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Almost 100% Penalty
By -

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA -- I have been insured by GEICO for a total of about 18 years. During that time frame I myself have never had a ticket or an accident, and used their road service once. However, while driving our car, my spouse slid on black ice and hit a guard rail. There was no bodily injuries to anyone, the car although needed major bodywork. As a result, our premium went from $423 every 6 months to over $600 a month. Now to the good stuffs... Today I received a letter stating that my insurance has been canceled for non-payment (last installment of 4).

I have been using a Bill Pay Service and schedule my payments ahead of time when I am out-of-town. I checked with my bank, and found that the payment had not been debited yet... Called GEICO, explained the situation, that I had been away and were unable to check my mail until today. The agent was very helpful, seemed to understand my predicament and offered to reinstate the policy, but before that could happen, I needed to pay $6.52 left-over from the old policy.

That was fine with me, I paid over the phone using my Debit card. She then place me on hold for about 20 minutes while she figured out what the new policy would cost me (since it needed to be renewed this month anyway-6 months were up) and came back with a quote of $1,108 for 6 months, an increase of over $500.00.

When I recovered from the shock, I asked what caused this increase, I was told because of the lapse in time (which I was not aware of until today). I again asked what can be done about this and was told to just raise my deductibles to bring the cost down! At this point I request to speak to a supervisor, who sounded more like a prison guard than a Customer Representative (please if anyone out there is a Prison Guard, my utmost respect) and was told that there is nothing that can be done about this situation, I either get the insurance today or take a chance driving without... with my luck I would get stopped or have an accident.

Since it was pointless trying to explain, I buckled down and paid my first installment of $283 just so I can be covered over the weekend, and allow me to find another Insurance company... even if they will charge me the same amount!!! I WILL NEVER EVER DEAL WITH GEICO AGAIN!!! P.S. I am also over 55 and a Disabled Veteran, just trying to make a living...

GEICO Served My Family Very Well
By -

I have used GEICO auto insurance for many years. Fortunately, I had never needed to file a claim until recently when my 30 year old son was involved in a moderately bad collision with a tree after sliding backwards on a newly stone chipped road. His 2006 Toyota Tacoma sustained damages in excess of $7000. By the grace of God neither he, nor his two passengers were seriously injured.

We contacted GEICO claims at approximately midnight on a Saturday night. The initial claims adjuster listened to all the details, was helpful in explaining the process and reassuring that we would be taken care of. It sounded real good but quite honestly, I was dubious. After all, this was a claim and previous dealings with other insurance companies had been painful at times.

The first thing Monday morning we were contacted by the assigned field adjuster. He arranged to have the truck picked up from an impound lot immediately and towed to the auto body shop of my choice. He authorized a rental vehicle immediately and my son was back on the road on Monday afternoon. He re-explained the process, estimated the damages the following day and authorized repairs. When hidden damages were discovered he re-authorized further repairs. When the repairs and body shop took longer than initially estimated, the adjuster continuously re-authorized extended use of the rental vehicle.

The entire claims process worked as well or better than I had been assured that it would. Frankly, this was a really pleasant surprise as there were no negative outcomes. Following the repairs, I was contacted by an independent company hired by GEICO to evaluate our claims experience. Obviously, I evaluated our GEICO claims experience as a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10 as it really was outstanding.

I do not frequently post on this site and the one time I did a review, it was extremely negative. I feel out of fairness, I should do the same when I receive service and treatment way beyond my expectations. For any and all of the skeptics reading this post, I assure you I am not affiliated with GEICO other than being a customer. This is absolutely the best insurance claim experience I have ever had.

Geico - Surcharging For 5 Year - Dishonest - Goes Back On Their Word
By -

BETHESDA, MARYLAND -- I am DONE with Geico. They are a multi-billion dollar company that promises automobile drivers the best cost on insurance... i.e. 15 minutes can save you 15%. However, they told me that my upcoming re-in-statement period I should see a noticeable reduction in my premium due to being an accident and violation free customer for the last 3 years. My premium actually ended up being the same. I have been with them for 6 years. The last accident I had was on Sept 2005, and yet they say they are not penalizing me for the accident and do not surcharge for activity beyond 3 years. What a CROCK!!!!

When I went on an online site that farms out the best quote I didn't put any activity in since I don't have any violations or accidents over the last 3 years. They had the nerve to send me a quote for $340 less than my premium that is coming up.

