that!).

I went to the kitchen and sniffed it out; when I opened the dishwasher, it was extremely hot on the handle and everything on the inside was completely melted (other than the stainless steel pots and my glass blender and silverware). The silverware basket - completely melted - the cups, plates (all plastic kid-ware) melted. The sprayer arms (that spin underneath each rack) melted. I mean dripping melted. No longer distinguishable. All the dishwasher GE parts that were plastic...melted. What a mess! Not to mention it could have burned my house down.

Since it was not turned on, nor was the door shut all the way, I had to unplug it to get it to turn off! Everything was ruined, even the stuff that did not melt, because it had melted plastic all over it. The silverware (very nice silverware) ruined, the pots... ruined. The blender...ruined (all the plastic pieces were melted, only the glass part exists now). I have never had it heat up like this, especially when it was not even turned on! Get rid of yours today, it might burn your house down. I can email pictures if you like. I have a lot.

GE Appliances Break in 3 Years
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- A short 3 years ago I had a house built, and since the contractor had a deal going with GE, we were told to pick amongst the GE line. Thus all of our appliances are the top o' the line Stainless Steel GE Profile Appliance. This past week, 2 major appliances failed. The refrigerator panel stopped working. The washer read "We detect a problem with this washer", and would not turn on.

Call GE Cares, who scheduled a tech almost a week later. The tech, who had an attitude from the moment I answered the door, was evasive and rude. Bottom line, I was told that the clutch on the washer went $325 to repair, and the motherboard on the frig needed to be repaired, only $100 (plus of course the almost $100 to come to my house). I told him to do the motherboard and forget the $325 clutch. Suddenly, the clutch dropped to $210.

OK, do both. While he was repairing the units, I did some research. Turns out the motherboards are defective, and GE is repairing them for free. Surprise Mr. Repairman. Well he was none too happy, and all of a sudden after an hour with the washer, another part is needed for the washer and he can't return for another week, but to pay for it anyway. Of course I refused -- it wasn't fixed, and I don't trust anything he says. He now really had an attitude.

When I told him I was paying for the refrigerator and I was calling his supervisor, he stormed out the door, leaving it wide open. Wouldn't give me his name, nor the mystery part that needs to be ordered. Not sure what's going on -- sounds like games are being played. I will never buy another GE appliance, it's LD for me from now on.

Horrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

Had trouble from the beginning, dishes came out hazy and when I called GE, they said to use the recommended detergent. I did; dishes came out hazy and smelled like detergent. They messed around long enough with that and getting someone out to fix the controls which did not work properly until enough time lapsed, I could not get a refund. The dishwasher turned itself on after a power outage, it was not running when the power went out and was running non-stop for God knows how long before it was noticed. This happened at Thanksgiving time and they had service out at 6 weeks so had to do Thanksgiving dishes by hand; after that they postponed another 2 weeks.

Got a replacement dishwasher thanks to Home Depot Manager. The dishes come out stinky and hazy, sometimes there is visible soap residue on the glassware. I have even ran the dishes through a second no detergent cycle and still had residue on the dishes. The controls do not work. We have to turn power on and close the door 3 or 4 times before it will come on. We are afraid to leave the circuit breaker on when we leave as we are unsure if it will start on its own like the first one did. It is also the worst designed layout for loading any dishes.

This is totally unacceptable as soap residue causes intestinal difficulties and you should not have to be afraid that your dishwasher will take on a life of its own and start. I highly recommend you do not waste your money on this dishwasher. GE has extremely poor custormer support. Home Depot support was great. This make two GE Profile Dishwasher in less than a year and two strikeouts. They will not get the chance for a third out, we are getting a Kitchen Aid.

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