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GEICO Screwed Me Over
By -

I spend almost $2k a year on GEICO auto insurance and have always hated paying every penny. Despite this small fortune I fork over every year, GEICO failed to mail proof of my coverage to the state my car is registered in, and I had my car's license plates pulled. I figured this would be a small issue and since I'm a loyal customer (11 years), GEICO would reimburse me for the $85 I had to spend on getting my car towed and give me a few months of premiums for free. Not the case, GEICO's customer service reps were rude and told me to go screw myself.

I created a blog, **, where other angry GEICO customers can share their horror stories with the rest of the world. This is important because GEICO pays people in India to keep negative reviews from surfacing in search results. Join the anti-gecko army and make your voice be heard!

Age Discrimination
By -

FREDRICKSBURG, VIRGINIA -- My complaint is reaching 75 years of age. My insurance went up $200 a year. I contacted Geico and asked why it went up $200 a year. I was informed that I had reached the age of 75 and the insurance automatically goes up and "everybody does it". I asked why and she said, "You had a birthday and reached 75." Again, I reiterated, "It sounds like discrimination." Again, she said, "Everybody's doing it." It would have been worth their time to go back and review any claims again Geico for my driving habits. Obviously, they did not. Therefore, putting Geico in a class of discriminating against older drivers. This is purely a discrimination case and I may follow through with an attorney.

Steering Practices
By -

It is illegal for an insurance company to steer you to a shop. The non-standard body shop in NH has a desk with a GEICO adjuster sitting there! (None of the high-end car dealers recommend this shop.) I am going to take a picture of it and send it to the State insurance commissioner. GEICO bases their inadequate (30% below independents) labor rate on the sweetheart deal that they have negotiated with their captive shops.

GEICO uses a proprietary estimating system. No body shop except for their captives use this system. The adjuster refused to look at my independent's estimate or discuss it with him even though he was in their shop! They sent me a check without me approving it. It is $1000 less than what two independent estimates came up with.

My $100 deductible has turned into an $1100 deductible. They obviously have a take it or leave it attitude. When I had another claim they took 3 months to send me a check. I had another car repaired at their recommended shop. I had to bring the car back 5 times because they did not fix it properly. They used broken parts salvaged from the car rather than the new parts they "paid for" and was specified in the estimate. I am sure that they will cancel me even though I pay my premiums. They are skating on the edge of violations.

Rates Keep Going Up
By -

I have had car insurance for my daughter who is a student with Geico for the last 3 years. Every year my rates go up. My daughter has never been in an accident. She did get one speeding ticket 2 years ago. I recently received a renewal rate quote which is 40 dollars a month higher than it was 6 months ago. My daughter has not had any recent tickets or accidents. I've requested quotes from several other agents, all quotes are coming in about 400 dollars less than what Geico wants to charge me for the 6 month period. I am certainly not convinced Geico is a good buy.

Unauthorized/Forced Policy
By -

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA -- I called Geico yesterday to inquire about auto coverage for business use. My reasoning, as I explained repeatedly to the CS agent, is that my employer would like me to use my personal vehicle for business use, and I would not. I needed something from Geico to strengthen my argument to my employer that in order to use my vehicle for business use, I would need to purchase additional insurance I do not have the finances to afford.

Instead of simply providing me the information, I was informed that business use coverage had just been added to my policy, thereby increasing my monthly premium to just under $100. I am a single mother, I cannot afford $100 a month for insurance and did not want that coverage added. I was informed that I had told them I was using it for business use and in order to reverse the coverage addition, I would need a letter from my employer sent to Geico within 30 days stating I was not using it for business use.

The whole point in calling Geico CS was to refute my employer's assertion that using my personal vehicle to transport clients was "no different than transporting a coworker to a meeting", NOT to obtain additional coverage. All I wanted was something to take to my supervisor that would prove to her that I have no business use coverage (nor do I want it). Because they refused to take it off, I cancelled my policy right there and then.

Geico's Unauthorized Policy Additions
By -

FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA -- Geico refuses to remove my son from my insurance policy even though he does not drive my car, or drive at all anymore. He is of legal age, has a job and claims himself on his taxes so according to the IRS he is independent of me. However, Geico claims that everyone of driving age in my house is covered on my policy, so as long as he lives here they will not remove his name. This begs the question: if he was implicitly on my policy as soon as he became of driving age (15+8mos) in Virginia, why did they jack up my rates almost $1,000 when I officially added him to my policy when he actually got a driver's license at 18?