Simple solution: Realize they are crooks and shop your insurance. I went to and immediately got an email from a representative with another company saving me $200 instantly over a 6 month premium. Geico wanted to state I did receive a reduction but there was a rate increase in my area.

What a bunch of bull!!! Yet they are now trying to encourage me to stay with them and that I will see a drastic reduction on my next term when the accident in 2005 falls off... YET they don't surcharge for accidents and violations beyond 3 years. RIGHT????

Don't believe what they tell you. Also google them and find out how many lawsuits they have against them. I tried to also call and speak with a manager about my experience and disgust with them just so they know they are losing a loyal customer due to their dishonesty and yet I can't even get a manager on the phone!!! Good riddance GEICO!!!

Run Like Hell
By -

This company is the biggest rip off. I've had insurance with them for about 8 years and never have filed a claim. I had an accident and the other driver did not have insurance so I filed with Geico. No one would believe some of the things they did, but as I'm one to keep very good documentation I have proof of all of it. My car was (it was totaled) a 2004 Grand Am in perfect condition. I purchased it from where I work, a very reputable large dealership. It had only 58,000 miles on it at the time of the accident. Right before my accident I just had new tires put on, new brakes and had it serviced.

The estimator didn't go look at my car for 10 days. Geico had moved it several times. OK, now you better be sitting down. They told me my car value would be based on two things. Number one, the condition of my car...fair enough and the area where I live...fair. They sent me a list of what was wrong with my car. Are you ready? Burn holes, seats and floor stained, headliner tore, scratches on the dashboard, fuel leakage, had been repainted, tire tread 60% gone. Now I'm saving the best for last. THEY SAID MY CAR HAD NICKS, SCRATCHES, AND DENTS!!!! Yes, you read right. They were going to count off for a car that was totaled and had scratches and dents.

Oh it gets better... Then they told me they didn't base the value of a car by Kelley Blue Book at all. They used the Greensheet (personal ads paper) and other personal ads. When I disputed that saying replacement value of a car wasn't cars that no one even knew the condition of. They tell me they will send some from dealerships but they couldn't find any vehicles like mine in the Houston area (600 square miles). They sent me vehicle prices from all over Texas and other states. I did a little research and found 14 in the Houston area and sent them to them. Of course they were valued at a higher price. This has gone on for 3 months. They offered me $2,000 below what is supposed to be.

My advice is not to get insurance with Geico and if you have it either cancel it or go by and have it estimated every 3 months. Soon I will have a web-site. I will update this and give it out. It's funny as heck. One last thing, did anyone ever hear of magical tires? Apparently they exist., because mine grew tire tread when I produced a receipt.

Beware of the GEICO Auto Insurance Trap!
By -

We originally signed up with GEICO for auto insurance six years ago because their policy price was the most reasonable. With each year's renewal, however, the price escalated until we felt it was ridiculous. I called the company that we use for our home owner's insurance and asked for a quote. I was shocked when the agent called me back to tell me that he couldn't give us a quote because our CLUE report score was so bad.

I didn't know what a CLUE report was, but I found out fast. A company called Choice Point keeps a claim history on people that they release to insurance companies. The history may include any call made to an insurance company regarding loss, EVEN IF THE INSURANCE COMPANY DIDN'T HAVE TO PAY A DIME!

I called Geico and asked them to fax me a copy of the claims against us. Geico had reported four accidents against us that weren't our fault and for which they didn't pay any money--my car was hit in the rear twice and was hit while it was parked in a supermarket parking lot (fortunately, there was a witness); my husband's car was hit by someone who didn't have the right-of-way. Geico also reported a one-time emergency road service call against us (we paid for the service in our policy) and a one-time glass breakage against us (a small pit where the windshield was hit by a stone was repaired).

With the exception of the glass breakage and the one-time emergency road service, Geico didn't pay any claims for us, yet GEICO REPORTED WHATEVER IT COULD TO PUT IN OUR CLUE REPORT TO RAISE OUR SCORE SO NO OTHER INSURANCE COMPANY WOULD WANT TO UNDERWRITE A POLICY ON US. When I called Geico to try to discuss the so-called "claims" against us, a snippy woman told me that they did not discuss these "claims," that they were for the use of the insurance company only.

Insurance agents have to pay for CLUE reports, so what most of them do is call to get people's scores. If the score is high, they don't bother getting the report; they don't want to insure you. After I found out what Geico had done, I called our insurance agent back and told him that I'd pay for the CLUE report. I think he was embarrassed, so he got it and called me back later with a quote--almost $500 less than what Geico was charging us.

Someone from Geico called to remind us to send our payment in for renewal. When I said we weren't using Geico anymore, the woman offered to give us a better rate by removing some of our "accidents." If nothing else, the people at Geico have real gall. I wouldn't be surprised if some other insurance companies have the same dirty practices as Geico. We had an expensive, aggravating lesson.

GEICO Refused to Cancel Insurance, Then Billed for Refused Coverage!
By -

BUFFALO, NEW YORK -- Who's heard of an insurance company that refuses to cancel your insurance? I know sometimes insurance companies refuse to renew your policy, but refusing to cancel you policy? Well, that's what happened with Geico. I had sold my car 2 weeks before coverage was supposed to end. I waited a few days to give the buyer a chance to get his own insurance.

Then I called Geico to cancel my the policy. They refused, saying they need a confirmation number from the DMV that I had surrendered the license plates. I said I have not paid the premium to renew the policy and will not be doing so because I have sold the car and do not want insurance on it anymore. They would not budge. I waited a bit, called back again, and still they refused to cancel the policy without a DMV confirmation number.

Seeing that I had no other choice, I had to hassle the car buyer for the license plates to surrender to the DMV. I finally got the license plates and went to the DMV and got the confirmation number on the day my insurance was supposed to have expired. I called Geico to confirm that the insurance has been cancelled due to expiration. They said no. They did agree to cancel the insurance after I gave them the confirmation number, but they said that since the policy expired on midnight of that day (less than 24 hours before), they would charge me $10.97 for that day's of insurance coverage. WHAT?!! I never asked for this coverage; in fact, I had explicitly told them to cancel my policy days ago.

Now they have sent me a collection notice for the $10.97. I DID NOT WANT TO RENEW THIS POLICY. THEY ARE THE ONES WHO REFUSED TO CANCEL MY POLICY. I don't know if there is any recourse??? What I do know is I'll never do business with Geico again. Stay away from them!

Beware of GEICO "Customer Service".
By -

IOWA -- GEICO wrote and billed us for an insurance policy we did not want. We recently moved to a new state. We insured our two vehicles with GEICO in a decision partially based on their assurances of low premiums and "superior" customer service. We live very close to our worksites and elected to temporarily store one of our cars (a classic that is seldom driven anyway) with a relative in another state.

I properly updated our policy, triggering a "third-degree" treatment by GEICO. GEICO demanded personal (driving record, etc.) information about the relative who's involvement was to simply permit us to temporarily store our un-driven vehicle in a safe location. We were treated like uninsurable scum. When we declined to provide the relative's personal information, GEICO simply wrote a duplicate policy and billed us. We were not given an opportunity to decline or review the proposed coverage. The policy was simply written and billed. GEICO's action appeared to be retaliatory "If you don't provide information we want, when we want it, you'll be put in a position where it'll cost you dearly."

E-mail to the GEICO underwriter issuing the policy demanding its cancellation was not answered. I demanded, and was never provided with, the name of someone in management to whom I could complain about their staff writing a policy and billing for it without giving consumers an opportunity to review, accept, or decline a policy.

Finally, I received an e-mail instructing me that the policy could only be cancelled with a telephone call... intended to be a GEICO opportunity to badger or instill fear into the consumer in a design to retain unhappy customers. When I finally reached a human to cancel the policy, the customer service representative attempted to reference an unrelated policy and began to lecture me about the consequences of "leaving the vehicle uninsured". The matter has been referred to our state insurance commission and to the Consumer Protection Division of our state Attorney General.

We believe the GEICO employee retaliated by writing a duplicate policy when only a short-term storage rider was indicated. If such coverage is not available, a simple e-mail from GEICO stating so would have been appropriate. Instead, it appears they simply attempted to double their income by writing a full policy (including emergency road service coverage!!!) for a vehicle in storage. Because it appears GEICO's customer service reacts with a cold-blooded, primitive brain...perhaps the lizard mascot is appropriate. I can only imagine the nightmare of having them handle a claim.

GEICO failed to provide insurance to their policy holder
By -

BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- I am complaining about the unfair practices of GEICO. They failed to provide insurance to their policy holder, a victim of a hit and run accident. I have no accident history, expect one hit this hit and run. My hit and run accident occurred in Blacksburg, VA, in front of the Subway store while I was inside the store. Blacksburg police came immediately and filed the report. I also have a witness, my friend who was there with me at all times. My insurance plan covers hit and run accidents. However, GEICO not only failed to provide insurance to me, but also ceased to extend my policy. The reason was not given to me, besides my “accident history”.