I doubt that what Geico is doing is really legal, but they will keep doing it until there is a court case that stops them. It seems to me that now that my son is over 18 and independent of my support, Geico would want to sell him his own policy. It would certainly be a better (and legal) way to increase business rather than their current stealth tactics. I have had Geico car and home insurance for 40 years, but not anymore.

Be Careful, Geico Doesn't Exactly Cover What They Say They Cover
By -

NEW JERSEY -- I own a 2003 Camry that is fully covered by Geico. It was parked legally in front of my brother's neighbor. His neighbor didn't like that fact my car was parked in front of his house. He claims that that spot belong to him. It didn't as this is a public road. He decided to move my car by using his pickup truck and he pushed the car 2 feet and damaged the front of my car. I saw this when I came out of my brother's house. Police came and found me at no fault and the other party confirmed that it is his fault. I called to file a claim.

Geico says, in order for them to go after the other insurance company, I have to pay my deductible. When I asked them where does it say on the policy that if I am not at fault, where does it say on my policy that I have to pay. They couldn't answer as it doesn't say anywhere. So people out there, please ask the right questions before you get an auto insurance from Geico. They are a rip off. I have a clean record. They see that also. But they say, I still have to pay them and they cannot guarantee if they can get the money back.

Geico Sucks
By -

DENVER, COLORADO -- I was recently covered by Geico and after I had an accident which Geico said I was not at fault and the other driver's insurance company AIG said we were both at fault, I was unable to collect any money from AIG. I only had liability at the time but since it wasn't my fault I thought Geico would go to bat for me. WRONG! All Geico cares about is if they are going to be out any money. They basically told me I was on my own.

So I took the other person to small claims court and AIG provided her with a high priced attorney and the judge ruled for the defendant. Now I get a call from Geico saying that AIG is now trying to recover damages - all of a sudden Geico will actually return a phone call but still only interested in their own interests. I just switched back to USAA. I hope a snake eats that cute little gecko!!! THANKS FOR NOTHING GEICO AND GOOD RIDDANCE!

Added My Son to Policy Without Notification
By -

BRIDGEPORT, CONNECTICUT -- In November of 2004, Geico decided to add my son to my insurance policy without my knowledge. I figured this is when my automatic deduction payment for December was $150.00 more than my regular payment!!! I called Geico up and asked them why they were charging me $150.00 more than my regular payment and they said that I had added my son to the policy.

I told them that was impossible considering that he goes to college fulltime and lives there. And when not in school, he lives with his father. They told me that I need to prove that he lives at school and at his father. They also said that he got a ticket and the DMV notified them that he was licensed but not insured. That is impossible considering that he had insurance through his work.

I faxed them documentation proving that he did not live with me. They then asked for proof that he was insured with another company. I then proceeded to fax them documentation proving that he was insured under his business and had a company car. I phoned them again and they said that that wasn't good enough and that he could still be driving my car.

After 8 years with Geico they would not work with me to rectify this and refused to remove him from the policy. No matter what proof I provided for them. I am reporting them to the insurance commissioner and have no choice but to cancel my policy immediately. This seems to be common practice with Geico and I prefer to do business with a company that will not change my policy without authorization.

Auto accident
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- I was hit head-on by a 17 year old with minimal insurance. I'm a single parent who worked 2 jobs. From being hit head-on my foot was broken and had injured my left shoulder and back. I'm not asking for a major payout... what this is about is the insurance company owes me my lost wages since I cannot work but it has been now almost 4 mo and still nothing. I have spent my savings on trying to keep my house running but the funds have now run out... My insurance is paying my medical and Geico is just sitting back with no regards to what happens to me or my daughter...

THIS IS WRONG. I didn't cause the accident but the 17 year old who did just walk away after the accident with no consequences. I have bills to pay... a child to raise and now no income. We the injured should not have to wait more and sometimes years to get our lives back. GEICO YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THE WAY YOU TREAT THE INJURED... I'm telling my story so people see this and think twice about having GEICO as their insurance co...

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