Over past 2 months, I daily called Geico (underwriting- Robin **, claims manager- Michelle **, claims investigator- Marta **, her supervisor- Mike **, executive office, CEO hotline, etc). My calls were rarely returned, sometimes after 6 or 7 days, sometimes never. The above mentioned GEICO employees failed to provide the reason neither for ceasing my policy nor for declining my claim. Also, false information has been shared between these GEICO employees. Ms. ** informed me on 11/22/04 that Ms. ** had told her that I refused to interview with her. Ms. ** never called me.

Nonetheless, when we met to estimate the damage on my car back in August 04, I waited for her for 1 hour in the middle of the working day. Once my policy expired, I was unable to buy a policy from another insurance agency because no decision has been made on this claim. It has been 7 months since this claim was opened, and still, they keep referring me to others, don't return my calls and the time is passing.

When I asked when this claim will be closed they told me that they can close it by declining it, but if I wish to further investigate it, it will have to stay opened until further notice. Therefore, I have the choice of closing my claim without any reimbursement and with declined claim in my accident history, or I can wait for unknown period of time without car insurance.

Claim on Auto Policy After Being Hit
By -

NAPLES, FLORIDA -- My roommate took my car to return some books at Barnes and Noble for me. He was hit while driving in the passage lane of the parking lot, after pulling out of his space and putting my car in drive and driving forward, by a large SUV that was in reverse in the act of backing out of a parking spot. GEICO was the insurance company of the other driver, too. I spoke to the driver, who told me he was sorry and that he didn't see my car. GEICO asserts that since it was on private property and there were no witnesses that they have decided that my car was also backing out of a space at the time and there is 50/50 liability and they only paid 1/2 the claim. WHY did they do this?

The other driver did not say anything except he didn't see my car. They say the damage looks like both cars were backing. That is not true. The body repair shop I used said it was obviously a perpendicular hit. That car smashed into the rear right SIDE of my car with their BUMPER, without gradual sloping of the dent. A direct hit. Not only that, my roommate is not a liar. GEICO says they are not calling him a liar, they just believe something else happened besides what he says happened. How is that not calling my roommate, and ME, because I handled the discussions and I assert he is telling the truth, it is OBVIOUS, a liar?

After over 5 years with no accidents and almost no claims (I think I have had something like a broken windshield) I am a LIAR? And THEY can decide this without any mediator for dispute? If anyone knows how I can lodge an official complaint with a government agency, please let me know. The bottom line is, if the other driver had a different insurance agency, would they have FORCED a 50/50 settlement on me? AIG, Nationwide and State Farm say NO WAY. I need a system for complaint and a new insurance company. Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Before reading this remember that I have not had a single moving violation for over 6 years. Geico is a company of thieves. I don't blame the wage slaves that have to give the company line, but the company is crap. With full coverage I have been the victim of two accidents where witnesses and absolute proof has been provided of the other driver's fault. It has been 2 years and neither of my deductibles has been returned in either case. No-one will return calls or has any idea of why I would want $1000 dollars back. My rates did not increase at the next renewal then but they will not explain what has happened to the deductibles.

One year later I am on the interstate and the semi I am passing kicks a metal piece under my car at 70 mph. After yet another deductible and Geico only had to pay out $150 in repairs. Fine. But now when renewing my insurance my bill has been doubled! Apparently this $150 dollar claim was a "accident where I am entirely at fault". According to Geico this piece of road debris thrown at me by another driver I "willfully hit" the debris and they have reported me as having been at entire fault in an accident.

These thieves and Liars have taken more than a thousand dollars from me and are now reporting me as an accident causing driver, jacking up my rates because I used the insurance I have been paying for. My rates are now double over 1 piece of metal on the road which as far as I am concerned is an act of god or a "True accident" which by the way they only paid out $150.

You Monkeys from Geico disputing the poor service should be dragged into the street. We swear and curse at you for good reasons. We do not have the time to spend 1-2 hours on these calls. We do not need to call our lawyers to make statements over claims. I want my $1000 dollars back and a removal of any fault in a road debris accident. These Monkeys have made my drivers rating worse with other carriers as well.

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